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6 Ways to Judge Your Cannabis Seed Quality

Strain of cannabis seedsThere is more to growing cannabis than simply burying the seed and burying it. It would be best if you got things right before you can expect a good yield. Your plant needs the ideal lightning to bring vital energy. In the same way, picking the perfect spot is critical to getting the best outcome for your plant. Also, you want the water and nutrient supply to be balanced to give your crop the correct nutrient.

Even if you strive to make everything balance, the seed quality can make or mar your effort. Seed quality is an integral part of cannabis cultivation. As a result, you should always strive for high-quality simple beginner seeds from a reputable company.

You might end up with lousy quality seed, which could frustrate your cultivation effort. The seed might not germinate or could grow but give little to no yield. The waste of time, effort, and money can be incredibly frustrating.

This makes it essential to know how to recognize the quality of a cannabis seed before cultivating it. Luckily, there are various tests you can carry out that will help you choose a viable source that will not waste your time and effort:

The Origin of the Seed

Even before carrying out any test to access the quality of your seed, you need to get it right with the Origin. You have a higher chance of buying a good quality seed if you patronize reputable headshops or cannabis dispensaries. Such will also give you a good idea of the type of strain you got alongside the unique flowering time and others.

Ensure you are not carried away by a couple of cannabis seeds that you saw at the bottom of the weed bag you got. The probability that such seeds will be viable is low, and they might not be feminized as well. Besides, you cannot know the exact strains alongside the value.

Even if you must cultivate such a seed, ensure you do not place much hope and expectations on it. Consider it as a fun side project.

Cannabis plant on tableConsider the Weight

The weight of your seed is another indication of its quality. A weak seed will be light, while a high-quality grain will be dense. Also, keep in mind that as seeds age and stay longer in storage, they lose moisture and nutrients, reducing weight.

As a result, keep this in mind if you wonder where to get Black Mamba Marijuana in Canada. It can spare you the agony of buying seeds that will be hard to cultivate.

Do the Seeds Float?

One simple, cost-effective, and guaranteed way to ascertain the authenticity of your cannabis seed is to try the floating test. Get a clean container, and fill with clean water (distilled water preferably). Put your seeds inside and check-in after two hours. If you meet the seeds at the bottom of the container, they might be healthy and will germinate.

Seeds that do not sink might not be healthy and not worth your effort. You should do this test when you are ready to germinate because you cannot store wet seeds if you don't want the integrity compromised.

The Appearance of the Seed

Quality weed seed comes with unique qualities that make them stand out from others. For instance, the shells of healthy seeds have a dark color, which might feature a grey or brown color with a touch of black. In some strains, it might appear as a tiger print.

Seeds that are not mature will have a brownish or green appearance. There is a considerable probability such seeds will not sprout.

Optimal Shape and Size

You will find healthy cannabis seeds in all sizes and shapes. There could be compact and tiny seeds from some cultivars with minute allowance between the immature cotyledon leaves and outer shell. Even with their small size, such seeds are viable as long as they have other markers of good health like age and color.

Also, some healthy seeds might appear bloated and large. This might be traced to the genetic makeup of such a seed. It might also be due to the high level of calcium and magnesium.

Irrespective of the size of healthy cannabis seed, the shapes are similar. The shape resembles a drop of tear ' pointed at one end and round at the other. There might be a genetic flaw in seeds that deviate from this shape.

High quality cannabis seedsCost of Seed

This is the last point because it should not influence your buying decision. However, it might give some pointers on the quality of the cannabis seed.

You don't expect good-quality seed to be cheap. Also, be careful, though, as some bad seed might come at a high price. However, don't be carried away by cheap cannabis seed.

Even if a cheap seed germinates, it might not give you good output. It is not worth it, considering the time, effort, and money invested in it might not correspond to the yield.

As long as a high-quality seed satisfies most of the qualities described above, it is worth a shot.


Ensure you put in your best to get high-quality cannabis seeds. It will go a long way to spare you the stress of nurturing a poor seed.