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How CBD Oil Works in the Body

CBD oilCBD has been gaining popularity, due to its purported health benefits. You may have heard about CBD but you're not quite sure about its effects on the human body. This article will not only explain how it affects your body but also some of its benefits and uses.

What is Hemp-Derived CBD?


Cannabis is a very complex plant, having more than 500 compounds. Cannabidiol or CBD is just one of many, commonly believed to have medicinal benefits. A CBD oil extraction method is used to extract the compound from the industrial hemp plant.

The safest way to extract hemp oil is by using the CO2 extraction method. CBD products can then be made into CBD oil tinctures by adding it to a carrier oil like MCT coconut oil. CBD became popular due to claims that it can reduce anxiety, help with pain management, and help with serious conditions, such as epilepsy or cancer.

Be sure not to confuse CBD with its popular counterpart tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another compound of the hemp or marijuana plant that creates a "high" when you ingest it. Unlike THC, CBD is actually not psychoactive so it will not alter your mind when you take it. Some full spectrum CBD tincture products may contain up to .3% THC.

When looking for high-quality CBD tinctures or gummies make sure the company can supply a lab test showing the CBD purity.

How does CBD work?


Within our bodies is a system of receptors that respond to CBD and THC, known as our endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for how you respond to cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

Unfortunately, while there have been many claims about the effects of CBD, there is still research that needs to be conducted to discover all of the benefits of this compound. Fortunately, within the last few years, more studies are starting to discover how effective it is.

But, how did researchers discover CBD's effect on the body in the first place?

While studying the effects of cannabinoids in rats, researchers discovered receptors in its brain that only reacted to cannabis compounds. This area of the brain was responsible for functions such as memory, emotion, and coordination.

Half a decade later, further research in this area leads to the discovery of more cannabinoid receptors that affected the immune system and peripheral tissues throughout the body.

A few years later, researchers discovered that these receptors were not only in found in rats but also humans. These receptors became known as C1 and C2.

Scientists wanted to explore the relationship between the cannabinoid receptors in our body and the ones found in the cannabis plant, such as CBD and THC. They've discovered that when these receptors are triggered, they will produce different responses throughout the body.

CB1 receptors


These receptors are one of the most common receptors in your nervous system and are necessary for a healthy functioning brain. Their location in your brain determines what they will impact - they can affect your memory, your mood, or your response to pain. They can also be found in your body and affect hormone production, your heart health, or digestion.

CB2 receptors


These receptors are most commonly found on cells in our immune system. Once stimulated, they can affect inflammation within your body or even how your body fights disease. This is beneficial for people who will take CBD for immune disorders or need to combat inflammation due to arthritis.

Why is CBD beneficial for our health?


Over time, our body will start to deteriorate, causing a decline in health. However, endocannabinoids help us slow down this decline. When CBD binds with your CB1 or CB2 receptors, it improves its functionality. Therefore, if your body is in need of cannabinoids, taking CBD can help get rid of this deficiency in your endocannabinoid system, helping to again reach a balance in your body.

The Benefits of CBD



Managing Acute or Chronic Pain


CBD has a long history of being used to treat pain but scientists have only recently studied its effects in a lab. Researchers studied CBD's effects on managing arthritis pain in rats. They used a topical gel that was applied for 4 days.

During this time, they discovered that the rats had a significant decrease in inflammation and pain. However, more studies need to be conducted with humans to confirm their analysis.
CBD Gummies, CBD Tinctures or CBD Oil Vapes

Although there are minor differences, the delivery of CBD into the body is just a really personal preference. Some CBD delivery methods work faster than others and some methods may taste better.

  • CBD Tinctures - Not as tasty as gummies but works quickly within 15 to 20 minutes
  • CBD Gummies - Results are slower about 45 minutes to 2 hours but taste great.
  • CBD Vapes - Fast results, within a few minutes, but may have limits on where vaping is allowed.

Reducing Anxiety


There are several studies that have conducted research on CBD's effect on anxiety. In some studies conducted with rats, it was effective in reducing stress.

Also, it may be effective in treating both social anxiety and PTSD as well. It could help with thinking about negative memories, insomnia, or nightmares. Participants in this study were either given 400 mg of CBD or a placebo. Those who received the cannabinoid showed reduced anxiety.

Quitting Smoking


Have you tried to stop smoking but it feels impossible to quit? According to this study,CBD oil may be what you need to kick the habit. Twenty-four participants were told to take CBD whenever they had the urge to smoke. The study lasted for a week and researchers found that those who were given CBD instead of the placebo reduced the number of cigarettes that they smoked by 40%.

Reducing Seizures


CBD has shown promising results for people with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome - two forms of epilepsy that are hard to treat. This treatment has been so effective for these two forms of epilepsy that Epidiolex, a prescription form of CBD, has been approved by the FDA.

Although people with these forms of epilepsy will still experience seizures, when people take CBD with other anti-seizure medications, the amount that they experience is greatly reduced. During one particular study of the drug Epidiolex, participants saw a decrease in seizures between 30 and 63 percent.

Alleviating Cancer Symptoms


While there still needs to be research about the correlation between CBD and cancer treatment, it may be beneficial in managing symptoms that occur from cancer and its treatment.

CBD should be used in conjunction with other forms of cancer treatment. There are several benefits that people have experienced by taking CBD.

First, taking CBD may help increase your appetite and decrease nausea. Also, CBD has been said to reduce inflammation that causes pain by triggering your CB2 receptors.

Reducing Acne


Do you suffer from acne? There's some evidence that suggests that CBD may be helpful, depending on the type of acne that you have. CBD oil is anti-inflammatory and may also decrease the amount of sebum (think oily skin) that your skin produces. Also, CBD could have the ability to prevent cytokines that may create trigger acne.

Although researchers have discovered this, the studies are still new and more evidence will be needed before doctors can recommend that you add CBD oil in your skincare routine.

Reducing High Blood Pressure


During a study, nine male participants were either given a placebo or 600 mg of CBD. Their cardiovascular system was monitored they saw a decrease of about 6 mm Hg.

Because there is a positive correlation between stress and cardiovascular disorders, CBD's calming effects could be the reason for this result. More research will be needed in the future to really analyze its role in treating diseases like hypertension.




There are many studies that show the effectiveness of dietary supplement CBD. There are many ways it can benefit the body and it's helpful to understand how it works before deciding to use it for treatment or replace your prescription medications. Thanks to your endocannabinoid system, taking CBD may give you benefits such as reducing inflammation, managing anxiety, or even controlling seizures. Research is still ongoing but so far, CBD may be a safe and effective treatment for many issues.

CBD has not been approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat or cure any illness.All of the articles on this site are written by 3rd party content providers, expert bloggers or Doctors not directly affiliated with Eden's Herbals. Individuals should learn the risks and side effects prior to taking CBD.Make sure to always check with a medical professional before starting any new CBD treatment or medication.

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