Cinnamon cbd oil tincture held up by womanCBD oil may help with many different health issues, including depression, anxiety, acne and pain.

CBD is also thought to improve the immune system through its actions on the endocannabinoid system, which has receptors all over the body.

On top of those health benefits, CBD is linked to relieving inflammation, which may help with arthritis and inflammatory types of colitis.

CBD does not appear cause addiction. CBD cannot cause intoxication and will not make you feel high.

Some full-spectrum CBD oils may contain trace amounts of THC. These levels are way too low to cause intoxication but still may be a concern for people who must submit to urinalysis testing as part of their job or for others who may be under probation or parole supervision.

The THC levels in full-spectrum CBD oils should be under the detection level of the test, called a threshold, but you can't ever be positive of that because you have no control over what a particular drug test's threshold is.

This is why you might consider homemade CBD oil. Cannabis oil made at home can be high quality and 100 percent THC free.

Here are a few other reasons to make your own CBD oil:

  • You can control the potency
  • You can customize your own flavors
  • You will probably save money

Container of pure CBD isolate powder

What is CBD Isolate?

It's easy to make CBD oil with a CBD isolate base.

This article will walk you through exactly how to do that, but first, we'll discuss what CBD isolate is and how to choose a quality product. After all, the quality of your finished product will depend on this.

CBD isolate is an extremely purified product containing nothing but CBD extracted from the hemp plant. Isolate should be at least 99 percent purity. It should come with a Certificate of Analysis somewhere on its packaging.

Sometimes, a certain manufacturer will refer you to their website, and their COA will be posted there. This is acceptable, as long as they have one, preferably from a third-party laboratory, and it states 99 percent or better purity.

The best oil extraction process is called CO2, and the hemp is best grown on organic farms within the United States. Isolate is typically sold as a snow-white powder with no odor or taste.

How to Choose the Right Oil

To make CBD oil at home, you will need to choose a carrier oil to dissolve the isolate powder into. Many commercial products use MCT oil.

Woman taking pure home-made full spectrum cbd oil for painMCT stands for medium chain triglyceride. Medium chain triglycerides are found naturally in many foods, such as milk, yogurt and cheese. You can also use any kind of mild-tasting, edible oil:

  • Grapeseed
  • Olive or avocado
  • Castor

A note about coconut oil: It's high in saturated fat, so it's a solid at room temperature. This makes it unsuitable for use in a dropper bottle.

If you decide to make other CBD isolate products, such as body balms, coconut oil would work well for that. Skin has many endocannabinoid receptors, so CBD works well locally, too.

Flavoring and Sweetening

You don't have to flavor the CBD oil you make at home, but you can. Oil-based flavorings and sugar-free sweeteners are available online at many lip balm supply websites.

Any flavoring used in lip balms must be both oil-based and edible, so these work well for CBD oil, too. These sites often have hundreds of flavors, like grape, cinnamon, bubblegum, licorice, chocolate, mint, raspberry, mango and coconut.

Man holding up two different types of flavored CBD oil tincturesNever use honey to sweeten your CBD oil. It's not oil-soluble, and although it will appear to dissolve at first, it will come out of solution after awhile.

You can also look online for small one-ounce amber bottles with dropper tops. Your neighborhood pharmacy probably has them, too. They may be willing to sell you a few for an inexpensive price if you ask.

Items you Will Need

  • A milligram scale or measuring spoons
  • Carrier oil
  • Flavorings and sweetener if desired
  • Double boiler
  • Glass cup with pouring lip and dropper bottles
  • CBD isolate
  • A small piece of clean paper or notecard

Making Your Own CBD Oil at Home

Here is where you must decide which potency you'd like for your CBD oil. Since you already know your bottle holds one ounce, start there.

One ounce is the same as 30 ml or cc. So, for example, if you dissolve 600 milligrams of CBD isolate into 30ml of oil, that will yield 20 milligrams of CBD per ml.

In other words, 20 multiplied by 30 is 600. This is a pretty good potency.

Woman with cinnamon thc-free cbd oilYour dropper bottle will have ml or cc markings on the side of its eyedropper cap. You know your product contains 20 milligrams of CBD per ml, so if you want to take less, say 10 milligrams, just draw up and ingest half a ml and so forth.

It's best to use a milligram scale to measure out your CBD isolate. They're not expensive. However, you can also use a measuring spoon with slightly less accuracy.

For example, one-quarter teaspoon is approximately 1.2 grams, or 1200 milligrams. This would yield 40 milligrams per ml, 20 milligrams per one-half ml and 10 milligrams per one-quarter ml.

Finish Your Product

Decide your potency and measure it. Fold the paper or note card in half and place the isolate onto the groove created along the fold of the paper or note card.

Use the folded paper or note card to tap the CBD isolate into the bottle. Measure out one ounce of oil into a double boiler. Warm it until it's very warm but not hot. It shouldn't be smoking.

Watch the oil carefully, and when it's warm enough, pour it into the bottle and cap it. Turn the bottle and gently swirl it until all the CBD isolate is dissolved. It will stay in solution after mixing.

Uncap and add your flavoring and sweetener at the rate of about 10 to 20 drops of flavor and five drops of sweetener to taste. You can also just buy pre-sweetened flavors, too.

If you use only flavoring and not sweetener, you will not be able to taste your oil. It will smell like its flavor, but you won't be able to taste it. The sweetener tricks the brain into thinking you're tasting the flavor in the oil. Twirl the bottle to swirl the flavor and sweetener into your oil.

Woman happy with full spectrum CBD oil tinctureWhen you're ready, measure out the amount of CBD you want to take and place it in your mouth.

That's it.

You've made exactly the CBD oil you want with a great taste and a lower price. The only real drawbacks for making your own CBD oil are that you must purchase most of these specialty items online, and there will also be an initial cash investment to get your basic supplies.

It will also take some time to prepare the oil, so if you're very busy, you may prefer to purchase a commercially prepared oil

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