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Ultimate Relaxation: CBD and Yoga

Renowned for its health and relaxation benefits, yoga acts as one of the few exercises that boast improvements in both mental and physical health equally. Similarly, CBD oil has emerged as a complementary supplement with similar beneficial qualities. Because of their comparable health-boosting profiles, the synergistic combination of both is a popular marriage of techniques.

 We'll list out the benefits of both below, and how they can be used in conjunction for increased effectiveness.




 Originating in ancient India, yoga has stood the test of time as both a spiritually and physically healing fitness routine. With studios seemingly on every corner, as well as being executed just as easily at home, it has become one of the most popular forms of holistic exercise.




 There are many variations that make small tweaks to the same movements and meditation techniques. Many will think of Hatha as the "typical" style, focusing on the most popular poses and finishing with meditation. However, there are a number of other styles, including:

  • Bikram
  • Vinyasa
  • Ashtanga
  • Iyengar

These subsections of yoga will all have small adjustments to their routine and purpose. Bikram will change the temperature of the room and have specific sequences of movements. Vinyasa and Ashtanga both have their own special series of poses, focusing on the order and transition between each.


 No matter which variation you choose to pursue, you will generally see the same benefits at the end of the workout.


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 Health Benefits


 From stress relief to reducing cardiovascular risks, you will be able to find a number of health-boosting traits regardless of which studio you visit. Due to its unique take on physical activity, the byproducts will be unique themselves.


 With the myriad of poses and routines, flexibility is one of the most common health benefits you will encounter. With tasking and unorthodox movements, increased balance is an inevitable byproduct of most styles. This is especially common in Iyengar due to its strict precision and detail focused movements. You will find the heavier the focus on movement routines and postures, the more core strength, balance, and flexibility you will garner from the workout.

The second most popular benefit seen is the decrease in stress and anxiety among its users. As with many forms of exercise, decreased levels of cortisol (the primary stress hormone) can be accomplished. With the included meditation aspects, which may reduce anxiety, your yoga studio can act as both a gym and therapy session.

 Increased joint health and reductions in chronic pain can also be found with consistent use. Due to the obvious low stress body movements, Iyengar specifically has been associated with decreased knee pain and reduction in symptoms of osteoarthritis.


 It's obvious why all these styles and routines have been prevalent throughout society for hundreds of years. It's well rounded form of exercise that uniquely provides equal mental and physical health benefits. Whether you would like to use yoga for relaxation and sleep, or if you would just like to alleviate some body pain; you will be able to explore all of the benefits of this exercise by walking into a yoga studio near you.


Taken as an oil, CBD gummies, or numerous other implementations, CBD benefits have been making waves throughout the health community in recent years. Boasting claims of improving depression, anxiety, and sleep, CBD oil benefits have become a popular natural choice. 

What is it?

Cannabidiol is a member of the cannabis plant family. The more common tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the active ingredient in cannabis that promotes its psychoactive properties. THC is erroneously associated with cannabidiol, being just one of many different properties in the cannabis plant. The isolated properties of CBD are what many seek when looking to remedy certain ailments.

CBD Benefits

CBD oil benefits have been creeping into the mainstream as a viable natural option. Because of its relatively young lifespan within the medical community, it is still unknown the true potential of CBD in health. However there are some consistent success stories with various treatments.

 One of the most common benefits seen with CBD is its promotion of improved sleep. Being used as a treatment for insomnia, it has medically and anecdotally become one of the most popular benefits of using CBD. Because insomnia is often associated with PTSD, anxiety, and other stress disorders, CBD has found footing treating all of these ailments and subsequently improving sleep quality.

As mentioned previously, there are suggestions that CBD can have positive effects on anxiety, depression, and overall stress levels in the body. It is thought that CBD can have positive effects on serotonin levels, which within the brain serve to regulate mood. CBD can subsequently act as an alternative to stronger pharmaceutical drugs, which are notoriously addictive and potentially dangerous.

The last and most common use for CBD comes with its ability for chronic pain relief. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of pain, so it is no surprise that isolation of CBD in pain relief has become a viable medical treatment. Impacting the communication of neurotransmitters, CBD can lower the pain response of chronic injury.

 While the study of CBD is still in its infancy, it is obvious that it can be a beneficial part of yor health routine. Whether it is a tincture or more specifically CBD gummies, exploring how it can personally affect you could open a door to a healthier life.

CBD Yoga Class


 As we have touched on above, the pathways of benefits between these two are very similar. Relaxation, pain relief, and mental health all find improvement with each. So naturally, combining the two can be a great step in acquiring the synergistic benefits. Having a highly concentrated 4000mg CBD oil daily will begin to introduce all of the above mentioned benefits into your life.

Bikram Yoga CBD

 A 4000mg CBD oil can be a great addition prior to your Bikram yoga CBD routine. A CBD yoga class can introduce the physically stimulating properties found with an intense Bikram routine, while also supplementing the natural effects of the CBD. Whether you are looking to introduce yoga for relaxation and sleep, or you are trying to alleviate some nagging joint pain, the effects can be compounded with the addition of CBD.



 Finding natural and less intensive ways to improve your overall mental and physical health can be a priceless tool. The techniques we've mentioned above can act to improve your quality of life, while minimizing other invasive medical procedures. It can be amazing what a simple trip to your local Bikram studio and a supplementation of a natural CBD product can have. So be sure to look into these options when attempting to improve your physical well being.

Blue Harmony Yoga

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