When you purchase CBD, there is at least one thing that you always must do. Read the lab report, otherwise known as a Certificate of Analysis. This is vitally important. Previous studies have found that far too many vendors have lied about what is in their products. It's important to be an informed consumer, and always check to see what is in the lab report.

That being said, learning how to read a lab report can be complicated in and of itself! Here's a review of how to read a lap report, and what it should say if it is THC-Free.

What is a Certificate of Analysis?

A Certificate of Analysis is a certificate that is produced by an independent lab organization from the manufacturer of the CBD. They will produce a document that will discuss what is in the CBD, based on their own analysis. 

This document is necessary because of the study noted above. Far too many CBD companies are less-than-reputable. The better ones seek to bolster their own credibility by paying to have their products independently analyzed. This guarantees customers that the products they are consuming are accurately labeled. 

How Can You Read A Certificate of Analysis?

Certificates of Analysis will usually come in slightly different formats. However, they should all contain the same basic information. This includes:

  • Name of the product, product code, and batch number. A new analysis is needed on every batch.
  • Other miscellaneous information, such as the date of the analysis and weight of the tested compound.
  • Cannabinoids: This will be the amount of certain types of cannabinoids found in the CBD. These include Delta-9 THC, other forms of THC, CBD, and a variety of CBD offshoots.
  • Residential Solvents / Microbials: This will include the number of microbial chemicals in a product, and whether or not the levels are considered to have passed or failed acceptable thresholds. All chemicals should be listed as having passed, which would mean that they have below any detectable thresholds and are safe to consume. 

How Can You Confirm That CBD is THC-free

Thankfully, this is easy. Under any THC items, the amount should be listed as either 0, non-detectable, or N/A. This would mean that no CBD was detected in the product.

Any high-quality CBD vendor will always make their Certificate of Analysis easily accessible. You should make sure to only purchase CBD from a vendor that will make their Certificate easy to find and understand.


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