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We are all looking for ways to boost our immune system and make sure our bodies are as fully protected as possible. This immune support supplement from Eden’s Herbals comes loaded with a variety of components that can help boost your immune system and fight off infections. Here's a look at what is in this supplement, and how it can help you.

  • Vitamin C: There is no question that Vitamin C is one of the most beneficial components available, particularly when it comes to its ability to help boost and protect our immune system. As noted by several studies, Vitamin C is an antioxidant, helping to enhance the overall function of our immune system by supporting the immune system at a cellular level. It even helps cells protect themselves against certain pathogens and fight off oxidative stress. 

  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E also helps the immune system at the cellular level. Studies have shown that Vitamin E helps to support the integrity of the cellular membrane, enhance your cell transduction, and help cells produce key proteins. All of this results in a powerful boosting to the immune system. Furthermore, Vitamin E is thought to be related to T-cell production. T-cells are a critical component of fighting off bacteria and other diseases, so Vitamin E's supplement is thought to be vitally important.

  • Selenium: Selenium is an essential mineral that is not as well known as some of the other components of Vitalabs Immune Support. However, it contains numerous immune system supports. It is an antioxidant, meaning that it can help fight off oxidative stress at the cellular level, thus boosting the functioning of your immune system. It can also potentially help fight off heart disease and cancer. Furthermore, numerous studies have found that it can directly help your immune system and that lower levels of Selenium are associated with a slower immune response.

  • Graviola: Graviola is a type of tree that is found to have many benefits on the body. This includes antiviral and antiparasitic properties that can help the body fight off infections and other intruders. Other studies have found that Graviola also works at the cellular level, helping enhance immunity by activating certain cellular events.

  • Green Tea Leaf: Studies have found that Green Tea Leaf increases a certain type of T cells within the body. Specifically, they increase regulatory T cells. These are types of cells that help the body fight off infection and types of cancers. As a result, Green Tea Leaf is thought to be involved with the overall functioning of your immune system. 

  • Turmeric: Turmeric is more commonly known as a type of spice that is found in many dishes. However, it is believed to have a positive impact on your immune system. For example, one study found that Tumeric can help to control inflammation in the body, thus boosting your ability to help your body regulate, control, and kill a variety of damaging cellular invaders, including numerous types of cytokines and chemokines. This specific impact can help your body fight off invaders and keep you healthier.

  • Beta-Glucans: Beta-Glucans are a specific type of sugar that is found in the walls of cells. However, taking Beta-Glucans can also activate a "complement system" in your immune system, enhancing the ability of your body to kill invader cells. This happens by enhancing the ability of your "natural killer cells."

  • Cat's Claw Bark: Cat's Claw Bark is a type of herb that comes from a vine. It has become more popular in recent years, particularly as its benefits on the immune system are further understood. A variety of small studies have found that taking Cat's Claw Bark boosted white cells, thus making it easier for your body to fight off cellular invaders. At the same time, Cat's Claw Bark was associated with a slower immune system for people who had overactive immune systems, meaning that Cat's Claw Bark may act as a modulator for immune systems in general.

  • Garlic: Garlic, of course, is a very popular spice. However, its overall impact on the immune system is not widely known. According to numerous studies, Garlic can boost the immune system by helping your body fight off outside germs. It also contains a variety of compounds, such as allicin, that are well known for their ability to boost the immune system. This occurs, in part, because allicin has the ability to strengthen the functioning of our white blood cells. 

  • Ginseng Root: Ginseng Root is a common type of herbal medicine that is often found in teas. It is an older, traditional type of medicine and one that has been well-known for its immune-boosting properties for centuries. According to research, Asian Ginseng Root can help to boost the immune system, reduce colds, and lower blood sugar levels. It is important to note that these studies have also found that the Asian variety of Ginseng Root seems to be more effective than the American type.

  • Pine Bark: When extracted and treated, Pine Bark has been found to contain numerous benefits. One such example is how it may improve your immune system. Pine Bark can reduce inflammation and specifically help your body fight off specific types of cytokines or specific types of cells that are known for creating inflammation. While Pine Park's effects on the immune system may be limited to how it deals with these specific cytokines, it can play an important role in boosting your immune system in this way.


Just like any other supplement or medication, make sure you consult with your doctor before you start taking this immune support supplement, as there may be interactions with other medications that you take. However, studies clearly show that the components of Eden’s Herbals' immune support supplements can help to boost your immune system and make you healthier.


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