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CBD for Athletes [Improve your fitness and recovery]

Athlete running by CBD oil tincture for recoveryIf you're an athlete, you're always on the lookout for the best natural ways to heal those sore muscles. CBD is the solution for more and more athletes today.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the many components of the hemp plant. CBD is legal in all 50 states. Research suggests that the benefits of CBD include better rest, reduced inflammation, and a reduction in pain levels.

How Athletes Are Taking CBD

CBD can be taken in a variety of ways. Those who use the product as a sleep aid generally use a sublingual dose, under the tongue. This application gets the product into the bloodstream quickly.

For those who have a hard time staying asleep, a CBD edible or gummy may be the best option. The digestion delay means that the CBD impacts the person up to two hours after taking the dose, which works well for many users.

If you have sore joints or muscles, applying a topical CBD lotion is a great way to treat pain.

To that end, it's a very good idea not to apply your CBD topical until after the workout. Pain tells your body when it needs a break, and that's a signal you won't want to miss!

CBD use and reactions to the product are very personal. Consider keeping a journal to track your reactions and any changes to your sleeping pattern.

Woman sleeping deeply after using THC-free CBD oilCBD for Deep Sleep

Deep sleep is healing for your body and cleansing for your mind. If you find that a tired and sore body doesn't always want to settle at night, a sublingual or edible dose may be the best choice.

The standard dose to start with is 36 mg. Simply fill the dropper to this point, slip it under the tongue and squirt. Hold it in your mouth for 60 seconds to allow absorption, then brush your teeth and go to bed.

Many find that the sublingual oil method moves them to a relaxed state fairly quickly. If you fall asleep quickly but are awake in just a couple of hours, consider pairing your sublingual dose with a CBD gummy to extend the length of quality sleep.

Gut Health

Extreme athletes can sometimes struggle with gut pain on a long race or when under extreme physical strain.

While CBD is never a replacement for water and quality nutrition, if you find that your stomach is prone to cramps or other reactions to a hard workout, CBD may help to soothe these muscles.

There are also indications that CBD edibles can be effective against severe gut issues, including ulcers and IBS.

If you suffer from a sluggish gut or struggle with constipation, take care to track your dosage and your body's response before making CBD a routine.

Woman in need of healing CBD for knee inflammationReduction of Inflammation

There are many pain medications that can actually do a lot of damage to your cleansing organs over time. While an occasional pharmaceutical med can help you get on top of serious discomfort, using these products on a regular basis can lead to increased blood pressure, gut damage, increase fluid retention, which puts pressure on the liver and kidneys

Research has shown us that CBD can lower your post-workout inflammation levels without increasing the risks noted above.

Pain Relief

While a hard workout can make you feel great when you're done, in a few hours you may start to hurt. If you like a protein shake after your workout, consider adding a small dose of CBD to the drink. Track your reaction, particularly your pain upon moving after a hard round of lifting or running.

If you're not interested in ingesting the product, try a topical and rub it on the muscles and joints that worked hardest that day.

Depending on the length of your workout, you may want to try an edible before hitting the gym; it will take a couple of hours for the dose to act on your body.

Again, keeping a journal of your dosage and the results after two hours, twelve hours and twenty-four hours is a good idea. You want to get on top of the pain, but you also want to avoid being in a fog after the dose.

Stress Management

Building up to competition strength will take a lot of focus and work.

Unfortunately, it can be extremely hard to shut down that competitive brain process. If your competition plans have your brain on a hamster wheel that just won't shut down, a small CBD dose can help you to stop, breathe, focus, and move forward.

A full dose can help you calm your mind before bed, and a small dose in the morning or just after lunch can help you focus on improving athletic performance.

For those who feel the pressure of competition as an avalanche of worries, CBD is helpful in figuring out the next necessary step.

Infographic about CBD for fitnessBuy Smart

There are two things you must avoid when buying your CBD products. First of all, as an athlete, you may want to avoid THC. You would do well to buy CBD products from producers that produce a CBD isolate to avoid any risk of having THC show up on a drug test if you are getting ready for competition.

Secondly, make sure you buy pure products from a reputable supplier.

The science of CBD can be quite involved. Find a reputable supplier and try a single bottle or container of gummies to see how you feel after using the product before you make a bigger investment with your time.

Luckily Eden's Herbals has you covered. Our gummies and CBD oils are pure and THC-free. All of our CBD is lab-tested and the results of that third party analysis are posted right on our homepage, so you always know exactly what you're getting!

It's clear that CBD can have a variety of potential benefits for casual or professional athletes, so give it a try today, and let us know what you think!