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Guide to CBD Edibles


You have many options on how to consume your CBD. This is great for CBD users because it means there is a product for every preference. However, all of these options can be confusing: What's the best way to consume cannabidiol, and what works best for you?

One of the most popular ways to ingest this incredible plant-based compound, is with a CBD edible. There are a few popular types of edibles, and various ways to take them.

This guide will give you a better understanding of what CBD edibles are, how to take them, and what might work best for you.


Top Types of Edibles


1. Capsules

Capsules are just what they sound like: CBD is distilled and put into a capsule form that you can then swallow. This is a "no fuss" method of getting CBD. You simply take the compound like you would any other pill or vitamin. Shop for high quality CBD capsules here!

2. Gummies

CBD Gummies are arguably the most popular type of edible CBD snack that exists on the market today. As the name implies, CBD is loaded into a gummy form, making it easy for you to simply enjoy a CBD snack. You can take however many gummies you want to get the CBD dosage you are looking for. Shop for the best CBD gummies on the market here!

3. CBD Oil

CBD Oil is another very popular way of consuming CBD. It is often not thought of as a CBD edible, but this is a mistake, as the best way to take CBD oil is sublingually (placed under the tongue).

Taking CBD oil sublingually allows for the compound to immediately reach your bloodstream and enhances the speed at which you will feel it’s beneficial effects.

Some prefer to make CBD oil edible by adding it to their food or drink.

Shop from a wide variety of high caliber CBD oils here!



Side Effects of CBD Edibles


Can CBD edibles cause headaches? Stomach aches? General nausea? These are all common questions we get about these products.

When it comes to CBD edible side effects, there is generally good news. Studies by a variety of organizations, including the World Health Organization, have noted that CBD is relatively safe and should not be regarded as a psychoactive substance. It also noted that the side effects caused by the compound are usually minimal and well-tolerated in humans.

On the rare occasion that CBD causes side effects, they can include dry mouth, upset stomach, reduced appetite, tiredness, and lightheadedness.


How Long Does Edible CBD Stay in System


This answer depends on a variety of factors, including:


  • The dosage of the CBD edibles that you take.
  • Your previous experience with CBD or cannabis products.
  • Your weight, height, and how quickly you digest things in general.


Estimates tend to vary, but if you’re wondering how long do CBD edibles last, the short answer is likely no more than a day and potentially as light as a few hours.

Everyone's body works differently, and you should make sure to pay attention to how long you feel the effects of CBD edibles when you first try them.


CBD Edibles Dosage


Like everything else when it comes to CBD; edible CBD dosage tends to vary. At Eden's Herbals, we sell moderately strengthen 500-1000mg gummies, as well as high strength CBD edibles which clock in as high as 60mg. As you can imagine, a stronger dosage will give you a more potent effenify the side effects that you feel, particularly if you have never had CBD before. As such, you may want to consider starting with a lower dosage and making sure that the side effects are manageable. You can then slowly increase the dosage from there.


Buying CBD Edibles


You have many options for buying CBD edibles. However, there are a few broad considerations to keep in mind.

First, do your homework on any vendor. Seek out reviews, and make sure that people have found them to be positive, honest, and more interested in your well-being than simply making a sale.

Second, talk with your doctor before buying any CBD. As noted above, there are some people who take medications that may negatively interact with CBD, and you should speak with your doctor before trying CBD. This is not because CBD is inherently dangerous: It is simply because you should do this before trying any new supplement.

Finally, make sure that any CBD vendor has a Certificate of Analysis for all of their CBD products. This certificate is proof from a third party about what is in the specific batch of CBD you are taking. This helps to ensure that the vendor is being honest with what is in their product and confirms that their marketing matches reality.

There is one last consideration when buying CBD edibles; to buy in bulk or to buy one at a time.

Bulk CBD edibles are a great idea, as these products typically stay good for very long periods of time (as long as they’re not exposed to sunlight or extreme temperature changes). The cost can drop significantly when you buy in bulk. Here at Eden’s Herbals we start slashing the prices significantly when you buy 20 or more of a single product.

This allows anyone to buy Eden’s Herbals products at wholesale prices, and then sell them at a profit!


Where to Buy them


Since the legalization of CBD, there has been an explosion of options for where someone can actually buy CBD. Generally speaking, there are two routes one might take:

Buying the CBD from a brick-and-mortar store. Many specialty CBD stores exist that have in-depth knowledge. However, it can be harder to confirm the authenticity of the CBD sold inside, and this is important, as you should always take time to research whether a CBD product being sold is legitimate, has good reviews, and has a certificate of analysis.

Buying CBD online. This is the easiest option, as you can have your products delivered to your door, and do your homework before making a purchase. Again, you should always take the time to confirm that the CBD being sold to you contains everything that it claims to. This is why we at Eden’s Herbals lab test all of our products, and posts the results on our website, to ensure full transparency!

A common question is: does Amazon sell CBD edibles? The website sells everything, right? Well, not CBD. Amazon seems to have made CBD edibles illegal on their website.

That hasn't stopped many third-party vendors from selling hemp seed oil as if it were CBD, taking advantage of the ambiguity around these different hemp based products. It’s best to avoid Amazon entirely, as you are rarely getting what is advertised when it comes to CBD.


Finding CBD Edibles Near Me


We might not have a storefront near you, but we’ll bring the CBD edibles right to your doorstep. Eden’s Herbals offers FREE nationwide standard shipping on every order.

If you are looking for the best CBD edibles on the market, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a range of CBD products that are lab-tested and quality ensured, all at a reasonable price.

We also have a slew of different CBD products that are sure to fit your needs. We offer a wide variety of CBD oils, including full spectrum or THC-free, all in an assortment of strengths and flavors.

Looking for an edible with convenient dosing and no flavor? Check out our broad spectrum softgel capsules!

If you’re like many CBD users today, you’re looking for a delicious gummy though. Just starting out? You might want a lower strength gummy. Our 500mg assorted fruit gummies are the perfect place to start your CBD journey.

If you’re looking for something big strong and flavorful, Eve’s Sour Apple gummies will do the trick.

Our most popular product is our assorted fruit flavor CBD edibles 1000mg bag. This delicious mid-strength gummy is perfect for both beginners and CBD enthusiasts!