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CBD for Appetite

Woman using CBD to increase poor appetiteWhat can't CBD do?


The FDA has confirmed that it can help with a variety of ailments including epilepsy, nausea, anxiety, and depression.

Does CBD Stimulate Appetite?

While it's a well-known fact that marijuana causes an increase in appetite, CBD oil doesn't have such a direct impact. But when added to food or drink, studies have shown that CBD oil can increase appetite.

Many people use CBD to help with loss of appetite, especially when dealing with certain medications or illnesses. People with Crohn's or cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment may use CBD to help with nausea and increase appetite.

Here are some things to consider when looking at CBD oil to treat your appetite issues.

Why Use CBD for Loss of Appetite?

The Washington Post conducted research on how CBD oil affects appetite and spoke to Janice Newell Bissex who is a registered dietitian. Bissex also works as a holistic cannabis practitioner in Melrose, Massachusetts.

Bissex revealed that THC does cause hunger even when your stomach is full due to the hormone ghrelin. However, CBD can't produce the same affect unless added to food or drink.

Woman struggling with no appetiteCBD can boost appetite in a different way once added to foods and beverages or even when taken as a medication.

Bissex says that CBD helps relieve digestive issues like nausea and can also calm your nervous system, as well as your digestive tract.

'If you feel less nauseated, you may eat more. CBD also quells pain, and feeling less pain may also boost appetite,' said Bissex.

Who Uses CBD Oil for Loss of Appetite?

Many holistic practitioners use CBD oil medications to help those dealing with chronic pain, cancer, chemotherapy, IBS, and many other medical issues.

Those dealing with body weight problems may use CBD oil for weight gain.

CBD oil users report that you can add a few drops to any food or drink to increase appetite. Research is still ongoing, but one study found that CBD oil can lead to an increase in appetite and food pleasure.

Does CBD Oil Increase Appetite?

A few studies have shown that cannabinoid oils do help with appetite, but there hasn't been enough research to conclusively say that it will help everyone.

Healthy salad with CBD oilHow to Use CBD for Appetite Loss

If you have issues with your appetite or dealing with medical issues that make it difficult to eat, then CBD could be helpful as a food additive or if taken in medicinal form. There are a few ways to use this to do it.

Add to Food or Drink

Bissex recommends using CBD oil with food or drink by adding a few drops. However, there are also plenty of snacks and other food items that are made with CBD, which could also help with appetite.

CBD Edibles

Some reported that CBD works best in edible form, such as gummies or capsules. These vary in dosage and how they help with nausea, but you can typically find all kinds of CBD edibles available online.

Eat with Omega-3 Fatty Acids

New research has found that CBD may digest better when taken with Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish, hemp seed oil, and nuts offer the best sources of omega fatty acids, but there are also plenty of supplements that offer similar benefits.

Woman using cbd oil tincture for appetiteWhat Else Can You Do?

Your body needs to build muscle and gain energy. Just by going for a walk or lifting some 5-lb weights each day can help you build up your body's strength and metabolism. It's important that anyone increasing their appetite and food intake also work out and exercise.

Should You Take CBD Oil for Appetite Loss?

Nausea, indigestion, and loss of appetite can cause a lot of distress on our bodies. If you want to gain weight and get back your appetite, then CBD oil has a number of benefits to help you out, without adding any chemicals to your system.

Healthy foods like bread and CBD oilWhile more research is needed, it's clear that CBD oil is worth a try for battling nausea and poor appetite. However, there is also a physical and emotional relationship with food that must be addressed. If you're finding that you're underweight or unable to eat due to nausea, then there may be another medication that is beneficial for you.

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