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The Ultimate Guide to CBD Cooking
These days, CBD is one of the hottest supplements on the market. But what’s all the hype about?
CBD is popular for it’s potential benefits. CBD is also very versatile. It can be taken as a tincture, pill, cream, edible, and more.
It seems that everyone is looking for new ways to take CBD. It's only natural that many people are wondering; can you cook with cbd oil? CBD has become a popular ingredient as it allows you to cook tasty foods while also getting your daily dose of CBD.
Ready to start your CBD cooking adventure? Keep reading for tips, tricks, and recipes so that you can start cooking with CBD today!
Why Should I Cook With CBD
1. It's new and exciting - just like CBD. Cooking with CBD oil gives you a chance to try something brand new and integrate a new and challenging ingredient into your pantry.
2. Consume your CBD in a way that is part of healthy and unique diet. Many people take their CBD in the form of gummies or other sweet treats. While these types of CBD edibles can be very tasty, cooking with CBD gives you better control over how you consume your CBD. The options are limitless!
3. Share your love of CBD with others. If you enjoy CBD and want to help others understand what the hype is about, make them a CBD recipe that they will enjoy!
9 Tips and Trick for Cooking With CBD
As much fun as cooking with CBD can be, there are some basic tips you should adhere to - particularly if you are just starting out.
1. Start with flavorless CBD: Pre-flavored CBD can create problems because you don't know how the flavors in the CBD will break down when cooked or added to your recipe. It is always better to start with regular, plain CBD, then add your own flavors as you cook.
2. Use tinctures or CBD isolate powder: This probably goes without saying, but you should only cook with edible forms of CBD such as oil or isolate powder. It is relatively easy to control the dosage and the oil or powder can easily mix with many different foods. Use isolate powder if you do not want the CBD to affect the flavor of the recipe you are creating.
3. Go with low heat: Some experts recommend you don't use heat higher than 320 degrees, as there are concerns that higher heat can result in you losing all of the impacts of CBD. This may alter your recipes or cooking time, so plan accordingly. For when you add heat, make sure not to directly heat the CBD with a heat source - this will cause the CBD to completely break down.
4. Stir often: This will keep the CBD's temperature cool and ensure that it doesn't break down prematurely.
5. Less is more: Don't think that, just because there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of CBD in a recipe, that you need to add a ton to the product. Remember, as a general rule when it comes to CBD, less is more. If you find that you want or need more CBD, you can always add more later, but it's always better to start slow.
6. Be cautious with alcohol: One of the more common misnomers of CBD is that it will somehow get you high or lead to some sort of intoxication. This is not true: CBD cannot get you high. However, that is not to say that it has no physiological impacts on you or your health.
7. Always check the lab results: Unfortunately, there are many bad CBD actors out there who don't want to sell you high-quality products - they just want to make money. A 2017 study from the University of Pennsylvania found that nearly 70% of CBD products were mislabeled. Thankfully, high-quality CBD vendors provide lab results from an independent laboratory that confirms the contents of their CBD products. Always check these results before cooking with any CBD product.
8. Use in conjunction with a fat: Butter or oil work well here. This is often recommended because CBD is fat-soluble, and your body is thus more likely to absorb CBD if you take it with a fat of some sort.
9. Remember – the CBD will not work immediately: The speed at which you feel the effects of CBD are directly related to the method of consumption. Ingestion takes the longest time for you to feel the impact, as the CBD has to travel through your stomach and liver before hitting your bloodstream. This means that you will have to be patient as you wait to feel its impact from consuming food made with CBD.
Best Types of CBD to Cook With
Cooking with CBD Powder
Isolate powder is our favorite form of CBD cooking powder. It comes as a concentrated powder, so a little bit can go a long way. It is tasteless and odorless which makes it a very easy ingredient to add to your food without affecting the flavor profile. And best of all, it is one of the most cost effective forms of CBD on the market!
CBD Cooking Oil
CBD oil is another great choice for cooking. Most CBD oils have a fairly neutral flavor profile and are infused into healthy fats like MCT oil. CBD oil is easy to measure out in exact doses, often coming with a dropper that will handle the measurements for you with no extra equipment needed. CBD Oil comes in a variety of concentrations but we recommend choosing a stronger oil as it’s more cost effective and using too much oil could start to impact your recipes flavor.
Cooking with CBD Flower
Cooking with CBD buds or flowers can be tricky. The most common method is to slow cook the flowers in a fat of your choice, strain the mixture, and then use it in your future cooking endeavors.
How is CBD Used in Cooking
Cooking can be a lot of fun, and creativity in the kitchen is encouraged. There is no one single way to use CBD for cooking.
On suggestion is to start with something easier, like a salad dressing. This way, you can get used to cooking with CBD and see if you like it before trying to make a larger dish that is more time consuming and expensive.
Some recommend using CBD Oil with a sweeter recipe in order to balance out its natural flavor. Others recommend leaning into the CBD oil flavor and allow it to stand on its own. The opinions differ, largely depending on taste.
At the end of the day, the best possible advice when it comes to cooking with CBD is this: Do whatever works for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment. CBD recipes and preferences are as varied as individual tastes.
Where Can I Buy CBD Oil for Cooking?
It's very easy to find isolate powder or CBD oil for cooking for sale. We even sell it right here at Eden's Herbals, and we'll ship it directly to your door for free! What's better than buying your CBD products from the comfort of your own home? 
CBD Recipes
Ready to start your CBD cooking and looking for recipes?
Look no further. Eden’s Herbals has compiled an assortment of CBD recipes from hearty appetizers and main courses to delicious deserts. Just keep scrolling down to browse recipes!
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Have an idea for a food you would like to see infused with CBD? Send us an email at and we’ll see what we can do!