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Immune Support Tea

Tea with herbs about itTea has been drunk for thousands of years, and for a good reason - it tastes great and works wonders for yourimmune system.

When we talk about immune support tea, we're incorporating other immune-boosting, added compounds, such as:


  • Vitamin C
  • Turmeric 
  • Ginger
  • Ginseng


In this post, we'll cover the benefits of immune support tea, an immune support tea recipe, and our top 6 immune support teas for fighting off inflammation.

What Are The Benefits of Tea?

After water, tea is the most drunk beverage in the world. While black tea is drank more in the US, green tea is the preferred drink in Asia. All teas (aside from herbals) come from the tea plant. The way the tea is processed determines its taste and strength. 

According to The Acadamy of Nutrition and Dietetics, tea provides the following benefits:


  • Both tea and herbal tea provide small amounts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, and zinc.
  • Tea also provides some calcium and fluoride, but amounts can vary by the tea type.
  • It contains powerful polyphenols, an antioxidant that may reduce the number of disease risks.
  • May aid weight loss.
  • May lower your cancer risk.
  • It May help with brain fog.
  • Reduced risk of heart disease.


Does Immune Support Tea Work?

tea leaves in a strainerIf you're only familiar with black tea, you'll find that immune support teas kick it up a notch and provide a super-charged, immune-boosting beverage. As discussed, tea offers your immune system immune-boosting compounds called polyphenols.

We're talking about herbal teas and other compounds added within your tea to help ward off disease when discussing immune support tea. Think of immune support tea as a 'cleaner' for your immune system.

 When exposed to harmful radicals, such as air pollution, second-hand smoke, and UV rays, your body suffers free radical damage. This can lead to inflammation and diseases such as cancer and high cholesterol

 Immune support tea contains powerful flavonoids and polyphenols, which are antioxidants. Essentially, the antioxidants work like tiny little 'scrubbers,' eliminating the harmful radicals. While not considered a cure for a disease, immune support teas may be an essential preventative.

Best Tea for Immune Support

1. Turmeric Tea

Turmeric, an orange spice root popular in South Asian cuisine, contains curcumin. This powerful compound gives turmeric its legendary reputation for fighting off inflammation. A 2007 study showed that curcumin might help regulate T cells, an essential immune-fighting internal system. 

 Consider adding some turmeric root with chai tea and lots of heavy creams to make turmeric tea. Turmeric is much more effectively absorbed if combined with a fat-soluble ingredient, such as heavy cream.

2. Green Tea

Green tea contains high levels of EGCG or Epigallocatechin gallate. EGCGs are potent polyphenols that help your immune system and may aid weight loss. The flavonoids found in green tea may also improve gum health and help with bad breath.

3. Black Tea

While some prefer the grassy, earthy taste of green tea, it's not everybody's 'cup of tea.' In the states and UK, black tea is the preferred tea drink. While not as high in ECGC as green tea, black tea still provides potent antioxidants. In one study, participants who drank at least three cups of black tea per day for six months showed better immune functions than the average population. 

4. Ginger Tea

Another excellent herbal tea closely related to turmeric is ginger tea. You can sip this as a 'straight-up chaser' or in a powder form mixed with water. For extra immune-boosting potential, add ginger to a green or black cup of tea.

5. Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is much more minimally processed than regular tea, thus keeping much more of its bioflavonoid structure intact. Although more expensive than just about any tea on the market, users rave about its flavor profile and health benefits.

6. CBD Immune Support Tea

Eden's Herbals CBD OilThe latest ingredient to hit the market, and a perfect immune support ingredient for tea, is CBD. There are many forms of CBD to choose from. For example, you can add a few drops of full-spectrum CBD oil to your chai latte for an extra immune-boosting shot of cannabidiol.

CBD contains over 100 compounds that interact with your ECS or Endocannabinoid System. When activated by CBD, your ECS plays an essential role in keeping many biological functions in order. For example, studies show CBD helps with anxiety and PTSD.

How Long Does it Take CBD Tea To Work?

About 30-35 minutes, depending on what type of tea you're using. A CBD oil, or green tea mix, for example, will work pretty fast.

Does CBD Tea Make You High?

No. CBD is a relative of THC, the compound responsible for making you high. By law, CBD contains no more than 0.3 % THC, not enough to make you high.

Ultimate DIY Immune Support Tea Recipe

CBD and Turmeric Blended Tea

This blend offers you all the benefits of CBD, curcumin, and tea in one easy-to-make homebrew.

cup of herbal tea with berries and herbsIngredients:


  • Eden's Herbal Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
  • One tablespoon of ground turmeric
  • ' cup hot water
  • ' cup coconut milk
  • Black tea (one teabag)
  • One tablespoon honey




  1. Simmer together water and turmeric in a saucepan until it forms a paste (1 teaspoon of paste per cup of tea).
  2. Meanwhile, heat black tea in a kettle pot.
  3. Add one cup of paste to one cup of tea, along with coconut milk.
  4. Add in the desired amount of CBD oil and honey.
  5. Stir and enjoy.


Immune Support Supplements

Eden's Herbals immune support supplementsFor proper immune function, consider adding an immune support supplement to your morning tea. Eden's Herbals has a non-GMO Immune Boosting supplement that provides the following ingredients to help you fight off infection.


  • Vitamin C: Critical for fighting off colds and improving immune response.
  • Vitamin E: Helps with T-Cell production.
  • Graviola: Type of tree with potent antiviral properties.
  • Selenium: Important for prostate health.
  • Beta-Glucans: Helps fight off 'invader' cells.
  • Pine Bark: Immune booster that helps with cytokines.


Final Word

Taking proactive steps, like adding tea and CBD and an immune support supplement, can go a long way to helping you live a longer, happier life. Disease prevention may still be a new term, but many now understand that taking steps before you get sick may save you in the long run.

 If you want to learn more about Immune Support Tea, contact Eden's Herbals at today!

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