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Creating a Morning Routine with CBD

CBD products are being used more widely around the world. Its anti-inflammatory properties seems to help improve cognitive function including anxiety and depression issues, even Alzheimer's and MS. For anxiety, benzodiazepineswere traditionally prescribed. These medications unfortunately can have undesirable side effects. Taking THC free CBD can regulate many key functions in the body. Using CBD no THC could downplay the inflammatory responses in our body that triggers many of these diseases. CBD has been shown to modulate neurotransmitters in the brain, stimulating or depressing them as needed to create a state of homeostasis or balance.

What is CBD and is it Legal?

The main two cannabinoidsare THC and CBD. CBD oil makes you healthy without the high typically associated with THC. CBD no THC is a way to get the medicinal benefits of cannabis without having to sacrifice your mental state. Industrial hemp is very high in CBD but very low in THC. A 4000mg CBD tincture is recommended for people who require sure-fire relief as quickly as possible. 4000mg CBD is the maximum CBD tincture dosage available, and the fastest way to receive the benefits without a delay. Many people take CBD oil as a staple part of their morning routine.

The oil is taken sublingually under the tongue; this is a great way to absorb CBD quickly into the bloodstream. It offers fast relief for pain and inflammation. Topicals, balms and creams are great way to get pain relief from joint and muscle pain. CBD is also available as edibles which are a delicious way to consume the substance. CBD gummies are available as well in a variety of fruity flavors. Many people find the relief they need and an overall feeling of well-being by taking just one or two CBD gummies daily.


 CBD products are also available in pill or capsule form. This is a no-frills way to take THC-free CBD and know the exact dosage amount consumed.


 CBD Morning Routine


Start by taking between 25-50 milligrams of CBD. The higher end of the spectrum is 4000mg CBD oil, which is only recommended for severe pain relief. You need to adjust it according to your symptoms. Increase or decrease as you need it. CBD is technically a food product. For most adults 1 mg per kg is acceptable. Some may require as much as 10mg per kg in extreme cases.


It is recommended to start with the standard serving size listed on the bottle. It is best to take CBD in the morning because of its activating effects. If taken before bed, your sleep should be deeper and more rejuvenating with less tossing and turning.

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