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What are Terpenes? [And Four to Look For]

Couple enjoying CBD oil tincturesCBD has become one of the more popular supplements available on the market today, and withgood reason.

There ismounting evidence that shows its potential to help people recovery from a variety of illnesses. More research is needed, but the available data has been positive. Countless individuals have said that CBD has helped them.

But what is CBD? How does it work?

CBD has several important components from the hemp plant which come together to create its beneficial effects.

This article will examine one of its most critical pieces: Terpenes.

Natural terpenes in wildWhat are They?

Terpenes are specific compounds that are found in plants. They are often referred to as "aromatic compounds" because of the impact they have on the smell of a plant.

Terpenes in cannabis and hemp can have a major impact on aroma. They are found in many particularly fragrant flowers, and the higher the concentration of terpenes, the stronger the smell.

To be clear, Terpenes are not exclusive to CBD. Instead, they can be found in all types of plant life. However, they are often associated with cannabis products. This is because cannabis products typically have high levels of terpenes.

The role of terpenes tends to vary depending on the specific plant and the type and strength of the terpenes. Terpenes do more than just impact the smell of the plant. They also:


  • Impact pollinators, like bees, who help the plant reproduce
  • Protect the plant from its natural predators by repelling certain types of animals
  • Enhance a plant's immune system


Aromatic cannabis leaf with lemonHow Do Terpenes Improve CBD?

Terpenes have a specific impact on the scent and effectiveness of these compounds. Terpene content can also impact the flavor of your CBD products.

There are many different types of terpenes. An experienced grower can mix and match various strains of CBD with different terpenes. This results in different impacts.

There is some evidence to indicate that terpenes can actually enhance the overall health benefits of CBD, with different terpenes having different health impacts.

Terpenes are extremely common and are found in many plants and fruits.

Natural terpenes in cannabisBest Terpenes

Terpenes are not a one-size-fits all model, and there are many different types of terpenes that work for people. These include the following:

Alpha-pinene & Beta-pinene: Alpha-pinene and Beta-pinene are clear, colorless terpenes. According to research, they have a variety of health benefits, including acting as antimicrobial, anticoagulant, and anti-inflammatory compounds.

There is also evidence that they have anti-tumor effects. Both of these terpenes can be found in CBD, and a variety of other oils and plants.

In addition to the above benefits, both terpenes have a wide array of positive health impacts, potentially even helping people who are suffering from heavy allergies.

Eucalyptol: Eucalyptol is a particularly interesting terpene found in many cough suppressant drugs or mouthwashes. It has properties that can help you feel better and keep your airways open.

It is also naturally found in many forms of cannabis. It is safe to ingest in small amounts but can be dangerous if too much of it is ingested. Trace amounts of it can be found in many spices, including bay leaf and sage.

Ocimene: Ocimene is another popular terpene that is found in many plants. Research shows a variety of health benefits, including the ability to kill bacteria, fungus, and viruses.

It can also act as a decongestant and has antiseptic properties. In addition to being found in marijuana, ocimene is found in spices like pepper, parsley, mint, and basil.

CBD gummies with beneficial  terpenesOcimene also provides a mood boost to users.

It tends to create a woodsy aroma and smell sweet, thus explaining why this terpene is found in many types of perfumes.

Borneol: Borneol, like many other terpenes, has a woody-like smell and taste. It has a variety of medicinal potentials, including acting as an anti-inflammatory, lowering stress, and reducing anxiety.

All of these make it an ideal terpene to put in a cream or lotion. It is found in spices like nutmeg, ginger and sage. Interestingly, Borneol tends to help drive away insects and other bugs, which makes it ideal to be put into some sort of insect repellent.

Final Thoughts

Many parts of CBD are not fully understood, and more research is needed to give scientists and users a better understanding of how they work and benefit others. However, available evidence thus far does make it clear that different types of terpenes can have beneficial impacts on someone's CBD experience.

By checking the Certificate of Analysis found in a product, users of any CBD product can get an idea of what types of terpenes may be in the product they are interested in purchasing. A bit of time on the internet will likely reveal the potential health benefit of the terpenes in question, thus giving users a good idea of what sort of benefit they can expect from the terpene in question.  

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