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CBD for Pets [Does it Work and What Should I Give Them?]


Dog waiting patiently for a CBD dog treatCannabidiol (CBD) is a hemp and cannabis plant extract. Since it occurs naturally in its parent plant, it promotes relaxation andseveral other benefits, both to animals and humans. It is most commonly taken in the form of CBD oil tinctures and CBD edibles.


Legalizing of CBD


With several debates on legalizing CBD over the years, finally, there are moreguidelineson using it for medical benefits. Although a few regulations are surrounding CBD products' production, veterinarians, and physicians inCBD legal areashave found the products quite beneficial.


There is a lot of information surrounding CBD when it comes to animal wellness. People are mostly trying to understand if it is right, which products are useful, and how one regulates the dosage. While CBD has different intake plans depending on your intended purpose, we hope that this article will make it easier to choose which direction to take.




Unlike CBD, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has psychoactive effects. In short, an animal or human being can get high on THC but not CBD. This highness is responsible for substantial interference with an animal's cognitive brain activities.


On a chemical content level, both CBD and THC have asimilar molecular massof 314.464g/mol and 314.469glmol, respectively. The main difference comes in the molecule's structure. This thus causes a significant difference in how living things respond to both.


The cannabis and hemp plant from which CBD is extracted has less than 0.3% THC, making it safe for human and animal consumption. There are over113 cannabidiol extractsthat are still in the research stage. Currently, CBD is the most trusted for medical benefits.


If you are worried about THC in your CBD products, look for broad-spectrum CBD or Isolate CBD. These products should always be THC-free. Most reputable CBD companies will provide a third-party lab analysis verifying exactly what is in their products.


How CBD works for Pets


Most animals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), originally thought to only appear in the brain. This system, present in both the human body and animals, contains molecules with versatile signaling capabilities. An animal's body has cannabinoid receptors in the skin, bones, fat tissues, kidneys, blood vessels, heart, liver, pancreas, immune cells, gastrointestinal tracts, and skeletal muscles.


Both the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid receptors in pets like dogs work together in processes that affect their mood, immunity, stress levels, sleep, pain, and appetite. Whenever these systems are not working accordingly, the animal experiences anxiety, nausea, arthritis, inflammation, epilepsy, stress, and even cancer.


In general,ECS works with cannabinoidsto maintain an internal body balance. However, ECS can also experience the same stimulation from plant cannabinoids as cannabinoid receptors. They trigger the ECS naturally, causing the beneficial reaction needed to balance a body's internal system.


A dog sitting on a bench next to a bag of Eden's Herbals CBD dog treats

What Are The Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets


CBD oil is an amazing supplement for mental health. Since CBD works naturally with ECS, there are massive benefits that your pets could enjoy from regular dosage as well. Here are some of the conditions that CBD helps to relieve.


Best CBD Oil for Anxiety in Dogs


Different symptomsmight be a sign that your dog has an anxiety problem. From simple ones such as doll fright to constant aggression, excess barking, or other destructive behaviors, you can tell that something is wrong. Pets suffer from separation anxiety, just like children, and sometimes illness anxiety as well.


Since CBD has anti-anxiety properties and helps the ECS regulate internal fright triggers, it perfectly relieves the condition. It calms the nerves, relieving stress, and thus reverses anxiety effects.


An Antibacterial Agent


The University of Queensland, along with other researchers, conducted tests on how CBD is a possible anti-bacteria element. Since antibiotic resistance keeps on increasing, CBD might be a possible remedy.


Such researches use animal models to prove their case, which has worked on several occasions. It is even faster than Vancomycin and Daptomycin, which kill bacteria in six to eight hours. The best part is that with CBD, bacteria are not likely to grow resistant as fast as other drugs.


Happy and healthy dog running through field of flowers

CBD Tincture for Pain


Traditionally, chronic pain in animals is often relieved by steroids, opioids, NSAIDs, and antihistamines. Sadly, these remedies have immense side effects, making the drugs more harmful to the patient.


Since CBD has no 'high' effects such as THC", it is considered a better remedy to the listed drugs. It helps the nerves slow down," thus relieving pain and helping your pet's body return to its normal state.


Studies have shownthat CBD is safe for dogs", and if taken twice daily, it reduces osteoarthritis pains. While some cases might need physiotherapy for better results," CBD effects on pain are undoubtedly significant.

CBD oil tinctures and edibles are the most common form of CBD for pain", but in some cases, a CBD cream or CBD lotion may be your best choice. A lotion will also help with many skin conditions," as they are often combined with other skin-care products such as Aloe Vera.


CBD for Healing


Avulsion", degloving, abrasion, puncture," and incisions are common types of wounds in pets. Burns and firearms are also quite prevalent. In a2018 research"," CBD was noted to have promising results as an oral healing agent in rat wounds.


Animals receiving 10mg of CBD daily for a week showed improvements three days into the treatment. The study concluded that CBD could be used as a possible anti-inflammatory drug"," especially for animals.


CBD for Cancer Treatment


Cancer is caused by abnormal growth of body cells. Just like in humans"," animal cancer is increasing rapidly. Themost common typesinclude abdomen swelling", skin cancer, head and neck, mammary glands, and lymph nodes cancer," which causes nausea and drastic weight loss.


Although there are still many cancer treatment trials for pets", CBD is a proper remedy, especially to ease treatment side effects. These might include nausea and pains. If caught during the early stages," CBD is noted to have possiblereversal effects.


How Veterinarians Integrate CBD


Veterinarians are still figuring out the safest way to incorporate CBD. Traditionally"," most animal doctors have recommended0.1 to 0.5mg/kg twice a day. Some go as high as 8mg/kg now"," with more studies backing the safety of such amounts.


When it comes to how to treat using CBD", veterinarians go for the most available routes. However," oral has proven to be easier on animals and more convenient for veterinarians too.CBD dog treatsare ideal examples of such administrations.


CBD Dosage Guidelines for Pets


Pets will need different dosages in line with the desired results. Since you can't always tell which amount works best and how often it could be appropriate"," you might need to test with your pet before concluding on any options available.


To figure this out"," here are steps that could help:

  1. Administer the first oral dose and wait for your pets' reaction in half an hour.
  2. Take note of how they respond. Is there any effect? Are they calmer"," or did the pain seem to subside?
  3. If there are no effects"," try adding another portion.
  4. You might need to repeat this at least twice to find the perfect amount.
  5. Once you note the right capacity"," retain that as your first dose.
  6. Keep an eye on your pet to see how long the relief lasts before a second dose.


You now have a portion size and a time to administer the dosage.


To make this test-run effective", start with tiny portions, then build it up. Remember that the dosage will change for different types of animals," so what works for your dog might not work for your other pets.


A common starting dosage is 5mg of CBD for every 20-30 pounds of body weight.


What Types of CBD Products Work Best for Pets


CBD dog treats"," oil tinctures or CBD lotions for your dog's dosage are the most available types of products.Oil tincturescome in different bottle sizes plus a dropper that assists in measuring your dosage. You could either give the oil orally or add to your pet's food.


The best product to start with would be either CBD dog treats or a 1000mg CBD Oil tincture. You can find both CBD dog treats and CBD 1000mg here at Eden's Herbals. This will allow you to start with a lower dose of CBD and then increase the dosage if necessary.


CBD gummiesare the most common infused treats", and dogs love them. Other infused treats include candy bites, biscuits, and butter bites. All these types have different CBD concentrations," so try and inquire about them before purchase.


More Research Around CBD for Pets


More veterinary research groups are still looking into how effective CBD could be for our pets. We should expect more info about this with time. As of now"," consider testing for the right dosage to try and relieve your pet's medical conditions.


Are you looking for a proper CBD product for your pet? Eden's Herbals CBD dog treats are currently on sale; buy 2 and get a 3rd bag FREE!Contact us todayfor further assistance.

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