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In 2018, after labs and a full exam, I asked my avian vet if I could try using CBD oils for my four birds for various reasons; in particular for my very hormonal African Grey girls. She gave me 3 alternate choices; a hormone implant, a hormone shot, and/or Prozac. After reading up on them, I asked about using CBD products, and she agreed to a trial.
There are several hemp and CBD oils out there. After years of trying them, I came to the conclusion, this is the best. It has no taste, so they don't detect it, it's a great quality, a better grade, and the price is less than a third of others labeled for birds.
Always consult with your own avian vet before using any new product, especially if your bird is on any medication. I was told to use the lowest dose to achieve the desired results, and to administer it 3 times a day.
If you are using CBD and HEMP oils for birds, ALWAYS mix with food and DO NOT administer by syringe as per avian vet instructions.
I use the 300 mg Dog CBD oil for my medium-sized birds. They get 2 drops, 3 times a day.
For Conure sized birds, 1 drop, 3 times a day. For little birds, 150 mg Cat CBD oil. 1 drop, 2- 3 times a day.
1. ) Two female African Greys, ages 19 and 22 for hormones, severe plucking and psycho behavior. The 17-year-old was also laying non-fertilized eggs, depleting her calcium levels and putting her at risk of prolapse or egg binding.
2.)  A male Eclectus with immune system issues, chronic sinus and crop infections, and constant screaming due to hormones.
3.) A 36-year-old Double Yellow Headed Amazon with severe arthritis and also frequently hormonal.
I got positive results for all the above issues, and excellent results when they are out of breeding season.
The Greys stop plucking altogether, and both are fully feathered until the next breeding season comes around. Even then, their plucking is about half of what it was.
The little biter Grey that was constantly laying eggs stopped after 6 months of using CBD oil. She's so much happier and there has been a lot less bloodletting, (mine),
The Eclectus, who was chronically ill and had to be nebulized and his nares flushed on a regular basis hasn't been nebulized in the last 4 years. He only gets his nares flushed a couple of times a year, instead of several times a month. His hormones are under control.
The DYHA, with severe arthritis was moving like a sloth around his cage. The poor thing was in so much pain and miserable is also doing much better, thanks to this CBD oil. I have added other things to help as well, such as a heated perch and panel, but it was the CBD oil that helped the most. At his last avian vet visit, he was also given arthritis meds to use along with the CBD oil.
Faye | 12/30/2023 3:01 PM
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CDB Oil for Dogs
I've been giving my german shepard this CBD Oil for almost 3 month now.  She has terminal cancer and DM.  She weighs 60 lbs and I give her 1 full dropper in the morning over top of her food and dont mix it in.  She will eat it just fine even though shes a very picky eater.  She use to throw-up atleast once a week but since shes been taking this, she hasnt been sick and is a much happier dog.  I think it helps with her upset stomach.  I also give her Cosequin Glucosamine for her DM.  I would recommend this product to anyone that has a dog with stomach issues.
Susan | 5/9/2023 8:00 PM
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Got this for my 14 year old Shiba who has epilepsy and joint problems, what a big difference it has made! I give her half a dose twice a day and she is a much happier dog!! She has spent the last year hiding in our room due to anxiety issues, now she actually roams around and interacts with the family again! A big plus was how it has helped with her epilepsy, her episodes are few and so much less severe than they were before I started the CBD routine! Wonderful Product!! Thank you so much for giving an old dog new life!
Julie | 9/7/2022 8:00 PM
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Our Cock-a-Poo had terrible anxiety during thunderstorms that was heart breaking. I tried the CBD treats but she will not eat while so anxious. The CBD oil did the trick, not only does she take it willingly but it she calms in about 15 minutes so we watch the weather and make sure to give it to her about an hour before storms are expected. Thank you Edens Herbals!!
Michael | 9/1/2022 8:00 PM
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Sleeping like a baby
This dog Tincture really works, we give CBD to our Pug for car rides and you can see the difference. More calm, relaxed when we are traveling.
Michelle | 7/6/2022 8:00 PM
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Great Product
Eases my dogs anxiety. Great stuff
Guest | 6/22/2022 8:00 PM
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This oil has been amazing for our nervous pup. We have loud fireworks that go off behind our house and heard about this CBD oil online and tried it, and we SWEAR by it! We give the oil to him about 30 minutes before fireworks start and he has been much more calm and not as anxious as he normally is. This is wonderful thank you for a great honest product! We also found the treats and oil complement eachother well and always have both on hand in case we need it :)
Guest | 6/8/2022 8:00 PM
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Amazed this worked so well
This oil worked even better than i could have hoped. My dog has struggled with separation anxiety for years and this oil has made an immediate difference, cant recommend it enough!
Guest | 6/8/2022 8:00 PM
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Happy to see a dog specific oil
Great product. I was using human oil for my picky eater who does not enjoy most dog treats, happy to see a specific oil made for dogs.
Guest | 5/7/2022 8:00 PM
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