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Natural Sleep Aid For Dogs

Dog sleeping in bed with stuffed teddy bearWhile you can't always skimp on medications, more and more of us are looking for healthier, more natural therapies for our dog's symptoms. And as our dog's age, one of the most common (and overlooked) complaints is insomnia.


As your pup gets older, choosing the best product to help them fall asleep and stay asleep can be overwhelming. This article will look at the best natural remedies for treating your pooch's insomnia - including CBD.

Why Is Sleep Important For My Dog?

Just like humans, dogs need sleep to heal their bodies. When sleeping, dogs reset their biological functions - including their immune and central nervous systems. While puppies and younger dogs don't typically suffer insomnia, it can present significant health challenges to an older dog. Signs your dog may not be getting enough sleep include irritability and anxiety.

Even more importantly, your dog's sleep troubles may also affect your health. In a 2020 study, researchers looked at human and animal co-sleeping habits. They found positive links between dogs' movements at night associated with heightened human movements.

How Long Should My Dog Sleep?

Twelve hours a day is the median sleeping time for most dogs. Another eight hours a day your dog should be spent 'being lazy' or chilling out - but not sleeping. 

Most Common Natural Sleep Aids for Dogs

dog sleeping with eye mask next to an alarm clockThe most common sleep medications for dogs are over-the-counter remedies you can find online or at your pet store. These include:


  • Melatonin: Manufacturers offer melatonin in pill forms and dog treats, produced naturally in dogs' bodies. While Melatonin is a natural alternative and can be helpful in some instances, such as dogs with canine cognitive disorder, melatonin does carry some risks. According to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), some melatonin can be made with xylitol, which is toxic to dogs.
  • Valerian root: A natural herb that carries a low risk for dogs. Some dogs may experience low body temperature if taken at high doses.
  • Aromatherapy: Another safe way to help your dog unwind is using natural oils with a diffuser. Effective oils include chamomile, sage, lavender, and valerian. You can also mist some spray into their sleeping den before bed.
  • Antihistamines: While not natural, antihistamines are widely prescribed for insomnia, usually under veterinarian care. When taken in high doses, antihistamines can be very dangerous to dogs, such as liver and kidney damage.


Why Use CBD As A Natural Sleep Aid For Dogs?

CBD, or cannabidiol, has been used medicinally by humans for thousands of years in the form of cannabis. CBD is one of the two primary compounds found in cannabis. The second compound, THC, is infamous for its psychoactive effect, while CBD carries all the benefits of THC without the intoxicating effect.

Like us, dogs have an ECS (Endocannabinoid System) that regulates biological activity, including sleep. In a study published in 2017, scientists studying insomnia found a link between CBD and 'therapeutic potential for the treatment of insomnia.' This is due to CBD's effects on serotonin levels within the ECS.

How Can CBN and CBG Help My Dog Sleep?

Eden's Herbals CBD CBG CBN Sleep Aid in natureBoth CBN and CBG are among over 100 active compounds found in trace amounts of the cannabis plant. While not the two primary components (THC and CBD), they play a vital role in improving canine insomnia.

Test subjects treated with CBG showed improved relaxation responses and a soothing effect on the digestive tract in one animal study. Combined with CBD, CBN, and CBG, create an 'entourage effect,' whereby your dog receives the most therapeutic sleep benefits. 

When looking at Full-Spectrum CBD Oils, for example, you'll find the entire profile of the cannabis plant in that product. You can also specifically target your pet's sleep needs by purchasing a Sleep Aid Tincture.

Why Purchase a Sleep Aid Tincture For My Dog?

Sleep Aid Tinctures are specifically made to help you and your dog get a good night's sleep. Eden's Herbals, for example, offers a tincture specially formulated with the optimal combination of CBD, CBG, and CBD blended with MCT (fractionated coconut oil) to help your dog sleep through the night.

How Much CBD and Sleep Aid To Give My Dog?

As always, start small and gradually increase the dose as needed. Our CBD dog treats, for example, contain 5 mg of CBD per treat. If your dog is suffering from insomnia, consider giving him one treat at night for a week and see how well he sleeps.

Our Sleep Aid Tincture may be a better option for your dog if you're specifically targeting sleep. Before bed, we recommend a few drops under your dog's tongue at first. You can also mix it with their dinner, eventually going up to 1 ml, as marked on the dropper.

Benefits of CBD Besides Sleep

Dog sleeping with cucumbers on his eyesBesides sleep, your pup will benefit from CBD in the following ways:



Besides CBD, CBN, and CBG, you can add additional changes to your dog's daily regimen. 

1. Increase Their Activity: Most dogs need around 4 hours of 'active time' per day. By increasing your daily walks with them, you'll help them unwind better at night. Dogs typically sleep and loaf most of the day but need four strong hours of play-time.

2. Create A Sleep Routine: Consider sleeping when your dog does, this can keep them in the habit of regular bedtime. By setting a schedule, you create an internal sleep clock that makes it easier for your dog to sleep well. Before bed, give your pet a CBD dog treat or Sleep Aid Tincture.

3. Provide Comfortable Sleep Environment: Comfy bedding situated close to you is ideal. Many dogs enjoy sleeping with you. Keep the room well ventilated and somewhat cool. Turn off all lights to keep the room as dark as possible.

Is CBD Safe?

Yes, CBD is safe. According to The World Health Organization (WHO), CBD is safe and well-tolerated. It would be best if you started with the lowest dose possible. Some side effects include nausea and lethargy.

What to Look For When Purchasing CBD For My Dog

Dog sleeping on his dog bedThe first thing to look for is a Certificate of Analysis, ensuring quality. Our Sleep Aid Tincture has certificates for our CBD and CBG, which verify our ingredients and show you precisely what your dog is ingesting. Additionally, consider looking for organic ingredients when shopping for all-natural remedies. Our CBD is sourced from American-made, organic hemp free of pesticides or chemical solvents.

 If you want to learn more about natural sleep aid for dogs, contact Eden's Herbals at today!

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