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Things to Consider when Traveling with Kratom

Natural fall leaves on pavementKratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, is renowned for its recreational and medicinal use. It comes in green, red, yellow, and white strains. Each of these strains is unique at solving specific problems, such as; improving depression, resolving cough, and eliminating the desire for substance abuse. Also, there are classification based on the country of origin as well. As a result, we have Bali Kratom, Vietnam kratom, Indo Kratom, and many more.


When this herb is used, it binds to narcotic receptors located in the brain and causes relief from stress, pain and sharpens the mind. Even though the herb itself is harmless, some controversies exist over its use. The herb has been legalized in the U.S., but some state bans still exist on its use.

The DEA, for example, has placed the herb on the controlled substance list, and each state is allowed to adhere to its own decisions about legalizing the herb's use. The herb is no doubt beneficial, but due to components like mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine that interfere with the brain, you must employ caution in its use.

Why Is Traveling With Kratom Might be a Problem

Even though Kratom is one of the most famous herbal supplements beneficial for almost every health defect, traveling with Kratom could become a problem if you travel to a place under a kratom ban. To make matters more complicated, the laws of the herb are continually changing. While some states have legalized the use of this herb, others show ambiguity concerning its use.

Indeed, kratom can help relieve pain, improve productivity, boost sleep, and many more. You can click here to red vein kratom from bali. However, not many states have received kratom with an open mind.

Some of the states that have declared an outright ban on the use of Kratom include; Wisconsin, California, Vermont, Tennessee, Jerseyville, Alabama, Northern Mississippi, Arkansas, Oceanside, Sarasota Country, Washington DC, Union Country, Alton, Illinois, Florida, Rhode Island, San Diego, and Indiana.

Red fall foliageWhat Steps Can You Take While Traveling With Kratom?

When traveling with Kratom, some of the precautions to take to prevent embarrassment at the airport include;

1. Research about the laws in the place you are traveling to

The federal laws of the U.S. say that Kratom is legal and can be used as it fits the need, but if you are traveling to a place like Australia or Finland, you would have to ditch every idea of traveling with Kratom for the time being. In the U.S., states like Alabama, San Diego, e.t.c, have banned the use of Kratom, but others like Louisiana, Maryland, and New Jersey are still neither here nor there about the herb. So perform your study and keep updated on the different prevailing laws in the various places you wish to travel.

2. Prepare For Questioning

Due to the legal issues that characterize the use of this herb, it will be a sensible move on your part to prepare to answer some questions. Questions you might be asked by the security personnel at the airport include:


  • What is Kratom?
  • Why do you have Kratom?
  • Do you have a prescription?
  • Does it have any other certification?
  • Are you aware of the legality of this product?


Do your study and be ready to dispense answers to these questions confidently. Even if you were to come into a country where Kratom is not legalized, your confidence and promptness in answering these questions would show that you have nothing to hide. Avoid lying or making false claims about the Kratom in your possession, and it will spare you a lot of trouble.

3. Place the herb at a visible place

This is one of the most important things you should do. Place this herb among your checked luggage as it would help to show your sincerity. Concealing Kratom underneath your belongings might come across as trying to sneak it into the state or country. Ensure the herb is also properly packed to clarify the content within the pack.

Kratom powder on a spoon4. Proper Packaging

In ensuring the herb is appropriately packed, keep it sealed, and the contents or ingredients should be visible in the pack. This will help the security personnel quickly identify the package, sparing you from unnecessary suspicion. Besides the security and legal complications, you seek to avoid, proper packing of the herb can protect your belongings from becoming soiled.

5. Avoid traveling with Kratom altogether

If you do not feel comfortable about the idea of traveling with the herb because you are not sure of the rules, then you can choose to leave Kratom from your travel plans. If you must travel with Kratom, consider other travel options like using the train or traveling by road where possible.


Different countries and states have differing opinions about the use of Kratom. These rules are not constant everywhere; they change with geography, so you could leave your Kratom at home to find out that it's legal in the place you are headed. On the other hand, you might have packed your suitcase full of different kratom strains only to find it's banned where you are headed. The inconsistencies can be costly, so it is probably safer to avoid traveling with Kratom altogether.