Flu season is upon us and has many more weeks to go until we are in the clear. Despite getting the flu shot, many of us will still fall sick with a cold. CBD will not treat the cold or flu, but customers have reported CBD helping with symptoms in other ways. Riddled with body aches, sore muscles, and a pounding head, CBD products may be able to provide some relief. 

How Does It Work?

CBD effects the endocannabinoid system which helps to regulate many of our body’s functions. This system is also the reason that cannabis or hemp products, such as CBD, have many therapeutic benefits for us. CBD does not give any psychological effects, but users may experience the therapeutic benefits such as pain relief, improved sleep, or increased appetite in cancer patients.

 CBD oil may be a great natural alternative to traditional pain relievers for the cold and flu, or taken alongside other medications. Users with the cold and flu may experience immediate, long lasting pain relief until the body heals and is healthy again. CBD will not treat a cold or the flu, but it can alleviate some of the symptoms. However, always check with your doctor before beginning any treatment.

How Should I Use It?

One way to use CBD oil to treat symptoms of the common cold or flu is in a hot cup of tea for sweet, soothing pain relief. Simply drop in the recommended oil dosage according to package instructions into your drink and enjoy. The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD oil have been known to promote relaxation and deep sleep, which is exactly what the body needs to recover from illness. Eden’s Herbals natural flavor CBD oil tincture taken on its own, or added to tea or other drinks may provide the instant relief you are desperately searching for in the throws of illness. 

 For sore muscles, a CBD topical product like a lotion or salve stick will feel great massaged into the skin. If your shoulders and neck are stiff from coughing, try using Eden’s Herbals CBD salve stick. The lavender scent also promotes relaxation and rest. This will soothe achy muscles so that you can focus on getting the rest you need.

 CBD gummies are another fun way to take CBD and experience it’s benefits. They can be taken any time of the day for pain relief, relaxation, to promote sleep, or ease anxiety. Eden’s Herbals CBD gummies come in great flavors, just take two or three to start feeling better.

What to Look for When Purchasing

Whether choosing to purchase CBD products from Eden’s Herbals or another retailor, always be sure to check that the company has a verified lab test available on their website. Because of low regulation in the industry, it is important to check that you are purchasing legitimate products that are safe and have been tested.