Hemp leaves dripping with cbd oilWhat is CBD?

CBD is the non-psychoactive part of cannabis, which means it doesn't have the "high" that is often associated with cannabis intake, unlike its THC counterpart. CBD provides a long list of health benefits for humans and pets alike.

 How Does CBD Help Dogs?

 There has been little research conducted on the topic of CBD in dogs, however The AKC Canine Health Foundation has announced that it would fund a major clinical trial to study the effectiveness of CBD in the treatment of epilepsy in dogs, which is certainly a step forward. CBD dog treats can also provide relief for dogs with joint pain associated with arthritis and anxiety. One customer reported his dog playing like a puppy again after taking the CBD dog treats despite being old and in pain.

 If you want to give CBD to your dog, there are certain tips you should follow when looking at different CBD pet products that are on the market.

Bag of CBD dog treats from eden's herbals

The CBD product that you choose needs to be organic, and it should not contain any fungicides or pesticides. This means that you will probably have to pay a higher price to get a higher purity. Cheaper options might be toxic for your pooch or contain a different dosage than what is stated on the package. The manufacturer that you choose to get your CBD from should have a certificate that shows the amount of CBD that the product contains. Eden’s Herbals All Natural Dog Treats are a great option to try with your pet.

 Should You Use Calming Treats for Dogs?

While CBD oil may absorb more effectively in your dog, your dog may not take to it because of the flavor and ability to take it effectively under the tongue as with people. Also, guidelines for CBD treats for your dog can be more straightforward to follow and they will enjoy getting a treat.

 Three factors you need to be mindful of when selecting CBD dog treats in regards to dosage are the potency of the CBD in the treats, the weight and size of your pooch, and the specific ailment you are attempting to treat.

 CBD administered in the form of dog treats can help with various issues, including but not limited to:

 A dog sitting next to a bag of cbd dog treats from eden's herbals

What You Need to Know

Be aware that once you start your dog on CBD, they can have dry mouth and increased thirst. The safety risks of putting your dog on CBD have not been fully researched, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration hasn’t approved CBD for canines. Therefore, it is a good idea to start your dog off with smaller doses and monitor your dog afterward to reduce the chances of any negative effects from using CBD. Always confirm medication usage with your veterinarian before starting your dog on CBD.