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Top 6 Causes Of Stress And How CBD Can Help

Man standing in front of wall with word stress scrambled above his headEveryone deals with stress throughout their lives. To some extent, stress is actually good for you. It motivates you and helps keep you focused.

Yet, there comes a point where "good" stress tips over into bad stress, and when that happens, all those positive effects evaporate.

You may then become unmotivated and unfocused and experience physical symptoms that include insomnia, a racing heart and shakiness.

You may also struggle to control emotions like anger and sadness. Fortunately, CBD products can help you manage overwhelming stress and get back to being your happy, productive self.

Work-Related Stress

Stress related to the workplace is so widespread that the CDC has examined it as a threat to public health. Looking at various surveys about worker stress and health, the CDC produced a report that included findings such as 26% of workers reporting that they were often stressed or burned out by work.

man at desk holding head due to stress at workThe link between work stress and physical symptoms was even greater than stress caused by family or financial issues. Stress is often caused by working conditions. But, it can also be the result of having to juggle other demands alongside maintaining employment.

TCH-free CBD oil can be a great solution for workers who are concerned about drug testing. Studies have shown that CBD oil can reduce stress in many situations and can help reduce psychological and physical symptoms of stress.

Financial Issues

Often related to work problems, financial issues are another major source of stress. As anyone who has faced financial struggles knows, while it may be true that having a lot of money is not the root of happiness, it can be difficult to feel happy when there's never enough of it.

Finances are not just the cause of problems for individuals either. Money problems can wreck relationships and even lead to divorce. There are many practical steps you can take to start relieving money-related stress. These can include:

-talking to your partner about finances

-making a budget

-looking for ways to make more money

However, it can be difficult to even start seeking solutions when you are overwhelmed with stress. This is where CBD products can be helpful.

eden's herbals CBD oils next to each other in grassCBD oil offers many benefits to those suffering from anxiety. Taking tinctures of full spectrum CBD oil can be an excellent way to help you manage the stress caused by financial problems.

Relationship Stress

If you are married or in a relationship, you might also suffer from stress. This could be related to financial issues, as mentioned above, but could be for many other reasons as well.

Some other relationship stress additives could be:

-Differences in ideas about lifestyle or raising children


-Religious or political differences

-Other forms of incompatibility

These can all create strains in a relationship even when both people involved want the relationship to continue.

When you are arguing with your partner, you may experience short-term physical symptoms of stress, such as:

-Pounding heart

-Difficulty breathing


CBD gummies can be helpful to keep you calm in these kinds of situations because you can take them discreetly throughout the day.

Family Issues

Even if your marriage or partnership is in great shape, you could be experiencing stress from other types of family issues. This might include problems dealing with your children, issues with your in-laws or conflicts with your parents or siblings.

One type of family problem many people deal with is the strain of being caregivers both to their own young children and to their aging parents. Caught in the middle, you can start to experience physical issues from chronic stress, including insomnia and joint pain.

CBD topicals, such as salves and lotions, can help with the reduction of joint pain as well as any skin issues that may worsen when you are suffering from Couple sitting stressed out on couchstress, such aseczema.

Internal Factors

What about when nothing in your life appears to be seriously wrong but you still feel anxious, scared, and uncertain? Does this sound familiar? If so, you're far from alone. Many people struggle with anxiety that is largely unrelated to what is happening in the outside world around them.

Alternately, you may react very differently to certain stressful situations than other ones. Perhaps you are great at dealing with stress in your personal life but you can't manage work stress well.

People who struggle with internal factors that cause or exacerbate their stress may have a number of different tendencies that they can learn through therapy to manage, such as catastrophizing or black and white thinking.

However, full spectrum CBD oil can also go a long way toward helping to reduce the stress caused by these patterns of thinking and might even help you start to map healthier mental pathways.

Does CBD Work For Anxiety?

CBD works on the brain to block chemicals that can affect mental functioning, mood, and pain. The interaction of CBD with your regular brain chemicals helps to reduce stress levels, showing why people have been using CBD for anxiety and stress for years!

Major Life Changes

CBD oil and supplements As mentioned in the introduction, stress can be a good thing. Major life changes, including those you welcome, are often accompanied by stress. Unfortunately, that stress can become overwhelming even when it starts out as being positive.

Maybe you have moved to a new state, your child has gone away to college, or you have started on a new and exciting but stressful career path.

On the other hand, the life change could be one that you don't want, such as a death in the family, job loss, divorce, or the health problems of someone close to you.

These changes may require some action from you, yet the stress you feel can be paralyzing. In situations like these, CBD gummies can be helpful because you can keep them with you and use them as needed wherever you are.

In Conclusion

Stress is inevitable. It can't be prevented, and it wouldn't be desirable to eliminate it entirely even if we could. But, when it gets to be too much, it can interfere in our ability to function in everyday life and to tackle the cause of the stress.


Therefore, it's important to find ways to manage it effectively. CBD products, including oils, topicals and gummies, are all excellent tools in managing the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of stress over the short and long term. 

If you want to learn more about Stress and how CBD can help, contact Eden's Herbals at today!

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