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CBD for Dog Separation Anxiety

Dog taking CBD dog treat for separation anxietyWe can't spend every waking minute with our furry friends, no matter how much we might want to.


For dogs with separation anxiety, this can be a big problem. Anxious dogs can be destructive to your home, and no pet owner likes to see their best friend in distress. Luckily, there are all natural solutions to this difficult problem.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a product extracted from cannabis plants that can help with anxiety, insomnia, and pain.

You can also find CBD products that are formulated for your dog. CBD dog treats have become popular, as well as oil tinctures.

There are many CBD products for human which can also work for your dog when their anxiety is high. CBD oil, treats, or isolate powder, taken as an edible, can work for any mammal with a CBD receptor!

Definition of Separation Anxiety

An anxious dog may cry incessantly, scratch up anything in sight, eat things they shouldn't, or lose control of their bladder.

This is messy and inconvenient if you own a house. It can be additionally disastrous if you're renting and your landlord charges you for the damages, or even resorts to eviction.

A dog in such a state of stress is not having a good time. This can make them hazardous to other pets and/or humans who enter the home unexpectedly.

Anxious dog in need of soothing CBDHazards of Separation Anxiety for Dogs

Separation anxiety in animals is no joke.

Many dogs, in the midst of a separation anxiety panic, will chew things up. Eating things like this can lead to serious stomach problems. You dog may chew on a door and eat weather-stripping, which can also cause a lot of damage.

They might ingest plastic and small metal bits, which can put their lives at risk and lead to serious surgeries.

What CBD Does for Anxiety

Many humans use CBD to get on top of anxious thoughts and slow down those racing negative thoughts. They report that CBD helps them better cope with the anxiety and find a state of peace.

CBD does not create a feeling of sluggishness or sleepiness, just a sense of clarity and mental quiet. This can be life changing for those who deal with crippling anxiety daily.

Dog separation is not as clearly defined, but we know that dogs with anxiety suffer in a similar way. Separation anxiety can also be linked with a heightened sensitivity to light and noise. This anxious cycle can be reduced with the right dose of CBD.

If you live in a noisy neighborhood or apartment building, this can present additional challenges for your dog. Without you there to reassure them, you'll need something to help them cope.

CBD may take the edge off this heightened reaction and severe stress.

Owner using a CBD dog treat to relax their dogs anxietyHow to Determine the CBD Dosage

The recommended starting dose is 5 mg per twenty pounds. A fifty pound dog should easily tolerate 10 mg and may require up to 15 mg for an adequate dose.

While there are few risks to CBD, too much of it can cause diarrhea and lethargy. Start small to ensure your dog tolerates it well. Slowly build up to an effective dose without overdoing it.

How to Administer CBD to Dogs

You can purchase treats that contain CBD in specific amounts. This can be a convenient method as the dosage is already measured for you.

Humans consume CBD oil sublingually, which allows it to absorb into your bloodstream and take effect quickly. For dogs consuming CBD, the product must be digested before it can take effect. Give the product at least 45 minutes to an hour before expecting a behavior change.

CBD Treats Vs. Oil

CBD dog treats and CBD oil are both great options for your anxious pup. Each method has it's own pros and cons so let's take a look at what those are.

CBD Dog Treats



  • Pre-measured easy to administer doses
  • Flavor that dogs love
  • Easy to take on the go




  • Heavier dogs might require numerous treats to get adequate amounts of CBD


Man and two dogs enjoying the relaxing effect of CBD during beach dayCBD Oil



  • Versatile dosing. You can measure any amount you would like to give to them
  • Can be added to any food or treats




  • Doses are not pre-measured
  • Harder to administer on the go
  • Unflavored


Other Uses for CBD

CBD has many wonderful uses beyond simply managing pain. These are just a few!


  • Chronic pain
  • Stomach Issues
  • Rashes or Itchy Skin


CBD is Not a Vet Replacement

If your dog has an open wound or other more serious conditions, CBD alone will not be enough. If your dog is urinating uncontrollably, they may have a kidney or bladder infection.

There is only so much that CBD can do for your pet.

Anxious dog coming to get a healing CBD dog treatFor serious issues, it's best to schedule an appointment with the vet and ask about CBD.

Cannabidiol is, for many people and pets, a very useful product. We recommend keeping a journal to track what you give your dog and how your dog reacts. Take it slow and steady to see how your pet reacts.

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