Here at Eden's Herbals, we have always done our best to offer frequent coupons and sales so that our regular customers would feel rewarded for their loyalty. Our Loyalty Rewards Program is a new and more structured way of doing what we have always done; to give regular discounts to our most loyal customers!

How do I earn Reward Points?

You must have an Eden's Herbals account to receive/redeem Reward Points. Once logged into your account, when you purchase products, you will receive Reward Points.

How many Reward Points do I earn per purchase?

The amount of Reward Points earned per purchase varies on amount spent. Each of our products displays the amount of Reward Points earned for that item. You can find the amount located on the individual product page, below the item description, under Reward Points.

**It is worth noting that any coupons or offers applied to your purchase will effect the total Rewards Points earned, as Reward Points are earned based on final order total not individual items purchased. 

What do I use Reward Points for?

You may redeem Reward Points to purchase products! Just as every product has a value of Reward Points earned, every product also has a Reward Point cost. This cost is how many Reward Points are required to purchase the item.

How do I redeem my Rewards Points for products?

To redeem Reward Points for a product you must:

1) Log in to your Eden's Herbals' account.
2) Go to the individual product page of the item you would like to redeem Reward Points for.
3) To the right of the product image, below add to cart, is a button with the option to redeem Reward Points. The button will also display how many Reward Points are required for that product.
4) Click the button and proceed with checkout.

Will I receive Reward Points for every purchase?

As a customer with an Eden's Herbals' account, you will earn Reward Points on all purchases excluding purchases of 10 or more of one item. Purchasing 10 or more of one item will alternatively qualify you for Bulk Pricing savings and negate any potential Reward Points.

Earn Rewards!