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Start Your Day With CBD-Infused Coffee

CBD oil infused coffee pouring into cupThere are two things you shouldn't leave home without; your coffee and your CBD. Now they can be one and the same.

CBD's popularity has occurred for many reasons: Its potential to help others and growing body of research being chief among them.

Another reason that CBD is so popular is because of its sheer versatility. CBD can be consumed in a growing number of ways, including as a tincture, edible, drink, balm, cream, capsule, vaping juice, and many others.

Coffee can now be added to that list.

CBD coffee is now being specially grown and sold, and people are also making their own versions of the drink.

Why are CBD Coffee Drinks Becoming Trendy?

This trend is one example of the natural evolution of CBD.

CBD, when it first became legal, was available in a few limited and traditional forms. Gradually, as the manufacturing process gained technology and experience, that evolved, and more unique CBD products became available.

This, of course, included CBD coffee. Coffee remains wildly popular, with over 150 million Americans - more than half of all American adults - drinking the substance on a daily basis.

Cup of hot CBD coffeeGiven CBD's similarly rising popularity, it was only a matter of time before CBD and coffee found each other. 

Coffee has always been popular as far as social trends are concerned. From the beginning of civilization - literally - coffee's popularity has been a constant. This helps to explain why CBD and coffee are becoming popular, as trends tend to intersect. 

What are the Pros and Cons of CBD Coffee?

To be sure, drinking CBD coffee is not for everyone, but many have found that this drink is a tasty and pleasant way of consuming CBD while also getting their daily dose of caffeine. Pros of drinking CBD coffee include:

If you like coffee and CBD, CBD-infused coffee can be a great way to start your morning. There have also been some studies that show that CBD can promote wakefulness in low doses. As such, it follows that CBD coffee may help you to wake up a little bit stronger.

People who take CBD often do so at the start of their day in order to help them address issues like pain or depression. If this is why you take CBD, taking it with coffee - first thing in the morning - can be a great boost to start your day. 

According to studies and articles on the subject, you don't have to take a lot of CBD in order to potentially feel its benefits. As such, mixing just a bit with your coffee can be the perfect way to feel its benefits. 

CBD coffee with different types of CBD oilAs noted below, making CBD-infused coffee is not a difficult process. In fact, you can make it in a variety of ways, giving you a ton of opportunity to make your own CBD coffee in a manner that best suits your needs. Given how many varieties of CBD are on the market, this means that there are a ton of potential ways you can create your own CBD morning drink. 

However, it's not all perfect. Concerns include:

1. Both CBD and coffee have impacts on your body. Everyone feels these differently, and it is certainly possible that you will not have a good reaction to the substance. That's why you should go slow the first time you try it.

2. There have yet to be any specific studies on how CBD and coffee interact. As such, there are some concerns that CBD have unforeseen side effects when mixed with caffeine. 

3. The product is not cheap! Since CBD is a manufacturing heavy process, it can be expensive to buy, and CBD-infused coffee is similarly expensive.

Fortunately, as detailed below, there is a way around these issues: You can simply mix your own CBD coffee. Making CBD coffee at home will save you a ton of money in the long run! 

Cinnamon flavored cbd oil for making coffee

How Can You Make Your Own CBD Coffee?


CBD's versatility is one of the things that makes it so popular. There are many ways that you can make your own CBD-infused coffee.

Start by selecting your favorite type of coffee. Any type will work whether it's dark roast coffee, medium roast, flavored, or unflavored. It all comes down to preference.

For a high quality great taste, you can insert CBD isolate powder directly into your coffee grounds or French press.

Proper dosing of CBD is very important. It's always best to start slow: Start by using no more than 20mg of CBD into the press, then complete the coffee-making process.

This will give you a more organic and natural tasting coffee, as the CBD will have the chance to infuse directly into the coffee beans before you drink it.

However, for some, their coffee tastes are not nearly as complicated. If this is you, you can follow the same instructions, but just mix isolate powder or CBD oil into your coffee after it has been brewed.

One advantage of using CBD oil instead of isolate powder, is that it gives you the option of using full spectrum CBD.

To put it simply, treat your CBD like you would cream or sugar and add the desired dose to your cup of coffee. Just make sure to mix well!

If you decide you like CBD coffee, you can also experiment with flavored CBD oil tinctures and see if you like it.  

Hemp coffee with leaf in foam

Final Thoughts


CBD coffee has a ton of potential. The benefits of CBD are undeniable, and coffee is a great way to get that valuable supplement into your routine.

The secret to the best possible results is, of course, quality coffee and quality CBD. It's important to find a retailer that you can trust. Look for a CBD store with third party lab testing results so you know exactly what you're getting.

To be clear, you should absolutely speak with your doctor before using CBD for any purpose - just like you would any other supplement - as there are some concerns about how CBD interacts with certain drugs. CBD is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration so be sure to find a retailer you can trust!

There are additional worries about how CBD may impact people with liver challenges. However, by and large, CBD causes mild side effects, as noted by a report from the World Health Organization.

If you'd like more information about CBD or how to infuse it with your coffee, contact Eden's Herbals at