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6 Popular Terpenes

Chart of popular terpenesAs CBD, cannabis, and medical marijuana become the new norm, many new terms are starting to surface, including terpenes. What are terpenes, anyway? Why should I even care about terpenes if my CBD works perfectly for my symptoms? Well, as with most ingredients today, knowing your source can make all the difference in your long-term health. Besides, terpene knowledge is fun (and valuable)! 

In this article, we'll look at the exciting world of terpenes, which are found in the form of essential oils in all plants - including cannabis Sativa. We can start thinking as normally about these plant terpenes as we think of our morning cup of coffee. There are different smells, notes, and aromas to identify - each with its own exciting profile. In much the way you might identify your favorite wine, we'll go over the six most popular terpenes to help make your next intake of CBD that much more interesting.

(See our terpene chart on the right for a quick breakdown)

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are bioactive compounds found in all plant life in the form of essential oils. In the cannabis plant, terpenes (the flower of cannabis) exhibit an aroma responsible for its taste and smell. Scientists have discovered over 100 terpenoids in cannabis Sativa, including variations known as sesquiterpenes and diterpenes. Of these 100 plus terpenoids, scientists have found 17 to be the most common and 6 to be most notable - which we'll go over.

hemp buds surrounded by different terpene typesApart from their enticing aroma, terpenes also benefit your health. As Socrates said, "Let thy food be your medicine" terpenes work to fix your health through their organic composition. Studies have shown terpenes play a role in relieving symptoms associated with the following conditions:



Terpenes' Entourage Effect'

Scientists recently studied the effects terpenes play in what's known as the 'entourage effect.' When terpenes, such as those found in CBD (cannabidiol), interact with other compounds present in cannabis like THC, they are thought to produce an 'entourage effect.' Theoretically, these cannabinoids produce more therapeutic value when ingested together. When researchers studied test models treated with cannabis, they found that terpenes mimicked cannabinoids and helped reduce pain.


Myrcene is the most dominant terpene found in cannabis. When isolated, myrcene is usually the flower that is the most commonly present in cannabis. Myrcene, for example, usually accounts for around 40% of the terpene found in most commercial cannabis-derived products. 

Myrcene Aroma Profile

terpene oils next to hemp budsMyrcene's said to resemble a grape-like flavor and fruity aroma. Because myrcene is also found in hops, it also exhibits notes of pepper and clover. Cannabis also pairs well with mangoes because of their high myrcene content. Some enthusiasts report better biofeedback from their cannabis intake after consuming mango.

Myrcene Benefits




Most notably found in the rinds of citrus fruits, such as lemons, Limonene is also an active terpene in cannabis. These fragrant oils are used extensively in the manufacturing sector to produce cleaning products and cosmetics. 

Limonene Aroma Profile

Limonene is one of the easiest aromas to identify because of its strong citrus notes. Some report strong undertones of mint and juniper.

Limonene Benefits




all the terpene types and hempMost famously used as Pinesol, this terpene is well known for its ability to clean and sterilize. Recently, Pinene has been identified as a possible alternative bio-fuel. You can receive a solid "shot" of Pinene when you walk in the woods by inhaling your surroundings. Limonene is found in high concentrations naturally in forest environments.

Pinene Aroma Profile

Don't worry; the amount of Pinene in cannabis won't produce that overwhelming "piney" smell that you're familiar with in cleaning products. Limonene in cannabis has a subtle pine smell, such as found in other plants containing Limonene, including basil, dill, and parsley.

Pinene Benefits




If you're familiar with traditional marijuana, you are familiar with the smell of Linalool. A monoterpene found in cannabis, cinnamon, and lavender plants, Linalool is popular in the food and cosmetics industry because of its pleasant smell and taste. 

Linalool Aroma Profile

If you're not familiar with the smell of a fresh marijuana plant, think of Linalool aroma as a cross between forest wood and spice. Other notes are lavender and sweet, peppery citrus.

Linalool Benefits




eden's herbals full spectrum cbd oilIf you've seen the beer commercials bragging about their brands' hops, it's because this terpene gives it that "hoppy" taste. Cannabis shares Humulene with its famous counterpart hops and is one of the primary terpenes present. 

Humulene Aroma Profile

Apart from cannabis and hops, Humulene is also present in ginger, black pepper, and fir wood trees. Based on the plants it's present in, Humulene gives off a pleasant, earthy and nutty aroma, with a hint of spice.

Humulene Benefits




Terpinolene is found in almost all cannabis strains but in small amounts. Even though this elusive terpene is only found in trace amounts, it offers plenty of benefits. You'll also find Terpinolene in plants, including sage, cumin, lilacs, apples, and tea leaves.

Terpinolene Aroma Profile

Terpinolene also plays a significant role in complementing the taste and smell of many cannabis strains. The aroma profile of Terpinolene includes a floral, citrus, and spicey fragrance.

Terpinolene Benefits



Final Thoughts

We're still in the early phases of what we know about terpenes and cannabis. After all, we've been enjoying coffee in the U.S. for over 250 years. Cannabis was only legalized in 2018. What we've discovered, however, is that terpenes provide connoisseurs with a better way to enjoy and appreciate their favorite strains and receive a host of therapeutic benefits.

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