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Supplements, Do You Need Them?

Picture Of Supplements And Vitamins

Should I Take CBD And A Supplement?

Many people lose out by thinking they get every mineral their body needs through diet alone. Let me tell you something for free - most don't.

According to many health experts, taking a daily supplement can often fill many people's nutritional gaps. CBD may also play an essential role in helping to meet your daily vitamin and mineral needs.

Recent studies have shown that CBD, like other antioxidants, "interrupts free radical chain reactions." Lab studies showed CBD to be an even more effective antioxidant than Vitamin E and Vitamin C!

In this post, we'll cover the benefits of CBD and supplementation. We'll also review the best vitamins to take for overall health and if you can take CBD and supplements together.

CBD Benefits

CBD has gained momentum in the scientific community for its potential to help relieve pain, and improve immunity. Among many other symptoms. Recently, the FDA has even approved a CBD-based drug to treat epilepsy.

Unlike marijuana, which can alter thinking, CBD is extracted directly from hemp. This bypasses the psychoactive compound THC. Because of this, more people are turning to CBD to help treat the following symptoms.


  • Depression and Anxiety- CBD has shown promising antidepressant qualities in animal studies. and has even been used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder in children. This shows the beneficial CBD effects on anxiety and depression!
  • Pain- Several pain studies have shown CBD effectiveness for treating chronic pain. As well as treating arthritis and multiple sclerosis.
  • Diabetes- CBD shows promise for neuropathy and other metabolic disorders in clinical studies.
  • Heart Health- CBD studies show lower blood pressure in patients.
  • Acne- Certain studies show promise for CBD's effectiveness in treating a wide range of skin conditions.


CBD oil and seeds in vasesAutoimmune Conditions CBD and marijuana have shown powerful anti-inflammatory properties in clinical settings. Several autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis, have demonstrated CBD's effectiveness as a treatment.

So Why Add Supplements Along with Your CBD?

Preventive healthcare has shown more research that inflammation is one of the leading causes of all diseases. Adding supplements with CBD incorporates this valuable anti-inflammatory component into your health.

For example, as you get older, Vitamin D levels decrease. One of the essential vitamins your body needs for heart, muscle, bone, and immune health. Vitamin D supplementation is an excellent idea for those over 50. Adding CBD to this 'health cocktail' now gives you the added benefit of a anti-inflammatory.

Supplements Are An Immunity Booster

Your immune system is the gateway to your health. Having a robust immune system can help you fight off various ailments, such as the flu. A 2020 NIH study "overwhelmingly" found evidence to suggest CBD was a powerful immuno-suppressive.

vegetables and supplements to promote healthy livingFor overall health and a stronger immune system, incorporate some of the following tips into your daily routine:


  • Exercise for 30 minutes
  • Cut back on alcohol (limit one drink per day, preferably red wine)
  • Meditate
  • Limit red meat
  • Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetable
  • Get 7-9 hours of sleep per night
  • Hi-quality supplements


Which Supplements Should I Take?

Omega-3 While fish oil is the more traditional Omega-3, hemp seeds are high in Omega-3, as well. The ideal 3:1 Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acid ratio found in hempseed oil makes it a great substitute

Vitamin B-12 Vitamin B12 regulates your body's DNA and cell production. Some studies show a connection between cancer and low B-vitamin levels. People over 50 struggle to absorb this vitamin and should take a vitamin-B supplement.

Vitamin C Your body is exposed to pollution, such as tobacco smoke or sun exposure, Vitamin C breaks down these dangerous free radicals. Vitamin C is typically found in citrus plants. It can further help protect you against heart disease and high blood pressure. Try adding a cup of vitamin C tea to your daily routine.

Magnesium Magnesium is vital for supporting energy production and muscle and nerve function. Most Americans don't get enough of this critical vitamin. Low levels can increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

Turmeric A University of Utah study showed research to support curcumin's use for arthritis pain and obesity. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Especially when taken with high-fat food or oil.

doctor holding vitamin bottle

Vitamin D-3 in Combination with K-2

Vitamin D-3 Known as the sunshine vitamin, this vitamin is absorbed through the sun. Crucial for strong bones, heart health, and immune system response. Vitamin D-3 can be challenging to get for some, you should take a supplement if you have limited access to the sun. Or if you wear lots of sunscreen, or are over age 50.

Vitamin K-2 This is a potent vitamin that is crucial for heart and bone health. Because of the modern manufacturing process, Vitamin K-2 is no longer plentiful in our food supply. New studies suggest adding a supplement. This may be the best way to receive this nutrient adequately.

Why Combine D-3 and K-2? If you increase one without the other, you run the risk of depositing calcium into your arteries, leading to heart disease. Supplementing Vitamins D-3 and K-2 together helps neutralize calcium buildup. It also provides you the most benefits of both vitamins. This includes strong bones, healthy heart, and improved immunity!

Multivitamin for Overall Health

One of the best ways to ensure you're getting all your vitamin and mineral needs is by taking a high-quality multivitamin. Look for non-GMO brands. These are free from toxins, antibiotics, and hormones, as well as more nutrient-dense.

Eden's Herbals Vitamin Bottles

What is the best multivitamin for immune support?

A well-rounded multivitamin should contain high levels of vitamins A, B-12, C, D, E, and K.

It should also contain Calcium, magnesium, and adequate selenium levels. Most reputable manufacturers will also include other healthy ingredients for overall support.

Can You Take CBD With Supplements?

Vitamins and most supplements are safe to take with CBD. A clinical study showed no interactions found from taking CBD with many vitamins. Such as Vitamins C and D.

It's essential to point out that CBD may affect interaction with prescription medications.

CBD alone is a very potent anti-inflammatory. CBD shows tremendous promise in treating a variety of diseases.

Eden's Herbals make it easy to get this powerful product through tinctures, CBD-isolate, creams, and even edible gummies!

By incorporating an immunity support supplement, multivitamin, or omega-3 oil into your diet, you can ensure your body is performing like a well-oiled machine!

If you want to learn more about Supplemental health, contact Eden's Herbals at today!

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