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How Much CBD Do I Take? Finding the Perfect Dose

Scientists are still struggling with the issue of determining the right dosage of CBD for human consumption. Extraction from its natural form and its usage face many legal limitations. Hence, you face challenges when you want to find out the right dosage. Read along to find a guide that could help solve your problem.


How CBD Works


CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is an extract of the hemp plant. This natural extract does not have THC- thus, it does not intoxicate. THC-free CBD has the potential to solve several medical problems.


According to Medical News Daily, research has shown CBD's response to the following:

' Taking CBD up to 3 times every day in the form of a vape pen treats anxiety

'Applying topical 3 times every day alleviates arthritic pain

'Using it in high doses a few hours before going to bed can induce sleep. Low doses may keep you awake

' It can reduce pain naturally


Factors That Determine the Dosage


'Bodyweight: The dosage increases or decreases proportionally. People with more weight need high doses of CBD to achieve the right effects. Those with less weight need only little treatments for their bodies to pick

' The Ailment that you are treating: It determines the effects that you desire to feel. A person with pain needs the right dosage to eliminate the pain. If the condition is acute, you require higher doses and vice versa.

' How your body reacts: At first, you are not sure about the ability of your body to tolerate CBD. With time, it develops ability and gets used to the supplement.

'The concentration of CBD: This is the strength of CBD in the product. For many people, there is a thin line between concentration and dosage. Dosage is the amount of CBD in a serving, while concentration is what the whole product contains.

Apart from these factors, there are other determinants. For example, the time the CBD takes in your mouth. Allowing CBD to rest in the mouth for some time before swallowing is likely to facilitate quick absorption. That way, you get more of this product into your bloodstream.


How to Calculate CBD Dosage


Finding the right CBD dosage can be difficult. Experts are saying weight has a lot to do with finding correct dosing. Below is how to base CBD dosage off of weight.


Dosage for Light Weight People


This category involves individuals who weigh 130 lbs and below. If such people desire mild effects, they should target taking not more than 11 mg of CBD per serving. The recommended dosage is 14mg for moderate effects and 17mg for stronger effects.


Dosage for Medium Weight Group


The weight classification for this group falls between 130 and 230 lbs. For CBD to have powerful effects, the right dosage should be a maximum of 27mg and a minimum of 24mg. Dosage is 18 or 23 for mild and moderate effects, respectively.

The heavyweight group needs about 45 mg of CBD to get relief from symptoms such as severe pain. These people weigh more than 230 lbs. Any dosage below 23 mg cannot have even the mildest effects in their bodies. However, any dosage between 24mg and 30 mg can have moderate impacts on them.


Dosage Guide for Different Products


CBD topicals are products that you can use externally. Lotions, creams, salves are examples of topicals that enter the body through cannabinoid receptors on the skin. Some of the conditions that CBD topicals help to relief include the following:

' Pain around joints

' Muscle aches

' Bee and wasp stings

Stress relief expert on Tuck further explains that it is not easy to limit dosage on topical, but manufacturers optimize the concentration. Most CBD topicals in the market have CBD concentrations of below 1500m, which is the acceptable level for the human body. The least concentration is around 250 mg.

CBD tinctures can have concentrations ranging from 1000mg to 4000mg of CDB in 30 ml bottles. Usually, you do not consume the whole bottle at once, but in little servings of 1 milliliter. If you divide 4000 mg with 30 ml, you find that 1 ml of the CBD tincture has a concentration of 134 mg.This dosage is within the acceptable daily levels. 

You can take this amount using a dropper or mix it with your favorite drink.

CBD gummies are another form of edible CBD. You take a more natural approach with these products since they come with their CBD dosage clearly indicated. As for the number of CBD gummies, you need to chew, that would be at your discretion. Even then, it is always wise to consult your doctor for accuracy and safety.


What Amount of CBD Is Too Much?


You should personalize your dosage. Every individual requires varying doses depending on their individual needs. Start small if you are a first-timer like 5mg daily for the first seven days. Increase doses gradually to 10mg if you do not experience adverse reactions.

You may only start with a higher dosage if symptoms are severe. Taking more than 1000mg of CBD is not unheard of. Research has shown the human body can tolerate up to 1500mg without any adverse effects, though that would be considered a very high dosage.

However, instructions by a trusted physician are necessary to be sure that it is safe. Also, to eliminate any risk of interfering with any pharmaceutical treatment. 



Why You May Fail to Realize the Full Effect of CBD


Despite using CBD products, you may fail to achieve the real effect that you intend to have. THC-free CBD has effects that differ from one individual to another. According to an article by Alphagreen Team on Medium, here are some of the reasons:

' Failure to get the right dosage


' Too much body fat that diverts most of the CBD in the body

' Inability to choose the right CBD products


Involve your Physician


All the factors in this guide are useful in helping you to get the right dosage. However, you can never ignore the role of your physician. The doctor will guide you through your dosage and help you arrest any possible side effects.

The side effects may come from combining CBD with prescription drugs in your body. In case there are underlying problems that you have never known before, the doctor should be able to detect them. The consequent advice will consider those discoveries.




CBD exists in the market in many forms. We may not have a comprehensive guide to what the correct dosage should be, but we believe we have helped to shed some light. A combination of our guide and your sole discretion will definitely provide you with the answer that you are looking for.

Remember, you are not using CBD as a drug but as a supplement. Despite not lacking FDA approval, there are no severe side effects so far. According to Healthline, Some of the known possible side effects of CBD include fatigue, fluctuations in appetite, weight changes, and diarrhea.

So get your supplement with confidence- it could be just what you need right now to achieve stress relief. Remember, you can always count on Eden's Herbals to bring you the highest quality CBD products at the most affordable price.


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