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Is CBD safe for your pet?


In this guide, we’ll discuss CBD pet products and how it may impact your pets. Like most natural remedies, there’s a lot of information. You should understand this information before you give CBD oil to your pet. You shouldn’t give your pet anything you haven’t discussed with a veterinarian. The information you learn in this guide should be the basis for a talk with a professional. It is not a standalone reason to give your pet CBD.

Why Give Your Pet CBD?


If you live somewhere with legal or medical cannabis sales, you may be familiar with CBD. CBD is a naturally occurring compound in many hemp and cannabis strains.

Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. and much safer for your pets. Many people have started giving their pets CBD, as they too have an endocannabinoid system!


Is it Legal to Give Your Pet CBD Oil?


CBD is a cannabis-derived substance. CBD Oil is subject to different regulations as compared with other natural supplements. Understanding legal ramifications depends on where you live. Local laws may treat CBD Oil sales or possession differently. On a federal level, the Farm bill makes CBD legal.

If you’re looking for an FDA-approved pet product containing CBD Oil, you won’t find one. At the time of writing, the FDA hasn’t approved any pet products with CBD to be sold as supplements or prescriptions.

Your veterinarian can’t prescribe your pet CBD in any state. Some veterinarians may recommend them. CBD prescriptions will not be an option to treat your pet’s chronic pain or anxiety. At least, that is, until federal regulation approves CBD oil for medical use in animals. However, CBD pet products are legal to buy and sell the same way human CBD Oil products are permitted in many states. It’s important to check with your local laws.

See if CBD sales are legal in your area to learn if it’s a viable option for your pet. If your state allows CBD sales, you can purchase pet treats containing CBD. You can buy in-stores and on the web.

When you purchase CBD pet products or supplements in the applicable states, it’s legal to give them to your pet. You should be aware that the lack of regulations for CBD containing pet products may put your animal at risk. Make sure you buy a trusted product.

Until the FDA regulates CBD for pets, brands are not required to test their products or prove their effectiveness. This means a brand may overstate the CBD dosage in their product to make more sales. They may also use poor-quality hemp in their recipe. Without valid quality-control measures, it’s hard to be sure a brand is delivering what you’re paying for. Eden's Herbals brand uses only pure CBD. All Eden's Herbals CBD has been lab-tested for purity, metals, toxins, and pesticides.


CBD Pet Treats for Dogs


One of the most convenient way to give your dog cannabinoids is with CBD dog treats. These are great because the CBD is already measured and gives a consistent dosage with each treat. They're also tasty so your dog will love taking them!


CBD Oil for Dogs


Pet CBD oil has become more and more popular in recent years.

As cannabis laws change in the United States, more organizations are sponsoring research. Especially research on the effects of CBD. These studies don’t answer all the questions you may have about CBD and its impact on your pets. The more research surfaces about CBD and its effects among dogs, the more we’ll know about the best CBD oil for dogs and what it can do for them!

Now you are probably wondering, how do I find CBD oil for dogs near me. We will answer this question and more in the sections to follow!


CBD Oil for Cats


When people think of CBD Oil supplements for pets, they usually think of treats for their dogs. However, cats can also enjoy cannabis-derived supplements if you administer them with care.

As mammals, cats have dedicated cannabinoid receptors like humans and dogs. In fact, their brains contain even more cannabinoid receptors than humans. This makes cats sensitive to marijuana-derived compounds.

For this reason, it’s crucial your cat never ingests THC or other psychoactive compounds in cannabis. They will not enjoy the “high” like some individuals and may become ill. If your cat accidentally ingests THC, get them to a veterinarian as soon as possible for treatment.

CBD is relatively safe for cats according to recent studies. Dosing is still a concern, this is why cat CBD oil should be designed for very small doses, and should never contain THC. 

Cats are more likely to experience side effects if you give them CBD supplements. The most common side effect is gastrointestinal distress. If you accidentally give your cat too much CBD, they may vomit or feel ill for a few hours or days after ingestion.

Luckily there are many safe and affordable options for CBD oil for cat lovers in any part of the country. If you're not sure where to get CBD oil for cats, simply order your products online from a reputable retailer such as Eden's Herbals, and you can have them shipped directly to your door!


How to give your pet CBD Oil


CBD Oil is extremely easy to administer. It comes in tinctures with convenient droppers for measuring and dosing. These can be placed directly into your pets mouth using the dropper, or you can simply mix the oil into their food or treats.


Full-Spectrum Cannabis vs. Hemp-Based CBD Oil Supplements for Pets


If you’re going to buy CBD Oil supplements for your pet, you’ll face more than one decision. One of the most important factors to consider is the type of CBD. Does it come from full-spectrum cannabis or is it isolated CBD?

Full-spectrum cannabis and hemp share similar characteristics but are not the same. If you’ve seen products advertising these terms, you’ve probably wondered how they compare:

  • If a brand labels its products as derived from ‘full-spectrum cannabis, they used plant matter with an abundance of cannabinoids to create their product. These cannabinoids may include beneficial compounds like CBC and CBG. It also means that the product contains trace amounts of THC which is not considered to be good for pets.
  • Be careful of brands labeling their products as ‘hemp-derived’. They may not contain true cannabinoids found in the leaves and stems of the cannabis plant.

When you shop for CBD Oil pet supplements, you may need to decide between CBD isolates and full-spectrum oils. Full-spectrum oil contains THC so while they are great for humans, it is recommended that you avoid them for pet products. Isolate CBD is the best and safest choice for pets.

CBD isolate will not contain other cannabinoids. The CBD isolate is extracted from the plant matter on its own. A process during which additional compounds are stripped away.

Eden's Herbals has THC-free CBD products for your pets.


How Long Will It Take for CBD to Affect My Pet?


After you give your pet their CBD pet treat or oil dosage, allow some time to observe its effects before giving them more. Remember: you can always give your pet more CBD if they haven’t had enough. You can’t get it out of their system right away if you give them too much.

If you’re giving a dog CBD, we recommend 5mg per 20lbs of weight as a beginning dosage. As you experiment with what dosage works best, be sure to give them no more than 2mg of CBD per kilogram (2.2lbs) of their body weight. It will take between 30-45 minutes for the CBD to take effect, depending on how recently your pet ate a meal and their size.

When giving cats CBD, we recommend starting with a very small dose and increasing if needed. A recommended dosage for cats is 1-5mg for every 10lbs of body weight. Again, it is important to factor in size and feeding time when monitoring the dosage.


CBD For Pets Near Me


Our pets are often our best friends and a part of the family. Of course you want the best CBD oil for pets that is available. Depending on where you live, there are a few ways to purchase high quality hemp oil for pets. Keep reading to find out exactly where to buy CBD oil for pets.

Most pet owners buy CBD products online. Buying CBD from trusted vendors like Eden's Herbals offers many advantages. The CBD is usually more fairly priced and its easier to confirm the quality with social proof.

When you purchase CBD online, you can review the brand's reviews, lab-reports and testimonials. You can learn about the CBD product before committing to your purchase. This evidence may be hard to get buying CBD products in stores.

Additionally, online stores usually offer the most affordable rates for CBD pet supplements. CBD pet products are not always available in pet stores. They’re still a niche product in most cities. Pet stores will price them as an in-demand commodity. Charging much more than online vendors who sell products without a “middle man.”


Final Thoughts on CBD for Pets


CBD’s apparent safety doesn’t make it a cure-all. If your dog or cat is living with chronic illness or injury, talk to your veterinarian before administering any CBD supplements. They can’t legally prescribe CBD but they can help you understand if it’s right for your cat or dog.