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When to Take CBD Oil for Sleep

woman laying in bed giving the peace sign with her fingersRight before bed. Thanks for reading. Ok, smart ass you're thinking - there's a fair bit of info to cover here, including: 


  • Will CBD keep me up at night?
  • What happens if I take CBD oil right before bed?
  • How much CBD should I take at bedtime?
  • Benefits: CBD oil for sleep
  • Can I mix CBD and sleeping pills?


Let's get into a little more detail, shall we?

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in hemp. There are two varieties of cannabis - hemp and marijuana. Because hemp is low in THC, the cannabinoid responsible for getting you high, it's considered legal. CBD oil works with your ECS, or Endocannabinoid System, to provide therapeutic relief - including sleep.

How CBD Helps You Sleep

As discussed, CBD oil works with your ECS, a complex physiological system responsible for regulating virtually every function in your mind and body. Besides sleep, your ECS plays a vital role in organ function, memory, mood, and pain response. 

1. Helps Treat Several Insomnia-Related Disorders

2014 study suggested that CBD may provide valuable relief in treating insomnia and sleep apnea due to its modulatory effects on serotonin levels. CBD also showed promise in treating symptoms associated with REM sleep behavior disorder.

2. CBD Oil Treats Anxiety And Reduces Nightmares

In a groundbreaking study conducted on people with anxiety, CBD effectively managed symptoms. In addition, the study showed that CBD helped reduce nightmares in folks suffering from PTSD.

3. Potential Pain-Reliever and Potent Anti-Inflammatory

Eden's Herbals CBD oil for sleepCBD has been shown to treat several types of pain, including:



Additionally, CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory. By eliminating inflammation and pain, CBD helps you get a good night's rest and reduces tossing and turning.

Best Time To Take CBD Oil for Sleep

CBD naturally reduces cortisol levels, helping you unwind and relax. If you're looking to fall asleep, take CBD oil 30 minutes before you intend on knocking out. 

Keep in mind you'll want to take a little more than you would for a boost of energy, such as a gummy before work. Larger doses are optimal for helping you fall asleep and stay rested.

CBD builds up over time, as well. For optimal sleep relief, take some CBD gummies in the morning before work and then take a larger dose of CBD oil at night before bed. You'll benefit from being energized all day and dozing off at night.

Will CBD Keep You Up At Night?

You'll want a larger dose of CBD oil for optimal sleep. Everyone's ECS reacts differently, but CBD generally produces a sedative effect, especially in large doses. CBD may actually have the opposite effect and promote wakefulness in small quantities.

Additionally, you'll want to incorporate two other cannabinoids and your CBD for your best night's sleep.

CBN (Cannabinol)

woman sleeping comfortably in bedBy adding CBN, along with a high-quality CBD oil, your sleep will improve dramatically. CBN binds to CB1 receptors and helps improve sleep by promoting relaxation.

CBG (Cannabigerol)

CBG is considered the mother cannabinoid because it's the first to develop. By incorporating CBG, you'll see greater relaxation and benefit from its 'entourage' effect.

How Much CBD Oil To Take For Sleep

Studies show that up to 600 mg of CBD has sedative qualities for most healthy adults. For best results, incorporate CBG and CBN along with your CBD regimen. Eden's Herbals, for example, offers a Sleep Aid Tincture with the following ingredients for optimal sleep relief:


  • 600 mg CBD
  • 600 mg CBG
  • 300 mg CBN
  • MCT (fractionated coconut oil)


For most healthy adults, start with 1 mL as indicated on the dropper. Place a few drops under your tongue roughly 30 minutes before bed. There's no risk of overdosing, so you can add more if you're still struggling to fall asleep.

Can I Mix CBD With Sleeping Pills?

Ideally, no. Unlike sleeping pills, CBD works naturally with your ECS, helping you sleep more organically. CBD is considered safe and well-tolerated by the World Health Organization but does cause drowsiness and lightheadedness.

Eden's Herbals CBD soft gelsMixing CBD with medications such as Xanax and opioids increases drowsiness more than you wanted. Other OTC medications, like St. John's Wort, may also interact negatively with CBD.

Is CBD Legal?

Yes, as long as it contains 0.3% or less THC. Additionally, CBD must be sourced from hemp rather than marijuana. In 2018, congress passed The Farm Bill Act, which legalized hemp. Certain states have restrictions on CBD, but federally speaking, CBD is legal as long as it's sourced from hemp.

How Safe Is CBD Oil?

The WHO deems CBD to be safe. However, since CBD is not well-regulated, you don't know if you're getting what you paid for. Some manufacturers might mislabel their product as THC-free when you get a potent THC blend. Certainly not ideal for sleep.

To be safe, ensure your company offers a third-party lab report which states precisely how much THC is in each batch. Eden's Herbals offers two lab reports - THC-free and THC reports. If you're buying a full-spectrum CBD oil, for example, you'll see our products contain the legal limit of 0.3% THC.

Look for products specially designed for insomnia relief for a good night's sleep. Our proprietary CBD, CBG, and CBN blend take the guesswork out of dosing and which cannabinoids to implement for sleep relief. 

Final Thought: CBD Oil for Sleep

Take a more potent CBD oil dose than usual for optimal sleep relief. Additionally, consider buying from a reputable manufacturer. Our specially-designed Sleep Aid Tincture includes the following:


  • CO2 Extracted
  • Lab Tests provided
  • Organically Sourced
  • No Prescription Required
  • Eden's Herbals CBD gummies being held by woman in parkFree Shipping


Additionally, consider using CBD gummies or other products like our CBD pills throughout the day. You'll feel energized all day, and the CBD will have a chance to 'build up' in your ECS. When you take your final dose at night, your body can process it better, and you'll fall asleep faster.

 If you want to learn more about when to take CBD oil for sleep, contact Eden's Herbals at today!

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