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How To Avoid Fake CBD Oils

Avoid-buying-fake-cbd-productsCBD was first legalized in late 2018 as a result of the passing of the2018 Farm Bill. This legislation formally removed CBD from the Food & Drug Administration's list of prohibited drugs, allowing for the compound to be legally sold in the United States.

What the legislation didn't do was create any of the necessary regulations and consumer protections that are common with so many other supplements.

 As a result, many CBD company's quickly sprouted that were less than truthful with their ingredients and compounds. Sadly, these problems still exist today.

Fortunately for consumers, there is good news: With appropriate attention, you can ensure that you only buy high-quality CBD oils and avoid fake ones.

Just How Prominent Are Fake CBD Products?

If a study from a few years ago is to be true, it is a real problem.

In 2017, the University of Pennsylvania conducted a ground breaking study that examined the accuracy of CBD products when compared to their labels. Since there are no governmental regulations or testing on the product, companies were largely left to their own devices about how accurate the labeling on their ingredients is.

The results, unfortunately, were horrifying: Of the 84 products tested, nearly 70% were mislabeled in some way, meaning too much of an ingredient, too little, or ingredients presented that weren't listed. 

This included major ingredients, like THC. The study concluded that more regulation was needed in the area of CBD.

The good news - such as it is - is that times have changed and the situation has improved. CBD is no longer quite the same "wild west" atmosphere that it once was. Engaged consumers have become savvy to these problems and have thus taken additional steps to protect themselves when purchasing CBD. 

lack-of-fda-regulationsLack Of FDA Regulations

The United States Food & Drug Administration is still promulgating regulations on CBD, including testing and labeling requirements. Until such time that these regulations are made available.

Many companies are largely free to do unethical things that may mislead customers, including mislabeling CBD. Without a more robust enforcement system, the FDA will struggle to regulate bad actors in this space.

The FDA does have some regulations on the subject: Companies cannot make any definitive medical claims about what CBD can and cannot do. They also cannot claim to have certain levels of CBD when none exists. Indeed, the FDA has cited companies that have violated this prohibition.

Specific Strategies For Consumers

Despite the lack of governmental controls, there are still plenty of things that consumers can do in order to protect themselves from fake CBD oils.

Certificate of Analysis

Certificates of Analysis have become very popular ways in which CBD companies can prove that they are trustworthy to customers. Reputable CBD companies will pay third-party vendors to test their CBD products and then list the results of that test on everyone of their products. This shows that a company is being honest about what is actually in their CBD. 

Given the problems that the FDA has in enforcing widespread CBD regulations, it seems prudent for customers to only purchase CBD products when a company offers a certificate of analysis.



Many concerns or questions about a CBD vendor can be asked with a simple Google search. A search on a product should tell you a variety of things, including:

-If any complaints have been lodged against the company in question

-Customer's satisfaction levels

-How quick the company is to respond to questions or concerns

-Their refund policy

-If a company has been cited by the FDA for any CBD-related violations

Such reviews also have the added bonus of giving a customer more information about a company in general, as well as providing more info about a specific CBD product that you are interested in using.


When it comes to CBD, transparency is key. Check out a CBD vendor's website, and see just how much information they give about their product. This should include:

-The source of their hemp

-Their manufacturing process

check-for-reliable-sources-The expertise and credentials of the people that own and operate all of their facilities

If a company fails to list that, then it may have something to hide.

Purchase In Reliable Stores Or On Websites

There are virtually no limits on where CBD can and cannot be sold. As a result, you can go almost anywhere and purchase the product. You can also purchase it on virtually any website.

If you are going to buy CBD in person, it is better to purchase it in a specialty store, grocery store, or drug store. This is because this store is more likely to have seriously vetted the product and have staff on-hand to answer questions about the CBD product.

Another store - like a gas station or roadside rest stop - may not be able to answer questions and will likely have given a product a less thorough review than another store.

CBD can be purchased on any website, and many of these websites are unquestionable able to sell you high-quality CBD. Just make sure that they meet the criteria above.

Ask Staff For More Information

Staff should be able to answer questions about the CBD you are buying, as this means that they have been trained to only sell you CBD products that meet your needs. As such, if you have questions, ask.

find-a-trustworthy-businessA staffer may not be able to answer specific questions about a CBD product, but they should at least have a familiarity with CBD in general. 

If they cannot answer basic questions, consider purchasing your CBD elsewhere. If you are dealing with a website, call the phone number or e-mail the vendor. They should respond to you in a reasonable amount of time with any questions that you may have. 

In Conclusion

The CBD market unquestionably has more maturing to do, but there is good news: There is no shortage of vendors out there that value your business and your safety. As such, they strive to ensure that they only sell you the best CBD that is available today. 

Make sure to do your homework when purchasing CBD, and only buy from vendors that prove their dedication towards selling you high-quality CBD. 

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