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CBD Eden's Guide to CBD Salves and Lotion


Hand Salves Vs Lotion


Two of the most popular ways for people to get the effects of CBD are with hand salves and lotions. They are both becoming popular in the CBD world. While the two may sound the same - and work very similarly - there are important differences between the two.
Salves are designed to work on cracked skin, skin irritations, callouses, and other hand and feet related problems. More popular hand salves - without the CBD - include brands like Burt's Bees. They are usually sold in small, 3 ounce containers. CBD salves are like other hand salves, but they are usually comprised of CBD and other fatty acids.
Lotions have much broader uses. WebMD notes that lotions can be used on any part of the body. Lotions help dry or rough skin, soothing itches and dealing with minor irritations. Lotions are particularly effective for dry skin.
There are also important differences in terms of the composition between the two. Salves are made of oil and beeswax, which makes the substance harden. Salves have the same texture as lip balm. They contain no water. 
Lotions contain water and an emulsifying agent.  This gives the lotion its more liquid-like consistency. Lotions have more water than oil. Other skin care products, like creams, typically have more oil than water.
These products are meant exclusively for external use, and never to be consumed.

The Critical Role of CBD Hand Salves, Lotions, and Your Endocannabinoid System


CBD is one of the more than 120 types of cannabinoids. Cannabinoids come in two broad types: Those produced in your body, and those which you ingest via products which contain CBD.

CBD will not get you high. It contains no THC, which is the psychoactive component in marijuana. THC is responsible for its intoxicating effects. Both chemicals come from the same source, cannabis plants. They have several different functions.
CBD, or cannabidiol, works by changing the way your Endocannabinoid System operates. Your Endocannabinoid System has up of three parts:
  • Cannabinoid receptors, of which there are at least two types CB1 and CB2.
  • Endocannabinoids, which are the chemicals produced by your body that connect with the cannabinoid receptors in order to produce a reaction.
  • Enzymes which break down endocannabinoids, ending their reaction with your cannabinoid receptors and stopping a reaction.
Your Endocannabinoid System works to keep your body in homeostasis. As such, it assists in the regulation of a variety of bodily functions. Manipulating the Endocannabinoid System can have a significant impact on your body. This includes your general state of being, but it is not without risks or other side effects.
Your body produces cannabinoids, but you can still ingest cannabinoids by taking CBD. CBD works by making your CB1 and CB2 receptors more likely to react to cannabinoids. It creates a variety of different impacts on your body. 
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How to Use the Product

How to use CBD hand salves and lotions depends on the specific type of product you use. Some products claim to be better for some aspects of skin care than others. There are challenges in this field when it comes to accurate medical labeling. The lack of FDA regulation makes it advisable to use caution when starting any new skin care product.
The one thing that does seem certain: When you start using any CBD product, go slow. Doing so ensures that any negative side effect will be minor and manageable. Furthermore, make sure you check the ingredients. Ensure that you don't have an allergy to anything in it. Never use CBD instead a prescription from your doctor.

Potential Side Effects

Because CBD lotions and creams tend to stay in the skin, your risk of suffering side effects is limited. However, that's not to say it doesn't exist. Common side effects of CBD ingestion include dry mouth, sleepiness, changes in appetite, diarrhea and low blood pressure.

There are extra warnings for individuals who are suffering from certain other illnesses:
  •     Research which suggestions that individuals with Parkinson's Disease may have more muscles tremors. They may suffer from higher intensity tremors if they consume CBD. People with Parkinson's should avoid CBD products.
  •     Individuals with liver problems should avoid CBD products. If not, at least consult a doctor first. There is evidence which shows that CBD increases certain types of liver enzymes.
  •     Pregnant or nursing women should not ingest CBD. It is currently unknown what impact CBD will have on a fetus or young baby. This includes skin care products.
It is always advisable to consult with your doctor before taking any CBD product.

The Need for Independent Testing

Independant testing is important from a customer safety perspective. A recent study tested a variety of CBD products and found that an 70% of all products were labelled inaccurately. Unfortunately, this is to be expected.  The cause is the lack of formal regulation by the Food & Drug Administration. As a result, bad actors can sell poorly constructed products with ease.
So, what can you do to protect yourself? Thankfully, this answer is easy. A variety of CBD products opt to undergo independent testing.  This is testing, conducted by a third party. They confirm that the ingredients listed are actually present. Lab-reports can show no other ingredients are present. These CBD lab-reports also show that the dosage of all relevant chemicals is correct. Products which have been independently tested will have a label saying so.
Lab-reports are necessary. It ensures that you know what you are putting into your body. It confirms what the label of your CBD hand salve or CBD lotion says. Independent CBD testing ensures that the CBD dosage is correct. It helps make sure the product of choice is actually marketed correctly. It also ensures that all other ingredients are labelled properly. You will know the product contains no other impurities. This is a virtual requirement for any other product you consume. Independent testing can help to ensure that the product you are using is actually what it claims to be.

What's Better for Me, a CBD Hand Salve or Lotion?

A lotion or salve depends on you. Check the various benefits which each CBD product claims to have. The key difference between a salve and a lotion is the amount of water that each possesses. Moisture will impact your individual comfort level.
There is evidence of CBD assisting with skin care conditions. Yet, there is a lack of research about the specific benefits of CBD hand salves vs. CBD lotions. As such, the best thing you can do is experiment on your own. Use a small amount of each product and see which you like better. Go slowly and start small. Much of the CBD experience seems to be highly individualized. You should take the time to see what works best for you.