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CBD Dabs

CBD dabs and hemp leavesCBD, or Cannabidiol, is a compound that you can extract from cannabis plants. CBD has been used for centuries to treat various medical conditions, includinganxiety and depression. It is also used as an anti-seizure medication.

One of the newest trends in the cannabis industry is "dabs," which are concentrated forms of marijuana extract that are vaporized and inhaled.

These dabs come in many different varieties depending on what they're made out of, but most contain THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids like CBN and THCA.

This article will explore what CBD dabs are, different types of CBD dabs, how they affect your body, and why you should try them if you haven't yet.

What are CBD Dabs?

CBD dabs are balls of "saturated CBD oil" flash-frozen. When the dabs are made, they press them into a mold to make small little domes or balls. They are then placed in a vacuum chamber where the temperature drops to -45 degrees Fahrenheit which causes all the moisture to evaporate.

This leaves behind a CBD-saturated substance that looks like a hard little ball or dome. On average, one gram of oil will make about 20 dabs. Dabs are sometimes referred to as "honey" or "shatter."

Why Use CBD Dabs?

CBD DabsThere are many different reasons why someone would choose to use CBD dabs. Not only are they fun to make and offer innovative ways to get CBD into your system, like through an oral syringe or a vape pen, but because dabs can contain up to 80mg of CBD per gram.

That means if you take 0.5 grams which are considered about 25 dabs, it equals 40 servings. If you take a serving size of CBD oil that is 25mg each, then 40 servings would equal 1,000mg. Dabs are the best way to get a large amount of CBD into your body at one time compared to any other method.

What Do CBD Dabs Do?

CBD dabs can offer many different effects depending on the CBD you are using. The most popular types of CBD are commonly referred to as "full-spectrum". Thich means it contains all other cannabinoids, terpenes, and THC.

These are generally better for people who suffer from pain or anxiety because they benefit more than a CBD isolate. CBN is another type of cannabinoid that is more sedative in nature but can also help with anxiety by acting on serotonin receptors in the brain.

Suppose you are looking for benefits like:



eden's herbals full spectrum cbd oil in natureIn that case, a full-spectrum CBD oil is your best option. This is because it offers all the benefits you are looking for in one place. If that's your preference, it can be used as a topical, an edible, tincture, or even a vape pen.

If you want to try CBD dabs but aren't trying to experience the psychoactive effects of THC, then you can look for a product that has been derived from hemp instead of cannabis. Hemp is a type of cannabis plant that does not contain THC, which means it will not give you a "high."

Products made from hemp may be referred to as CBD Isolate, but they still contain other cannabinoids and terpenes like CBN and CBG.

Hemp is generally used for health purposes like:



CBD has been shown to help with seizures in children by calming down the overactive areas of the brain without causing any psychoactive effects.

First-time users should start with a very small amount, like one or two dabs, to give their bodies time to adjust. If you are not an experienced user, it might be best to stay away from CBD dabs until your body is ready for them.

Types of Dab Set-Ups

CBD dab rigThere are many different dab setups, each with its unique variations.

The first type of dab setup is the traditional "rig," a water pipe with a nail that heats to high temperatures. The dab is applied to the hot nail, and as it melts, it is inhaled. This method requires a specific temperature for the nail, usually between 700-800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Otherwise, it will cause smoke instead of vapor. A coil is usually wrapped around the nail to prevent residue of the dab from burning and causing smoke.

A canna-coil is another popular way to consume dabs. It is similar to a traditional rig, except instead of having a water pipe, it has an electric heating element that an app can control on your phone. The coil heats the dab and allows it to flow through tubing into a glass piece which you can inhale from.

Another type of dab rig is called a "hybrid concentrate," gaining popularity very quickly.

Instead of using a coil or other heating element, it runs off butane torches to heat a metal dish. The dab is then placed on the dish and vaporized instead of with a nail or coil. This method can allow more accurate temperatures to be reached, making it very popular among experienced users.

Benefits of Dabs

Dabs are known for providing quick, potent relief to many different ailments. With CBD dabs, you can get the medical benefits of marijuana without having to smoke it, which means you can also remove other toxins that might cause negative side effects like respiratory irritation or allergic reactions.

Not only are they healthier because no carcinogens are present in the oil, but since there is less plant material involved, there isn't as much of a risk for mold, fungi, or other contaminants. They are also stronger than smoking marijuana since the effects may last up to six hours, so you don't have to take multiple doses throughout the day.

Dabbing Safety

CBD dabs stacked upAlthough dabs and vaping, in general, are considered to be a healthier alternative, there are still some risks involved, and you should take them seriously.

The heating methods can be dangerous, and you should always take precautions like using a heat gun with gloves when dabbing off of a hot surface instead of tongs or pliers. Never add any chemicals or ingredients that aren't part of your dab mix to your dabs before vaporizing them because that could be dangerous as well.

In conclusion, dabs are an extremely efficient way to consume your medical marijuana and allow you relief from all of your symptoms. They can be done with many different variations, but each uses the same general idea. The best dabbing experience for you is up to personal preference, so experiment until you find what works for you.

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