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Running Injury-free with CBD

Staying active is highly recommended by our doctors, and for good reason. Exercise does more than improve our physical wellness. It helps relieve stress, sharpens our mind, and even improves our mood.


Injured runner stopping and massaging knee

Exercise is necessary for our health but let's face it; being an athlete, especially a runner, takes a toll on your entire body. Over time you may notice your performance and energy levels declining. This occurs for a number of reasons. It's possible you're suffering from muscle fatigue. You may also be subjecting yourself to injuries based on the wear and tear from frequent running.

Eventually, your body won't be able to take the strain and your performance will suffer. Prescription and over-the-counter medications may provide relief, but come with side effects. Some medications can also cause you to fail a drug test. This is grounds for disqualification if you compete. If you're looking for a way to keep yourself active with less injuries, there's a natural, healthy cure.

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is a compound derived from hemp plants. It has many benefits and it's especially popular for its healing properties. This medicinal plant supports relaxation and speeds up the recovery process. Unlike cannabis, there's no psychotropic effect, meaning you get the benefits without the high.

If you're a professional runner, it's important to know that the World Anti-Doping Agency approves the use of cannabidiol for competitors. With the countless athletic benefits, Cannabidiol is definitely worth a try.


Benefits of CBD


Shoes running past an Eden's Herbals CBD Oil Tincture

1. Stress Relief

Athletes underestimate the impact stress has on their body and mind. Stress has a direct correlation with our bodies' ability to perform. This can cause mental anguish, which in turn makes it difficult to train to our full potential.

Taking Cannabidiol allows your body to properly regulate stress levels. This minimizes the negative impact on other bodily functions. This can lower your chances of arthritis, heart attacks, and poor gut health.

2. Natural Adaptogen

As a runner, wouldn't you love to train with less down time? Adaptogens work with the nervous system to create balance. This allows your brain to match the stress your body endures with hormones that promote a faster recovery.

3. Improves quality of sleep.

As an athlete, recovery is just as important as training. Therefore, you must get proper rest. Cannabidiol reduces cortisol levels enough to get a better night's rest. Athletes find themselves sleeping better almost immediately after taking this natural treatment.

Cannabidiol is also a healthy replacement for sleep medication. Most sleep aids cause reactions in your brain receptors that cause drowsiness during peak activity hours. Cannabidiol works to regulate circadian rhythms and minimize daytime fatigue.

Runner stopping to take in natural landscape

4. Pain Relief

As an athlete, you eventually want to see results. If you are constantly active with little to no results, inflammation may be the culprit. In fact, chronic inflammation leads to weight gain and pain.

Basically, inflammation hinders your athletic potential. If you suffer an injury, inflammation increases your recovery time, slowing down results.

Cannabidiol is a healthy alternative to taking NSAIDS, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. NSAIDS are available both over-the-counter and from prescriptions. They come with a series of complications. Taking these medications can cause a range of symptoms. Some are as mild as ringing ears but can be severe, including stroke, blood clotting, and heart attack.

5. Reduce Oxidative Stress

Another detrimental condition for athlete performance is oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when your antioxidant and free radical levels are unbalanced. Taking cannabidiol boosts glutathione, which reduces oxidative stress levels. As glutathione levels rise, you improve your immune health and cell production cycles. This minimizes muscle soreness.

Types of CBD

Who doesn't like a variety? There are many types of CBD, including topicals and edibles. Every method allows you to reap the medicinal benefits, so the CBD product you choose is based on preference. Here's a better understanding of each available CBD product.

CBD Gummies

Similar to a chewable vitamin, CBD gummies are a sweet way to get the previously mentioned benefits. They're typically made with fruit juices and come pre-portioned for the perfect daily dosage. Because the CBD is measured per gummy, you can start with one or two and adjust your dosage as necessary. One great benefit is they're discreet based on their appearance so you can take them anywhere.

Eden's Herbals CBD Oil Tinctures in a display box

CBD Tinctures

If you want to take cannabidiol orally but don't want gummies, oil tinctures are a great alternative. Tinctures are an herbal concentrate that is typically infused in alcohol and water. Taking CBD tinctures is as easy as placing a few drops underneath your tongue. They can also be added to recipes and beverages. Oil tinctures also come in a range of strengths from 1000mg to 4000mg per bottle. This makes them versatile as you can control your dosage to the exact milligram.

CBD Topicals

If you don't want to take cannabidiol orally, CBD topicals may be more your speed. Topicals include infused gels, lotions, and balms that you rub into your skin. These are typically used as remedies for injury-related pain and inflammation. The medicinal properties of cannabidiol combined with massaging help increase blood flow and relieve muscle tension. Rather than ingesting CBD for full-body relief, CBD creams allow you to target problem areas.

CBD Isolate

If you're looking for the purest form of cannabidiol, CBD isolate is the real deal. Isolate is a powder formed by removing the impurities and additional compounds. When extracted correctly, CBD isolates contain 99 percent cannabidiol.

Sometimes, cannabidiol products have trace amounts of THC. Isolates are THC-free, which means you don't have to worry about byproducts or added ingredients. You can take the powder orally by placing it under your tongue, use it to make an oil or topical product, or even use it in recipes.


The bottom line is that regular physical activity eventually breaks our bodies down. Over time, running and playing sports affects our ability to perform, as well as our recovery time. Taking CBD is a great way to maintain our physical and mental wellness as we train.

CBD is a great alternative to medications, but you should speak with your healthcare provider before using it. CBD can interfere with certain medications, so seek medical council to avoid adverse side effects. You should also speak to your doctor if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you begin experiencing side effects like nausea, dizziness, or increased anxiety, seek medical attention immediately. It's possible you're improperly dosing or having a poor reaction. With a simple evaluation, your healthcare provider can tell you if it's wise to continue.

Runners on a beach racing

Remember, all CBD products aren't created equal. In fact, the benefits are only guaranteed when you purchase high-quality products. If you're looking for a reputable company with affordable merchandise, visit Eden's Herbals. This online American-based company offers a variety of quality productsas well frequent discounts on pricing and free shipping.

In addition to taking supplements or topical solutions, it's important to make lifestyle choices for total wellness. If you are a runner or any kind of athlete, CBD will only be one piece of the puzzle. For the best results, training must be paired with a well-balanced diet. You must also drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. Between proper diet, hydration, CBD, and adequate amounts of rest, you're bound to become the greatest athlete you can be!

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