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CBD Condoms, Mascara and Suppositories? WTF!

CBD CondomsUnusual CBD Products

Just when you thought life couldn't possibly get any better, CBD becomes a 'thing' that's caught the attention of doctors, scientists, researchers, and people just like you and I who battle various health ailments and want a natural form of relief. The results are promising, as research reveals that CBD is a powerful treatment for conditions such as seizures, insomnia, depression, anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis, and may stop or slow the growth of certain cancer cells, but that's only the start of promising CBD results.

But, let's face it: when a product becomes as popular as CBD, companies pounce on the opportunity to profit. And so, you'll find tons of weird, unusual, and downright odd items that contain CBD, all designed to relax your body and mind and stop those pains that threaten a happy day. Traditionally, CBD is vaped in an oil form or smoked in a flower form. But, with any of the products included on this list, you'll look at CBD in a whole new light -and have many new ways to get your daily CBD dose.

Maybe you've seen a few of these products in your search for CBD products or maybe they're all new to you. Either way, you'll get a kick out of this list of unusual products that contain CBD.

CBD Smoothies


Okay. Maybe not so strange, considering celebrities and a list of who's who names drink CBD smoothies and swear by the results. You'll see the CBD Smoothies everywhere, from health stores to clubs, with a variety of flavors and functions offered in each healthy glass. If you're already a fan of smoothies, this is one that you'll warmly welcome with open arms. If you've never before had a smoothie, start with a CBD smoothie and life will never again be the same. You can make your own smoothies using our CBD Isolate.

CBD Toothpaste


CBD toothpaste removes plaque, tartar, and dirt from the teeth while leaving the breath minty clean, just like dozens of other kinds of toothpaste on the market. But, unlike the other kinds of toothpaste out there, this one can say that it's marijuana's cousin and it provides the users with some pretty nice benefits. What brand of toothpaste do you use? Weed brand, man, weed brand. Just be careful that you don't relax so much while using CBD-infused toothpaste that you turn tooth bruising into a two-hour session.

CBD Shampoo


Give your scalp a dose of CBD with one of the CBD shampoos now available. Although pricier than an average bottle of shampoo, many people say that it leaves their heads feeling more refreshed than ever before. Many studies indicate thatCBD improves skin and scalp health, which may factor into this. Telling people you wash your hair with weed may sound a bit strange, but you won't mind after some time.

CBD Condoms


In all fairness, if there is a bacon-flavored condom, one should only expect that a marijuana condom is also available. And it is, to your surprise, amusement, or enjoyment, wherever way the fun may fall. CBD condoms release a dose of pleasure while pleasing your lover. Some users state that CBD condoms feel more natural than other types of condoms while other users promise stronger, more intense orgasms. Either way, trying out CBD condoms is probably worth a try. No double whammy here!



Mascara enhances the length of the eyelashes and is used by millions of people who want longer, thicker, more attractive eyes. With a tube of mascara, beauty limits are endless. It's a good idea to consult with an ophthalmologist before using CBD mascara, but understand that it is out there and it is changing beauty routines everywhere. What's the big deal about CBD-infused mascara? Really, what isn't the big deal? The mascara is all-natural and creates lashes that you'll die for!

CBD Coffee


The best part of waking up is CBD in your cup. It's the new way to drink coffee and it certainly puts an added perk into your morning routine. Start the day off with a delicious cup of CBD-infused coffee to keep aches and pains away and to get that morning boost that puts you in another world. Man different strains, flavors, and blends of CBD coffees are out there to suffice the needs of every coffee drinker. You can even buy CBD isolate and add a pinch to your regular morning cup of joe. If you loved the taste of coffee before, you'll really love the taste now.

Infused Butter


Forget cooking with or using traditional butter in any of your recipes now that CBD-infused butter is here. Make it yourself with a bit of practice or purchase the butter from a supplier of your choice. Every batch of muffins, cookies, or dinner that you serve is now infused with the healing powers of CBD. Everyone in the family gets an added treat in their treat if CBD butter is used.

Bath Bombs


CBD bath bombs are another fun product that you may want to try out. Bath bombs have been popular since they were first introduced in the 1980s, but these bombs are nothing like you've ever seen before. Toss one into the bath with you and as the bomb 'explodes,' your bathwater turns into a luxurious spa that makes you feel sensual and relaxed when you get out.



Your lovely lady parts deserve a dose of CBD and with the special lubes now available, they'll get exactly that. It takes just 15-minutes to feel the full effects of one of these special lubes. Pain relief, relaxation, and a host of additional sensual benefits await you when using CBD lube. Isn't it time you did a little something extra for your jay-jay? She'sdone so much for you over the years, after all.

CBD Suppositories


CBD suppositories may very well be held the top spot as the most unusual item on our list. Not what you might expect, these suppositories are made exclusively for women, designed to minimize cramps and absorb menstrual blood. Most people refer to them as weed tampons, which is probably more appealing than the word suppository. No matter what you refer to them as, they work fast, effectively, and efficiently without any potential risks like some of the other pain relievers and products for menstrual cramps may cause.

Lip Balm


A kiss of green is found in the great CBD lip balms many companies manufacture these days. Purchase a lip balm for a cannabis-scent and taste every time you coat your lips with hydration. The lip balm soothes the lips, but it also prevents chapping and may provide a plethora of other benefits, depending on the balm that you choose. If you want to do the all-natural thing, why not include lip balm in the round-up?

What's Your Favorite CBD Item?


There is no shortage of quirky, fun, and unusual CBD products on the market. Maybe you want to give one or two of these items a try or simply want to know more about the exciting CBD market and the available products. Either way, the information above gives you an insight into the exiting CBD market, but only begins to detail the many products you'll find.

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