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What is CBD Flower? [A Comprehensive Guide]

Growing CBD flowerBy now, we have all heard about CBD, its range of products, and numerous health benefits. It has become one of the most used natural remedies for many health issues.

What Is CBD Flower?

CBD flowers are dried buds from hemp plants. Hemp is cannabis with below 0.3% of THC, the component of marijuana that makes you high. CBD flower can be used to make different products mixed with essential oils, or it can be used raw.

Regardless of the form in which it is consumed, CBD flower delivers health benefits without any psychoactive effects.

How Is CBD Flower Used?

Before you decide that you want to use the CBD flower, it is essential that you consult with your doctor. There might be some mild side effects to using it.

You can use the CBD flower by smoking it or inhaling it via a dry vaping system. If you are smoking it without the vape system, you can roll the flower into wrapping papers in a similar way as cigarettes are rolled, or use a glass pipe.

Smoking the CBD flower has its advantages because the CBD does not pass through the digestive system, unlike other CBD products. Instead, it is directly absorbed into the blood from the lungs. This allows one to experience its benefits and healing effects faster.

You do not have to use a lot of the product to experience those benefits, which makes it easier to limit how much you take.

Another way in which you can use CBD flower is by cooking or baking it. Since it is fat-soluble, you can make a CBD flower-infused oil or butter. You can also mix it with your baking ingredient to make a CBD-flower-infused cake of cookies.

CBD flower infused chocolateBy consuming it this way, it will take longer to feel the effects and benefits because the CBD flower has to pass through the digestive system. This lengthens the time it takes to be absorbed into the blood.

However, the effects will last longer. That is because the molecules are broken down slowly in the digestive tract, which is over 30 feet long.

Lastly, the effectiveness will be lowered because it will be broken down by the many digestive enzymes and juices.

How To Find The Right CBD Flower Dosage

Determining a consistent dose of CBD flower can be hard, whether you consume it by cooking or smoking. The flower doesn't come with specific recommended doses, which makes the experience of using it different for each user.

Some users are more sensitive to THC, which means that they need a CBD flower that has a high CBD to THC ratio.

Every inhale of the CBD flower will be different with every user, which causes a variation in the amount of CBD received in every puff. Also, when you use it in cooking and baking, it is hard to tell how much of the flower is contained in every treat.

Determining the perfect dose for you may take some trial and error. You should start with low doses and increase them until you achieve the desired effect.

cbd flower plants growing in natureTo get better guidance and advice on how to determine the best dosage for you, consult a cannabis doctor specializing in the use of natural supplements to deal with medical conditions like CBD.

Benefits of CBD Flower

1. Fast and effective way to consume CBD

As discussed earlier, inhaling CBD either from a joint or a dry vape system gets the CBD directly into the bloodstream via the lungs. Unlike consuming CBD by using lotions or capsules, which may take longer to feel the effects, smoking CBD flower delivers the benefits within a very short time.

It is also effective because it has a high bioavailability (50%). That is because none of the molecules or compounds of the CBD are being broken down through digestion, meaning that most of the CBD gets to the blood.

Due to this, you can use lower dosages and still enjoy the health benefits.

2. Delivers health benefits without getting you high

Since CBD contains below 0.3% of THC, it has no psychoactive effects, meaning that smoking does not make you high. Some users report some mild relaxing feeling, but that is nowhere close to the 'high' delivered by THC.

3. Affordable

Many CBD products like CBD oil, CBD water, edibles, creams, and lotions may be unaffordable for some people who may want to experience the CBD health benefits. Since CBD flower is sold in dry weight, you can buy it for a lower price, and it is easier to buy it in large quantities.

Oil tincture from eden's herbals4. It's legal

Many people are unable to use medicinal cannabis because it is illegal in their states. However, using CBD products, like smoking CBD flower, is legal in more places, mainly because of the low THC levels in the plant.

The hemp bill signed in 2018 made it legal for people to farm, sell, and use hemp-based products, provided that they have a THC composition of below 0.3%.

5. Health benefits

Among the numerous health benefits of consuming the CBD flower include;

' Reduces anxiety and depression.

' Helps with chronic pains like cramps and migraines.

' Reduces insomnia.

' Helps reduce the symptoms of epilepsy like seizures.

' Helps reduce inflammation.

' Improves mood.

Side Effects of CBD Flower

There has not been a lot of discussions about the side effects of using the CBD flower, mainly because they are mild and few. However, having a higher dose of the product can have some side effects, including;

' Dry mouth.

' Tooth decay, especially if you consume it in edibles.

' Vomiting.

You can deal with the side effects by refraining from the use of the product or by reducing your dosage.

Where to Get CBD Flower

With the popularity of CBD products increasing and the market expanding, you can get CBD flowers from local smoke shops or online. However, to ensure that you get the highest quality CBD flowers, do not buy from just any shop or website.

Do your research on the established CBD companies to ensure that the hemp was grown in good conditions. Consider their safety policies, whether their CBD is lab tested, and the quality of their customer service.

Mason jar for storing cbd flowerHow To Store Your CBD Flower

Proper storage of your CBD flower will determine its shelf life and its quality. To store your flower perfectly, you should;

' Keep it in a dark place because light, especially UV light, will degrade and cause chemical changes in your flower.

' Ensure there is not too much oxygen by storing it in airtight containers. Mason jars will work but airtight packaging is more ideal.

' Control the temperature to prevent dehydration.

' Keep it in a dry place.


*CBD has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat, cure, or prevent any illness. Medical advice should be taken from a medical professional. CBD products are not intended to diagnose treat or cure any specific condition.

All of the articles on this site are written by 3rd party content providers, expert bloggers or doctors not directly affiliated with Eden's Herbals.

Individuals should learn the risks and side effects prior to taking CBD. Make sure to always check with a medical professional before starting any new CBD treatment or medication.