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About us

Eden’s Herbals is a no-BS company. If you want to learn about the science of CBD, we’re happy to explain it. We can tell you all about our third party lab testing process for safety and purity, how our hemp is sourced from local family owned farms in the USA, or how we keep overhead low to give you the best price per milligram in the industry.


If you’re just looking for real high quality CBD at an affordable price, we can sell it to you.

No BS, no tricks.

Just real CBD from real people.


Our Mission

Our mission at Eden’s Herbals is simple. We believe in the power of CBD and the importance of availability & accessibility. Looking at our competition, it is clear that many companies overcharge.  Our goal is to challenge this status quo and prove that cannabidiol can, and should, be high quality AND affordable.

We set out to create a line of CBD products designed and formulated to meet every customer’s needs while keeping costs low. Quality and safety will always be our top priority, so we partner with farms in Colorado and Washington for the highest quality non-GMO CBD. All of our CBD is tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure its purity. All Eden’s Herbals products are proudly manufactured and shipped from our facility in the United States.