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Benefits of CBD for Pets


CBD Benefits Your Pets Too

The world's gone crazy over CBD since science has acknowledged its power to heal many troublesome ailments. 

Now its benefits may extend to our furry friends as well.

Derived from the hemp plant, CBD is used by people of all ages looking for an alternative to prescription medications and for people looking for an add-on to their current treatment regimen. 

Many people swear by CBD and as research continues, so does the list of conditions that it treats and the excitement that people have. CBD is known to help individuals suffering from conditions such as anxiety, depression, glaucoma, seizures, Multiple Sclerosis, and many other conditions. 

The American Cancer Society even says that CBD/THC combinations may stop the growth/spread of certain types of cancer cells. There is little wonder why CBD is all the talk around the country. 

But, did you know that humans are only one group who can enjoy the exciting positive effects of CBD? If you are a pet owner, it's time to learn the benefits this product offers to your beloved furry friend. It may very well change their life as much as it has impacted your own.

Many pet owners are turning to CBD for their pets. It's safe, all-natural, and works wonderfully to alleviate aches, pains, discomfort, and provides a myriad of additional benefits for most pets. While commonly used on dogs and cats, many other animals may benefit when CBD is chosen as their treatment option.

Hemp plant with chemical symbol for CBDExactly What is CBD?

Good question. Unless you've been living in a cave for the past couple years, you've likely heard talk of CBD on TV, in magazines, and maybe even at the hair salon. You've probably seen stones and banners advertising CBD for sale or heard the discussions concerns THC/CBD legalization. 

But, even with this information, you may not fully understand what CBD is and why the fuss.

We're here to help.

Is CBD Legal in Your State?

Although CBD isn't sold in every state, it is legal throughout the country, so long as it's hemp-derived and contains less than 0.3 percent THC. Sold at many veterinary clinics, at dispensaries, and even at strip mall stores, CBD is used by pet owners who want natural remedies for ailments such as arthritis,

These conditions and many others affect our pets in the same ways they affect us, which can cause us pain and depleted quality of life. Our pets are with us only for a short time already and we want to ensure that their time is absolutely phenomenal. So many medicines and health products put our pets' health and well-being at risk, but not so with CBD.

Dog happy from CBD treatmentWhy Use CBD for Pets?

Dogs, cats, and many other animals have an endocannabinoid system, just like humans. This means that pets enjoy the very same benefits as their human counterparts and the product is just as safe for pets to consume as anyone else.

CBD may help your pet relax, which is perfect for aggressive dogs and those with health conditions that cause their joints and bones to ache. CBD is available without a prescription from the vet and contains only natural ingredients so there is no risk of it harming your pet. It works for most pets, but like any medication or substance, it does affect each pet differently.

CBD oil for pets treats dozens of conditions, including:

- Inflammation
- Aches and pains
- Cancer
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Seizures
- Appetite control
- Gastrointestinal issues
- Improved happiness/ well-being

Dogs running on beach after enjoying cbd dog treatsThis is an incomplete list of the health concerns that CBD may benefit and/or treat. It's safe to say that CBD may help your pet, regardless of the concern.

Before using CBD for pets, talk to a holistic veterinarian to learn more. Pets respond similar to humans but dogs have more cannabinoid receptors in the brain than humans and other animals. They absorb CBD faster than humans or other animals and oftentimes require less of the product to provide results. This may also cause a bad reaction to THC, so be mindful to use only CBD -based products. This condition, known as static ataxia, causes the dog the inability to preserve equilibrium when standing, in turn causing them to fall or tip over.

Hopefully, this has not scared you from giving CBD for your pet a try. So long as you consult with a veterinarian, choose quality CBD products and administer them in the correct amounts, your dog can use CBD as well as any other human or pet and thrive from the myriad of benefits that it offers. Many dog owners successfully use CBD and so can you.

Don't worry -CBD doesn't contain any psychoactive ingredients, so your pet can't 'get high.' Start your pet off with a low dose of the CBD that you've selected. Increasing the dosage is easy, but you'll wait some time for the effects to wear off if you provide the animal with too much CBD at once.

Dog waiting patiently for CBD oilCBD Side Effects: Are There Worries?

CBD side effects are rare and very mild when they're experienced, but nonetheless possible. Before offering your pet CBD, understand more about the potential side effects, what to look out for, and how to keep your pet safe when using the product. A veterinarian constitution should provide all of the information necessary to reduce or eliminate side effects and their risks.

Sedation and sleepiness are one of the most common side effects of CBD for humans and for pets. Fortunately, many users depend on this side effect so it really isn't a downside to them. This includes pets who may be unable to rest or sleep well due to aches, pains, medical conditions, etc.

What should concern you after giving CBD to your pet is serious symptoms, such as the inability to walk, like we discussed above. If you notice that your pet is acting strangely, can't move any parts of his body, or otherwise seems that something is wrong, take your pet to the vet immediately.

all natural CBD dog treats from eden's herbalsHow to Give CBD to Your Pets

CBD is available for pets in several forms. Tinctures, oils, and treats are a few of the options. Many pet owners agree that tinctures are the best way to give their pets CBD. Dosing with a tincture is easy, which reduces the risk of an overdose. It's also easy to give your pet CBD by simply placing the syringe in his mouth. CBD has a great flavor that most pets love.

CBD pet treats are also popular, although they're a bit more expensive than tinctures. You'll find a variety of CBD and hemp-flavored pet treats for dogs and cats. It may take a bit of trial and error to find a CBD treat that your pet enjoys, which can be a costly endeavor for pet owners with picky pets.

Whether you give your pet CBD oil, or CBD pet treats, the important thing is that you find high quality CBD from a trustworthy retailer.

How Much CBD is Enough for My Pet?

Start with a low dosage of CBD and increase the amount if necessary. Your vet can help you decide the right amount of CBD for your pet. Keep in mind that the proper dosing amounts vary from one CBD product to another.

Most vets suggest following a dosing strategy that offers 0.05 mg per lb. of pet weight, up to 0.25 mg, two times per day when starting your pet out on CBD. A pet that weighs 75+ pounds may need as much as 3.75 mg of CBD each day to enjoy the effects that it provides.

How to Choose a Quality CBD Product for Your Pet

How do you find the best CBD for pets? 

Spend time doing your homework rather than purchasing the first CBD product you run across. Not all products are made using quality ingredients and is simply not worth the risk to your pet's health and well-being when researching the choices is easy and results in finding a quality CBD product for your pet.

Dog sitting next to bag of cbd dog treatsChoose a CBD pet product that:

- Is designed specifically for your type of pet/animal
- Is made by a reputable brand
- Is a brand that provides contact information in case you have questions or concerns about their product
- Uses clean extraction methods
- Is made using a whole plant extraction method (also known as full-spectrum CBD)
- Is grown organically

- Is recommended by other people/well-known/popular brand/product

*CBD has not been approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat or cure any illness.  All of the articles on this site are written by 3rd party content providers, expert bloggers or Doctors not directly affiliated with Eden's Herbals. Individuals should learn the risks and side effects prior to taking CBD. Make sure to always check with a medical professional before starting any new CBD treatment or medication.



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