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Will CBD Ruin a Drug Test

doctor evaluating drug test tubeCBD may feel like the wild west  - or so it seems, especially when it comes to drug screening. Not to worry CBD lovers, if you follow a few tips and purchase the right products. In this article, we'll answer all your questions regarding CBD and drug testing.

In short, no, you don't have to worry about failing a drug test while using CBD. But there are a few exceptions you'll want to know about if you're worried about failing a drug test after taking CBD. Keep reading to find out which CBD is best to ensure you won'truin your drug test.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol for short, is one of over 100 ingredients found in cannabis (hemp). The two main ingredients, CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), are responsible for most of the plant's health benefits. Unlike THC, however, CBD doesn't impair cognitive function and leave you feeling "high."

Holistic practitioners have used cannabis for at least 5,000 years but only recently has modern medicine tapped into its potential. The FDA, for example,approved CBD for use in the treatment of epilepsy. The National Institute of Health has also conducted promising research into the benefits of CBD for depression, diabetes, heart disease, and many other conditions. 

Is CBD Legal?

word CBD with chemical makeupIn 2018, Congress passed the Farm Bill Act, which makes CBD containing 0.3% THC or less legal. Any cannabis or hemp sold with more than 0.3% THC is considered a schedule 1 drug by the Federal Government and illegal. More on that later. For now, all you need to know is that a reputable CBD product is legal and won't affect your drug test outcome. 

Furthermore, CBD is considered safe and well-tolerated, according to theWorld Health Organization(WHO). Although CBD is legal to buy online in all 50 states, some states have regulations regarding possession of CBD. Known as "conditionally-legal states," you likely won't be able to purchase CBD except online.

Do Employers Test for CBD?

In general, you're never going to test positive for CBD for several reasons:


  • CBD is not considered a narcotic, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).
  • CBD, under federal mandate, is legal (as long as it's under 0.3% THC).
  • Drug tests are specifically designed to check for schedule 1 narcotics, such as cocaine, heroin, and amphetamines.
  • There are no drug tests specifically for CBD, only THC.
  • Properly labeled CBD doesn't contain enough THC to show a positive result on your drug test.


If you're still concerned about testing positive for THC, many manufacturers, such asEden's Herbals, offer CBD isolate. Free from any THC and other compounds contained in cannabis, CBD isolate is tasteless, odorless, and makes a great addition to smoothies.

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your Body After Using?

THC drug test Most drug tests use urine samples to collect results. CBD in the urine has a half-life of between two and five days. On the other hand, THC can remain in your urine for up to thirty days. There are exceptions to how long CBD stays in your system, however, including:


  • Your body weight.
  • Your metabolism.
  • Taking CBD on an empty stomach.
  • The dosage you're taking.
  • Methods you're using such as vaping, CBD oil, creams, orlotions.


Is It Possible To Test Positive For THC After Taking CBD?

According to a study conducted by Johns Hopkins University and supported by The National Institute on Drug Abuse, it is possible to test positive on a drug test after taking CBD. That being said, the tests conducted showed THC content to be above the legal limit of 0.3%. 

 While possible to test positive for THC, the CBD would have to be above what is considered legal. Four of the six participants tested negative for THC. The two who tested positive had ingested the CBD through vaping. Furthermore, the testing concluded that pure CBD, used once by itself, will not cause a positive drug test.

How Do I Know My CBD Is Legal?

drug test results on doctors pageThe CBD industry is exploding, and for a good reason - it's safe and shows tremendous potential in treating several health-related conditions. Because of this growth, we're still in some uncharted waters regarding regulations. As mentioned, some states don't allow the sale of CBD except online, while some manufacturers sell CBD that's above the legal limit.

To ensure you receive a legal, trustworthy CBD product, go online and look for a retailer's certificate of analysis. A lab certificate states that the manufacturer's product has been tested for THC content, and it's been conducted by an independent, third party. Eden's Herbals, for example, has third party lab reports for two of our most popular products: 



CBD Isolate vs. CBD Full Spectrum

CBD isolate is popular for those who want to receive CBD benefits without the possibility of ingesting any THC. Although the amount of THC in Full Spectrum CBD oil is so low, you're unlikely to get "high," many people feel more comfortable with a THC-free product. CBD isolate is also tasteless and odorless, making them ideal for smoothies.

Eden's herbals CBD oilCBD Full Spectrumis a potent form of CBD that contains over 100 active ingredients, known as terpenes, from the cannabis plant. The CBD interacts with its sister ingredients to produce an "entourage" effect when ingested together, giving you the maximum health benefits. 

Will CBD Creams and Lotions Show Up On a Drug Test?

No. CBD creams and lotions aremetabolized through the skin. CBD salves and balms are great for directly hitting troubled areas but are not processed through the liver, like CBD oil. 

Final Takeaway

No. CBD will not ruin your drug test if you follow a few of the following tips. 



Finally, if you purchase a Full Spectrum CBD tincture, rest assured you won't test positive on a drug test if your CBD oil is lab certified and under 0.3%. Because we're still in the early phases of the CBD boom, laws and testing may change. The good news is that the laws and employer testing will likely become more favorable for CBD and cannabis users.

If you want to learn more about CBD and drug tests, contact Eden's Herbals at today!

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