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Using CBD to Improve Your Fitness

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a chemical derived from the hemp plant. In the human body, it fits into receptors that impact our nerves. CBD is showing great promise as a treatment for anxiety and depression. It has also been remarkably effective in treating epilepsy and even Parkinson's Disease. Its most common use is for pain relief. This has made it a useful all-natural pain reliever for athletes. Can it help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals? Let's look at the facts.

CBD Oil tincture in gym with people working out

CBD and Focus

If you struggle with scattered thoughts or anxiety, bodybuilding with CBD can grow more than muscles. In addition to enjoying the benefits of CBD pain relief, you can use quality THC-free CBD products to bring clarity to your mind. Anxiety gets in the way of everything. You will struggle to make decisions, second-guess yourself constantly, and have a hard time getting started because you're not sure of your goals. CBD, particularly in microdose delivery, can prevent this. Getting in shape is hard work, and it takes commitment in every aspect of your life. From sleeping well to eating right to working out regularly, you're going to need to focus to get and stay in shape. CBD can help you shed the burden of anxiety and get moving up the ladder of fitness. The next rungs will become clear as you determine the best dosage for you.

How to Work Out With CBD

Muscle growth is inherently uncomfortable, but if your pain level is impacting your ability to do the basics of daily life, it may be time to back off. Keep a package of CBD 1000mg gummies in your private stores for the worst days and take a dose during your downtime. Remember that oral, sublingual doses, and vaping doses enter the body the fastest but last the shortest amount of time.

For consistent pain relief, split your dose up to give yourself a break at various points in the day. If you're accustomed to a 1 mg dose before bed, carry your bottle and take .25 mg in your coffee or under the tongue at various points in the day. By reducing the dosage, you can maintain pain relief without making yourself sleepy.

Best Way to Take CBD

Older man getting massage with CBD lotion

CBD Topical:

Many struggling with muscle soreness have good luck with CBD Topicals. These come in the form of a salve or lotion.

To use a CBD topical, first consider where your pain is coming from. If your head hurts, CBD on your temples may make for a nice massage. However, if your headache is coming from neck tension, your application to the temples may only provide temporary relief.

Make sure you carefully clean the area before applying the topical. You want maximum absorption to get the best use from your CBD investment. Get hair and clothing out of the way, as the carrier oils and lotions can stain your garments. Once you've washed your hands, apply a bit to your fingers and carefully massage it into the sort muscle or joint. Be thorough; you really want to work the area to get as much product from your hands to the affected area. Give it 20 minutes and apply a second dose if needed.

When you're done with your topical application, give it time to dry and thoroughly wash your hands. If your cannabidiol topical has any citrus in it, you don't want it around your eyes.

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CBD Oil:

If you're struggling with overall pain and inflammation, you may have better luck with a dose of CBD oil under the tongue. This dosage is quickly absorbed by the body. It can help in the evening for deep, restful sleep, and a reduction in anxious thoughts

To use a CBD oil tincture, simply put up to 1 ml under your tongue. Hold it there for 60 seconds, rinse your mouth and brush your teeth. While a CBD interaction is rare, some people do suffer a reaction to the carrier oil.

Carrier oils can come in a variety of flavors. Some people prefer peppermint, while others enjoy other flavors. If you're sensitive to certain flavors, try a .5 milligram dosage under the tongue and monitor how your mouth feels. If you have any tingling or discomfort, spit out the CBD oil and consider adding your CBD tinctures to a cup of coffee or a smoothie. Again, monitor your reaction. You don't want to irritate your mouth or your digestive tract while you try to get rid of your muscle pain.

CBD Edible:

CBD Gummies are a great option to include in your routine if you need a focus break or a snack in the middle of the day. When it's time to figure out your dosage, start with a lower dosage and then increase if necessary.

It's important to note that pain relief occurs when the CBD plugs into your nerve cells and your endocannabinoid receptors. If you go with gummies, this will take between 30 and 90 minutes to impact your receptors, as it has to go through digestion. It will likely last longer than CBD Tinctures taken under the tongue, but it will tak more time to kick in.

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CBD Doesn't Make You High

It is important to note that, while cannabinoids come from the hemp plant, there's a big difference between cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC is the product found in marijuana that causes euphoria or a feeling of elevation and disconnection, also known as getting high. Cannabidiol can soothe anxiety, reduce nerve pain and help you focus away from distractions, but it doesn't create euphoria.

CBD Dosage is Personal

Once you find a reputable THC-free source of cannabidiol products, pay attention to how your body reacts to it. If you have a lot of pain and inflammation, you may get instant relief from a tincture under the tongue, but the results may be short-lived compared to ingesting CBD Gummies, which will take longer to make a difference but last longer. Taking a gummie dosage 90 minutes before bedtime may help you enjoy pain-free sleep all night.

Dose with caution at the start. If you want to use CBD Topicals on sore muscles, test a spot of skin inside your elbow to make sure that you're not going to have an uncomfortable skin reaction. If this skin can tolerate the topical, you will likely be able to apply the product anywhere.

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The science around the benefits of CBD is a source of great hope for many. Those who suffer with chronic pain, debilitating anxiety, tremors and seizure disorders are the obvious example. But CBD is also proving useful for healthy active people as well. If you're working to reduce your post-workout pain, CBD might be the answer. Reducing your soreness without lowering your quality of life can be a game-changer. Start with small doses and monitor your pain level and energy level. You might find that CBD is just what you needed for your body and fitness goals.



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