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Product reviews for CBD DOG TREATS | 250 MG

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Soft Chew Treats
Our dog enjoys these treats but he is older and is having a hard time chewing.  Will you be coming out with a soft chew treat in the near future?
Kimula | 4/21/2023 8:00 PM
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Our Golden is 15 1/2 years old. I have been giving her these treats for about 4 years now. She still trots, climb steps and tries to chase the cats outside. And it decreases her anxiety. People ask me what kind of food I feed her. My response is calm treats from Eden's herbals.  She doesn't show any signs of slowing down. (Mind you my dog always ate good food and maintained a healthy weight throughout her life. These are the best treats ever!  My dog takes 2 every morning.
Joanna | 4/20/2023 8:00 PM
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Hi Hopes
Dogs treats just arrived & have already given one to ButterPants, our amazing Standard Poodle. He is 9yrs & starting to have difficulty getting up, weak back legs. Fingers crossed that this will be the miracle I have been looking for. I will report back after he?s been on them a while.
J | 4/6/2023 8:00 PM
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Dog Owner
This product really needs (requires) dosing instructions for my pet. Probably based on weight, frequency. There is nothing on the bag to set the correct amount for pets. TOO EARLY TO TELL EFFECT ON DOG. Maybe a later review to see how it works.
Patrick | 1/11/2023 7:00 PM
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good stuff
My dog, Butters, was diagnosed with arthritis about 7 years ago but it didn't seem to affect him much. I started him on joint meds. During the last 7 years, the arthritis got steadily worse until he stopped wanting to go on very long walks. I searched the internet for a cbd medicine without a lot of additives. I found the Eden's Herbals website. I decided to give the dog treats a try. He gets one treat per day and he loves them. I watched him closely after we started the treats and he does seem to be moving around more comfortably. He has been taking the treats about six months and he's walking pretty good for a 15-year-old terrier. We will never run out of these treats.
Cathy | 5/27/2022 8:00 PM
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Life saver
This products works so well it helps my dog out with anxiety and sore joints, i definitely recommend this to you and I will actually be ordering again!
Jonathan | 8/15/2021 8:00 PM
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the best!
It is great to be able to impact the arthritic condition of our old dog. When she runs too much and gets gimpy, she seems to recover so much faster!
Sylvia | 8/4/2021 8:00 PM
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An amazing difference in my furchilds separation anxiety
My doggo is only a year and a half old and when we got him we found out the couple we got him from gave him to us way before they should have. He was taken from his momma too early. So our vet gave us a little heads up that he may suffer from separation anxiety because of it. Well at first it wasn?t so bad but then it became so bad we were afraid to leave him for 10 minutes. To make matters worse was I went back to work after being off for a few years and so our bubba went from me being with him every second of every day, to him being alone for 8+ hours a day. A friend of mine who has my pups brother from their litter had told me about Edens CBD biscuits and I figured at this point why not try them out because I needed to try something for my furchild. I can tell you I have now purchased probably 7-8 bags of biscuits from Edens. They work wonderfully and amazingly. It?s night and day for my doggo. Also a plus is there?s no hidden yucky ingredients in the biscuits and they?re all natural. I have recommended these to numerous coworkers and they have all fallen in love with them! Seriously TRY THEM! You won?t be disappointed!!
| 12/23/2020 7:00 PM
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French bulldog
I have a 8 year old French bulldog & loves these treats.  The way his eyes light up when I grab the bag is great. I?m buying double my next order
Abel C | 10/15/2020 8:00 PM
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Boss Lady's Beloved Biscuits
Boss Lady, my active 12 year old Pitbull, lost some spring in her step during quarantine., but Eden's Herbal saved the day!!!  She LOVES these treats and looks forward to her doses throughout the day. They help with her arthritis, as well as overall anxiety and sleep. As Californians, we have many medicated pet treats available to us - I even make some - but none have worked as effectively as Eden's Herbals Dog Biscuits. Thank you for helping Boss Lady feel happy and healthy again! Much appreciated!!! Mirrors....
Lori | 9/21/2020 8:00 PM
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Didn't help my dog
I have tried many calming items for my dog to try and help reduce anxiety and reactivity. I had hoped these biscuits would work. It didn't affect him, even giving three. He does like the biscuits though.  It was worth a try anyway.
Maureen | 8/1/2020 8:00 PM
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Can't go without!
At first I thought,  ehh maybe it's in my head.  I tried alternative CBD treats and my 2 dogs went without them for a week..They WORK!!! I forgot how anxious my dogs were until they were off for few days. My bull terrier no longer paces and tracks the fence line and my 13 year old Sheppard mix has been out running the terrier.
Angela | 3/11/2020 8:00 PM
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Life Changer
We have an 85-pound Giant Schnauzer who just turned 15 years old in February 2020.  Her name is Stella and she brings us lots of joy.  One day she stopped going on her daily walks because of severe pain.  We took her to the vet and the X-Rays showed she had advanced arthritis on her back.  We started giving Stella the CBD dog treats two weeks ago, and with-in the second day we noticed she was getting around the house much better.  By the third day, Stella was staring out the window hinting to be walked.  After two weeks of CBD treats, we?ve seen a great improvement. Stella rough plays with daddy, she beats-up on her toys and she is enjoying her morning walks again.  This stuff really works for doggie pain!
SALIM | 2/14/2020 7:00 PM
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Hip Dyslapatia
These are helping me dog with his hip dysplatia.
Guest | 11/5/2019 7:00 PM
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Fluffy Loves these!
My cocker spaniel likes these treats a lot. Seems to make Fluffy more active, which is a good sign. Lots of treats for a low price and the cbe oil seems to help
Guest | 11/4/2019 7:00 PM
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dog likes the treats
Dog likes them but obviously I have no idea If theyre working. Seems to be up and about more at least.
Guest | 11/1/2019 8:00 PM
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Loving Dog Mom
I bought the Eden's 99% Pure CBD Dog Biscuits for my 12 year dog-ter Mia who was showing signs of arthritis in all her major joints and having more difficulty getting up from the floor.  I give her the treats with breakfast and dinner.  She eats them first, along with her chewy chondroitin supplement, even if I bury them under her kibble so  I know she likes them.  She seems to be getting up from the floor with less effort and overall engages in playing a little more.  She wags her tail more too showing a renewed energy from before we started this trial.  I am on the website reordering so I can continue to enjoy the company of my energetic baby girl on our outdoor adventures.
| 10/14/2019 8:00 PM
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Dog Treats: I ordered the dog treats taking a chance on our fussy eater using them. They came today and she loved them! She scrounged around getting every little crumb off the floor! From that I take it she liked them (and how!) Thanks you so much for making this product for dogs as she suffers from diabetes, as well as other problems. Any relief she can get from her pain will be much appreciated by both the dog and us. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Betty J. | 7/24/2019 8:00 PM
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An amazing miracle
My dog is 14 years old and I give him one sometimes two a day for joint inflammation and it works. He can still jump on the couch and get up the stairs without help. He still loves going to the dog park and it?s hard to get him to leave, he wants to stay longer to keep chasing after his tennis ball.
Rebecca | 6/19/2019 8:00 PM
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Dog loves them
We have a rambunctious 18-month-old English Bulldog puppy.  We also live in Oklahoma, where the severe weather has been crazy this year.  We started giving Oliver the treats during the severe weather season and he has done really well through thunderstorms, tornado sirens and hail.  These are something we're always going to have on hand.  If there were kitty treats, we'd get them for our cats for sure.
| 6/9/2019 8:00 PM
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My Dog Stopped Vomiting!
My wiener dog was vomiting every night, even with the most sensitive stomach foods or homemade foods.  From the very first day of having one of these treats, there has been zero episodes of vomiting.  I give her one, twice a day now.  My Chiweenie dog always has to get what she gets, so I've given them to him at the same time.  I didn't expect it to do anything for him, but after over a year of him constantly digging in his ear and whining in pain (lots of vet visits, ear cleanings and drops that never helped) we have noticed only ONE time of scratching his ear.  I am not sure if it's just lowering the inflammation or what the explanation is there, but the only difference was these treats (also one bone twice a day.)   I didn't actually expect it to help either one of them, but when you're desperate for a cure, you try anything.  I'm very pleased!
Barbara | 4/30/2019 8:00 PM
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Bad Arthritis
They seem to be helping my 13 year old husky. She seems much more active when on them. Will buy again!
Robert | 12/17/2018 7:00 PM
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