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Does CBD Oil Expire? [And How to Make it Last Longer]

Woman using fresh CBD oilThe popularity of CBD Oil has exploded in recent years. This rapid growth has left many users with questions abouthow CBD works.

Among those questions:

Does CBD Oil Expire? How do you know when it's expired? How do you extend its shelf life?

These are all great questions, and luckily, we have the answers!

Does CBD Oil Expire?

The short answer; yes

There is virtually no consumable substance that does not expire at some point. Eventually, it will no longer be safe to consume, or at least not be as effective.

In CBD's case, expired oil is unlikely to make you sick. Most products have nothing that can go bad and actually make you ill. You will simply wind up using a product that has less potency and isn't as effective.

When Does CBD Oil Expire?

Typical CBD oil will not go bad for 1-2 years. But the truth is that there is no set answer and that the answer varies from product to product.

CBD products can come in different formulas, with different ingredients, all of which have different shelf lives and expiration times. CBD can be made with a variety of extraction methods and quality levels.

Since there is no standardized method of manufacturing CBD ' expiration dates are truly variable. One to two years is a good average marker. There are some rules of thumb that can help you determine if your CBD has gone bad.

Woman reading CBD oil labelHow To Tell if CBD Expired

Like most food or drink products, there are some easy ways to tell if a CBD product has expired. These include:

A bad smell: If you have tried CBD before, you know what it should smell like, and if it smells bad, throw it out. If you are new, you may not be sure what the product is supposed to smell like. Do a quick search on the internet, or reach out to a customer service representative to ask.

A funny look: CBD should have a clear, smooth look to it. If it looks foggy, or like there are chunks of a substance in a bottle, it has probably gone bad. 

If it goes beyond the manufacture's shelf life, you should probably throw it out. Fortunately, this usually won't happen for at least a year, so you have plenty of time to use up your CBD. 

A bad taste: When it doesn't have any flavoring to it, CBD will likely have an "earthy," natural taste. When it is flavored, it should, of course, taste like its flavoring. If it tastes different than you expect, let it go. 

Woman using CBD oil tincture for healingHow To Extend CBD's Shelf Life

There are a few good ways to extend the shelf life of CBD.

Most, as you can imagine, involve making sure it is stored properly. When you are done using the product, make sure to securely close the package, keeping out any excess air.

You should make sure to store your bottle of CBD oil or gummies in a cool, dry place, and don't leave it anywhere where it will be directly exposed to sunlight.

Don't put it on a windowsill and don't leave it in your car. Even a kitchen cabinet can get too hot under the wrong circumstances.

Do not refrigerate the product unless the label instructs you to. Room temperature is a safe bet for most products.

It's best to always follow the label instructions about expiration date and how to store the product. This will have more customized, specific instructions that may apply to their CBD brand or type of product. 

Higher-quality CBD products should always have a Certificate of Analysis on the companies website. These Certificates - which should be available either on the bottle or on a company's website - will describe what is in the product.

Man holding flavored and unflavored cbd oil tinctures from eden's herbalsIf a company is wiling to provide a third party analysis, it's more likely that their ingredients are of a higher quality, and likely to last longer.

It's also worth noting that some types of CBD products are more likely to expire early than others. The extraction method and overall quality matter deeply when it comes to extending a CBD's shelf life.

As you can imagine, higher quality products tend to be made of higher quality ingredients that last longer. CO2 extraction typically leads to a longer shelf life.

If you are using a CBD tincture that comes with an eyedropper, be careful that you don't accidentally touch the dropper to your mouth. Doing so - and then putting the dropper back in the CBD pottle - can potentially contaminate the entire CBD bottle, particularly if you are sick.

Woman enjoying natural fresh cbd oilFinal Thoughts

As you have likely learned by now, high-quality CBD is relatively easy to get. This means that you don't need to stockpile your CBD. Instead, just buy the CBD you need, when you need it. This will help to ensure that your CBD is as fresh as possible. 

Last, a product's packaging will also impact how long the product will be good. Darker packages let less light in, and this can help prevent your expensive CBD product from breaking down and going bad. 

Use the tips above, and you should never have a situation where you inadvertently use CBD that has lived past its shelf life. 

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