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4 Best Ways to Take CBD

A variety of Eden's Herbals CBD products ranging from CBD oil to CBD gummies to CBD topicalsCannabidiol, known as CBD in short, is an active ingredient of some plants from the cannabis family. CBD has various health benefits, including reduction of anxiety, pain, and inflammation. Because it doesn't contain THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD users do not experience the high associated with marijuana use. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the evidence shows us that pure CBDis very safe to use.

Among the questions CBD beginner and intermediate users ask themselves is how to take this popular wellness supplement. Manufacturers package CBD in different forms. They produce pills, oils, gummies, vaping devices, and topicals, among other CBD products. Choosing the best way to deliver CBD to your body may be challenging, given the sheer number of options.

Are you in doubt about whether to ingest, inhale, apply, or spray CBD? Here is a guide to the best ways of taking CBD.

Four Ideal Ways of Taking CBD

While there are more than half a dozen ways of taking CBD, four of them stand out. They guarantee satisfaction and the best delivery of CBD's many benefits in the human body.

 Let's talk about them in greater detail.

CBD oil tincture from Eden's Herbals sitting in field of grass1. Oil Tinctures

CBD oils are extracted from the stem and leaves of hemp plants. The unrefined oil from the hemp plant may have other cannabinoids such as THC, but these can be filtered out in the refinement process. Full-spectrum CBD leaves all of these other cannabinoids in the finished product. Broad-spectrum products have all of the other cannabinoids but the THC has been removed. Isolate CBD products have filtered out all other cannabinoids so that the only compound left in the finished product is CBD.

Raw oil from the hemp plant is inedible and must be refined before it can be used. CBD is extracted through various methods though the safest and most popular method is CO2 extraction. The extracted CBD is combined with a carrier oil, such as coconut or olive oil, which makes the product easier to measure and helps the CBD to be absorbed more easily in the body.

How to Take CBD Oil Tinctures

When you buy CBD oil, the container typically ships with a filler designed for measuring an exact dose. Fill it to the desired dosage and drain the oil under your tongue. You can then hold the liquid under your tongue for a minute and a half for the best possible absorption into the bloodstream. It is that simple!

When starting, you can administer a single serving per day. However, some people begin with two servings, one in the morning and another before they sleep. As time goes by, you will learn how your body reacts to CBD oil tinctures and settle on the number of servings that works best for you.


' CBD oil tinctures are very easy to administer, especially for beginners

' CBD oils are natural and contain very few additives

' Other than CBD, oils contain fatty acids, vitamins, and nutrients that boost your health

' Dosing a CBD oil tincture is easy as the information features on the label

' Administering CBD oil tinctures sublingually is quick


One of the demerits of CBD oils tinctures is the lack of a manufacturing standard. As mentioned, oils derived from hemp plants may contain other components. Therefore, some oils may contain unwanted cannabinoids. You can keep off substandard oils by purchasing from trusted suppliers. Look for a certificate of analysis from a third-party laboratory to ensure you are getting what you paid for!

Additionally, CBD oil tinctures may have a slightly bitter taste. Different choices of carrier oils can impact the flavor. Some vendors add flavor such as cinnamon to give you a more pleasant tasting product. MCT oil is considered the best neutral carrier oil in terms of flavor.

CBD Gummies from Eden's Herbals sitting on stone in front of flowers2. CBD Gummy Edibles

CBD gummies are the most popular type of CBD edible, as they are delicious and easy to consume.

The process of producing CBD gummies is quite simple. Manufacturers first extract CBD from the hemp plant using alcohol or carbon dioxide. The extracted product is usually in the form of a powder. Afterward, the gummy producers mix the CBD with a liquid blend of fruit juices, gelatin, and honey.

The CBD used in producing gummies comes in three classes:

' Isolate CBD

' Broad-spectrum CBD

' Full-spectrum CBD

It is a good idea to inquire about the CBD contained in gummies from your vendor. If you want the powder to make the gummies at home, it is always better to start with isolate CBD.

How to Take CBD Gummy Edibles

CBD gummies are the most comfortable form of CBD to administer. All you have to do is place a piece in your mouth and chew.

When deciding on the CBD dosage, you need to check on concentration per piece. A standard beginner's gummy piece has approximately 15mg of CBD. Intermediate and experienced users can take gummies containing between 25mg and 45mg of CBD. Dosage will vary person to person, so start with a lower dose and then increase that dosage until you reach a level that works best for you!


' CBD gummies are very easy to take as they don't require fillers or water

' Gummies are pre-dosed so that you don't have to measure CBD quantities

' CBD gummies taste great. If CBD oil is too bitter for your tastes, the sweeter flavor of CBD gummies might be your best bet!

' Since CBD gummy edibles enter through the digestive system, their effect lasts longer in the body


CBD gummy edibles may have sugary components, which may not be as healthy as and oil. Also, most CBD edibles take approximately forty-five minutes to get in the bloodstream. However, if you need a discreet CBD product with long-lasting effects on the body, gummy edibles are the way to go.

CBD Salve from Eden's Herbals with american flag in background3. CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are ointments applied to the skin and have CBD as a primary component. Topicals can be lotions, creams, or salves. They can treat external skin problems such as acne as well as internal conditions such as joint pains.

Manufacturers make topicals from CBD oil or CBD isolate powder. They then add various components, usually water and oil. The ratio of water to oils gives three main classifications of CBD topicals:

' CBD salves, which don't contain any water

' CBD creams, which contain water and oil in the ratio 1:1

' CBD lotions, which contain water and oil in the ration 7:2

The method by which CBD topicals alleviate pain and inflammation is unique. While the other forms of CBD get to the bloodstream, topicals get as far as the dermal skin layer. Once a person applies a CBD topical on the skin, it penetrates the epidermal and dermal layers. There, it gets in contact with CB1 and CB2 receptors enabling it to activate the endocannabinoid system indirectly. By binding to cell receptors, CBD topicals do away with inflammation and pain.

How To Take CBD Topicals

You should start by cleaning the area to be applied. You can then smear the topical over the affected area. If you don't get the desired results in forty-eight hours, increase the amount of lotion applied.


' Topicals are extremely easy to administer

' People using topicals need not worry about any unintended cannabinoids ending in their blood stream, as topicals never get that far.

' Topicals rarely interfere with other medication


Alcohol containing CBD topicals may cause skin irritation. To avoid this, stick with CO2 extracted CBD products, especially if you have sensitive skin.

4. Vaping

Vaping, in the CBD sense, means inhaling CBD. All a user requires is a vape pen and a cartridge. The vape pen will heat the CBD oil and vaporize it.

Older man getting CBD lotion treatment from doctorIt takes as few as thirty seconds for CBD vapor to get to the brain and lessen conditions such as anxiety. However, vape pens have some downsides. They may be illegal in some states and might also irritate the nose.

There is no one perfect way to take CBD. It all comes down to preference. Good luck with choosing your favorite way to take CBD!

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