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What are Carrier Oils and Top 5 CBD Oils

Man and woman on healthy walk with their dogAs the name implies, carrier oils are a carriage mechanism for the phytochemical known as CBD. Though the science behind them can sound complicated, carrier oils are a simple concept. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and then dissolved into these carrier oils, making the CBD easier to use. For CBD products, carrier oils are necessary. Let's explore why this is true.

Why Use Carrier Oils?

1. Enhance CBD Absorption

Carrier oils help to improve the rate of absorption of the CBD in the guts. This is possible because CBD is fat-soluble.

Your body uses two pathways for the absorption of food. One pathway is water-soluble, and the other one is fat-soluble. These pathways are contained in the food absorption unites of the intestinal tract.

Most water-soluble compounds (i.e. common sugars, minerals, and amino acids) are capable of getting directly into the bloodstream via the gut. From this point, the minerals are transported by the blood to the various organs. Fat-soluble substances do not get directly into the bloodstream.

CBD is a fat-soluble substance, but we want it to get into our bloodstream. Getting fat-soluble substances into the bloodstream requires lots of enzymes to break the fats down. These enzymes are prepared and activated when we eat. The taste receptors in the tongue and the mouth send communicative signals to the digestive system. These signals are then interpreted by the digestive system to produce the enzymes.

Taking CBD with other fats helps prepare the body for this process. This effectively increases the amount of CBD that your body absorbs.

open jar of CBD isolate powder from Eden's Herbals2. Measuring Doses of CBD

If you measure the difference between 50mg and 5mg, you will find that the difference is barely noticeable. Fifty milligrams of a very refined CBD is just about the size of a matchstick head.

For this reason, getting doses of, say, 7.5 milligrams would require an extremely precise scale. This exact type of measurement isn't realistic for the average CBD user. CBD is dissolved into carrier oils to solve this problem.

CBD oil tinctures will have a certain amount of CBD per drop so it's very easy to get an exact dosage. You can measure a larger volume of CBD oil with simple household tools such as tablespoons or measuring cups. Many CBD oil tinctures will come with adropperthat can measure out a specific number ofmilliliters.

3. Health Benefits

Carrier oils have a myriad of benefits of their own. For instance, coconut oil is known to be antibacterial and anti-fungal. Some of these oils also are known to improve your levels of HDL. HDL is a healthy type of cholesterol that your body needs. Olive oil has been known to reduce the factors that lead to heart diseases.

Hand holding up a bottle of Eden's Herbals CBD lotion with ocean in backgroundOther benefits of carrier oils include the following.

' Antioxidant benefits

' Provide energy to the body in small amounts

' Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids

Top 5 Choices of Carrier Oil

You will find that different brands of CBD similarly use different oils. Some manufacturers will even mix different carrier oils into one product. This is typically done to produce a special blend and not out of necessity.

Currently, the most popular carrier oils for hemp extractions is called MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride). However, there are many other choices for carrier oils that can be used for CBD. We're only going to look at the top five carrier oils being used. These are:

1. MCT (Coconut/Palm Oil)

MCT oil is derived from palm or coconut oils. It is popular for it's versatility and it's neutral flavor and odor. MCT oil can be consumed or rubbed onto the skin, and provides it's own health benefits. MCT is known to reduce cholesterol, lower blood sugar, and improve brain function. Due to its compact structure, MCT has a high rate of absorption into the digestive system. It's no wonder that MCT is the most commonly used carrier oil in CBD.

2. Hemp Seed Oil

The seeds of the hemp plant can also produce an oil. However, you should not confuse the oil extracted from the hemp plant seeds with the oil extracted from the hemp plant's flowers. The hemp seeds contain no CBD. All of the CBD from hemp is harvested from the leaves.

Despite it's lack of CBD, Hemp seed oil has been voted as an excellent health supplement of its own. It provides benefits such as rich omega-three benefits to the joints, brain, and skin. This also makes it an excellent choice of carrier oil. Many full-spectrum CBD oils utilize hemp seed oil as the carrier.

Assortment of CBD carrier oil choices on outdoor table

3. Oil From Grape Seeds

This oil is known to contain a certain grape flavor. It also contains a high-fat content that is not saturated. This oil is preferred for its anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation capabilities.

Though this oil is harder to find than MTC or hemp seed oil, it is one of the best CBD carrier oils. Most manufacturers prefer it for its high solubility, high absorption rate, and the subtle fruity taste.

4. Olive Oil

Though it is better known for its culinary use, olive oil is another great CBD carrier oil. Olive oil is rich in nutrients like Vitamin E, Vitamin K, iron, phytonutrients, and anti-oxidation compounds.

Since the oil has very long chains of triglycerides, it breaks down slowly. This increases the absorption rate and efficiency of the hemp plant extracts in your digestive system.

The high density in the oil is its the biggest downside. This makes it difficult to dissolve larger quantities of CBD. For this reason, you will probably not find high potency oils using olive oil. This oil is mostly reserved for lower potency products.

5. Glycerin Extracted From Vegetables

Though not technically classified as a carrier oil, vegetable glycerin has many properties that are similar to carrier oils. Glycerin is known to be a great addition to CBD tinctures. It is also used to dilute CBD for more natural consumption and usage.

CBD oil tincture from Eden's Herbals sitting in grassy fieldConclusion

Carrier oils are necessary for the creation of CBD tinctures. They make precise measurements possible, maximize the body's absorption of CBD, and have many health benefits of their own. There are many options for carrier oils with some being more popular than others. Now that you know what carrier oils are and what they do, go ask your CBD provider what they use!