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CBD Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is your CBD legitimate?


A.Yes our CBD is legit. We use a CBD manufacturer out of Colorado that we have verified. We have the lab reports to prove the CBD is 99% pure. Our goal, as you can see with our website, is to grow our product line and gain a strong customer base of repeat business. You can’t do that by selling fake products. Most fake product sellers you will find on e-commerce sites like eBay. This is because they can hit and run. Make sure the CBD seller has a website that they are putting work into, like articles, blogs etc. CBD is expensive due to its extraction methods, so if you see someone selling 6000 mg of CBD tincture for $19 it's bogus.




Q. Why are CBD products so expensive?


A. The process to extract CBD is expensive. Manufacturers also need to have the CBD lab tested which is also not cheap.




Q. Can I see your lab report?


A. Absolutely yes! It is a multi-page report that outlines the CBD purity and that it is free of solvents. You can view it here Lab Report.




Q. Why are your Tinctures not bitter like others?


A. Most tinctures are extracted using a catalyst like alcohol. The problem with this method is two-fold. Not only does it taste very bitter, but you also have no idea how much CBD you are actually paying for. Tinctures that state they are 1000 mg have no way of knowing that is accurate without a lab test. We do our Tinctures a bit different. We use MCT Coconut Oil as a base and add the 1000 mg of CBD to each bottle. This ensures you get a great tasting product with the proper dosage of CBD.




Q. Is there any THC in your products?


A. Our full spectrum tinctures are the only products that contain .03% or less THC. All other products are THC-free.



Q. Do you offer Discrete Shipping?


A. Absolutely! Every single order is processed and shipped using discrete shipping methods. You will receive a blank padded envelope or box which will include only a shipping label from "Edens Herbals".




Q. Is there any issues with melting gummies?


A. During the hot summer months the gummies sitting on mail trucks or in your mail box may melt. We are doing everything we can from rapid shipping to ice packs to combat this problem. If your gummies melt we will resend them. To avoid this problem you could try our Tinctures as they contain the same CBD.




Q. Do you ship to Canada?


A. No, due to long shipping delays and strong custom regulations by Canada Post we had to suspend shipping to Canada.




Q. Do you ship outside the USA?


A. No, We have learned that tracking packages is required and not all international carriers provide shipping. Using carriers like UPS or DSL is just too expensive for such small packages.




Q. How long does it take to get my order?


A. Most packages are fullfilled at our facility within 24 hours.Orders taken on Saturday or Sunday will go out in Mondays mail. Packages shipped for free using first class shipping usually arrive withing 4 to 5 days. Priority shipping is usually 2 to 3 days depending on location. There is no post during USPS holidays and will ship on the next business day.




Q. Do you provide customer support?


A. Yes, customer support via Phone, email and Live Chat are available 9 am - 5 pm eastern time.




Q. How can I get a new customer discount coupon code?


A. Sign up for the newsletter for 10% off coupon.




Q. There was no instructions included with the product?


A. If the instructions are not listed on the label, you can find them on each product page. Each product page shows the specifications, ingredients, dosage, special instructions and any other product information needed.




Q. Has the FDA approved CBD?


A. No, the FDA has not approved CBD to diagnose, treat or cure any illness. Individuals wanting to use CBD should learn the risks and side effects. Ask your doctor if CBD is safe for you to use.