Woman breaking cigarette in half to quit smokingQuitting smoking after it becomes a habit is no easy road. Most addicts struggle without some professional help to slowly replace smoking with a healthier habit. Research by the American Cancer Society found out that only 4-7% of addicts quit smoking without support.

Cannabidiol has emerged as an all-natural aid for people that would like to quit smoking. It is an extract from the hemp plant with either zero, or less than 0.3% THC content, depending on what kind you purchase. Keep reading to find out how CBD can help you beat your smoking addiction.

Using CBD Oil for Addiction

Researchers have found that 8 million people worldwide are affected by smoking every year. This includes 1 million passive smokers, while 7 million are active smokers. Half of these people die of smoking-related causes. This makes smoking one of the leading killers worldwide.

Many researchers are studying this deadly habit in order to find ways to quit smoking more easily. One of the most promising emerging treatments for this addiction is the use of CBD. Studies on this drug have proven that it can reduce cigarette smoking by 40% in a week.

Although there are several ways to treat addiction, CBD is one of the most natural ways to do it. However, this method has not yet been approved as an accepted treatment for addiction. It is important to consult a qualified physician before beginning a CBD regimen to quit smoking.

Hand holding up a CBD oil tincture from Eden's Herbals with a lighthouse in the backgroundWhat the Research Says About CBD to Quit Smoking

Researchers have found that CBD has the potential to help people successfully give up smoking. In a 2013 pilot study, researchers had 24 smokers separated into two subgroups. One of the groups was subjected to a CBD inhaler every time the urge to smoke came about.

This research's findings were terrific. They recorded a 40% reduction in smoking for the CBD group.

In 2017, the National Center for Biotechnology Information undertook another study. This study used rats as a specimen but the findings were also very promising. The study indicated CBD had a disruptive effect on the reconsolidation of drug-related memories. Relapses are often caused by the power of drug-associated memories. This means that CBD could significantly reduce the risk of relapse.

Although more data is needed, scientists are working on finding all of the facts. However, the research conducted so far shows that CBD has the potential to help people quit smoking. If you are looking for ways to ditch smoking, CBD could be the answer to your questions. It is non-addictive and also has many additional health benefits.

Hiker looking out over beautiful natural landscapeHow CBD Can Help You to Stop Smoking

As we all know, quitting smoking can be a difficult thing to do. According to Dr. Neil Benowitz, nicotine is an even harder addiction to kick than heroin. However, you can break the habit with some professional help.

Let's look into how CBD works to help you quit smoking.

• CBD helps breaks habits

According to scholastic.com, addiction can be more easily controlled by regulating the endocannabinoid system. This system includes receptors that CBD binds with to establish balance in the body. When your bodily systems are in balance, you have more control. When you're in control it is easier to break destructive cycles.

• All natural healing

Withdrawal from smoking can make the body react in different ways. According to Smokefreeteen, some people experience headaches, moodiness, sleeping difficulties, sweating, and many other issues in the absence of nicotine. CBD helps to reduce some of these symptoms and makes withdrawal easier for addicts.

• Get rid of anxiety

Nicotine has the potential to make you feel anxious over little to nothing at all. A ScienceDirect study indicated that CBD helped reduce stress and anxiety in 58% of its users.

Variety of Eden's Herbals CBD products on the beachWays to Take CBD to Quit Smoking

One great way that you can take CBD is from a CBD oil tinctures. You can either put a few drops under your tongue or add it to tea or juice. Using CBD tinctures, especially under the tongue, is one of the easiest and most effective ways to consume CBD.

You can also take CBD in meals by adding either CBD oil or CBD isolate powder to your food. Adding CBD to meals is an effortless way to get this compound into your body.

CBD is famous for many other health benefits, from pain relief to reduced anxiety. With little to no side-effects reported, CBD is worth a try for anyone struggling with smoking addiction.

Tips for Using CBD

With all the initial research indicating that CBD can help you kick your smoking addiction, it is time to try it. CBD has become widely available, but where do you buy CBD and how do you get the most out of your CBD products.

1. Look for quality when buying CBD products

The first step is finding the highest quality CBD on the market. It is critical to ensure that the CBD you pick has no, or the least THC as possible. THC only acts as a trigger to anxiety and other issues.

It is tough to find a quality retailer that you can trust. Eden's Herbals is an online CBD store with lab-tested and THC-free products. Finding a reasonable price can also be a challenge. Look for retailers that have competitive pricing, free shipping, and responsive customer service.

A bag of Eden's Herbals Sour Apple gummies in front of pink flowers2. Find the right consumption method

After finding the best retailer, it’s time to select the best product for you. There are multiple forms of CBD, including oils, CBD gummies, capsules, lotions, and many more. Each of these offers a unique way of ingesting or using CBD.

3. Determine the correct dosage

It can take time, and a little bit of trial and error, to find the correct dose for you. It is recommended that you consult a qualified physician before beginning a new CBD regiment. That being said, it is best to start with small doses until you find the right amount for the relief you need.


Although CBD has yet to be officially approved as a smoking addiction treatment method, the initial research findings are impressive. With such rare and mild side effects, it does seem that CBD is worth a try if you are attempting to quit smoking.

Research has shown CBD to have many medicinal benefits to the body. So even if CBD does not work to end your addiction, you might find it helps in other ways. If you have exhausted other methods of quitting without a result, you should consider CBD. We wish you the best in your smoking cessation journey!