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5 Weird but Proven Uses for CBD

cbd oil tincture used for quitting smokingLooking to quit smoking, clear up your acne, and improve your sex life? There's no way one supplement could help do all of these things, right?

Think again; CBD might be the plant-based remedy you're looking for.

CBD's popularity growth has been a noticeable trend on the supplements market in the past few years. Ever since its late 2018 legalization, people have been buying CBD like its a wonder drug. Its potential benefits have been noted by many in the medical and scientific community.

Studies have been conducted which show that CBD has the potential to help in a few areas.Most have heard about CBD helping with pain reduction, inflammation, and sleep improvement.

But what about the other benefits of CBD that fewer people are talking about. Could CBD improve your sex life? Could it help you quit smoking?

Here are five lesser known ways that CBD may be able to assist you with, and the research backing it up.

1. Helps to quit smoking

As noted by the World Health Organization, CBD is a non-addictive substance. It does not have the potential for abuse that come with alcohol, cigarettes, or other drugs.

Hand refusing a pack of cigarettes after using cbd for addiction supportAdditionally studies have found that CBD can actually help you fight existing addictions.

A small 2013 study used a placebo group and a CBD group. The CBD group showed 40% less smoking than the placebo group. This showed that CBD may help reduce the craving for individuals to smoke.

A 2018 study also found that people who used CBD showed a reduced desire to smoke. This even worked while they were around others who were smoking.

Additional studies have found that CBD can help improve your mood. It also lowers signs of depression, and anxiety.

This means CDB can work by improving mood and reducing the desire to smoke.

2. Helps clear up acne

CBD's ability to help with skin disorders has been well-documented. Numerous dermatology studies point to its ability to help with skin problems. These can include inflammation, redness, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.

Woman using cbd lotion to treat acneThere is alsoevidence to suggest that CBD can help to control acne.

A 2014 study found that CBD stopped cells from producing excess oil, one of the leading causes of acne. CBD's anti-inflammatory effects are also beneficial for helping skin fight off acne. In theory, this would apply to both facial acne and body acne.

Unfortunately, additional studies - including ones that directly measured the impact CBD could have on acne, and comparing CBD's effects to a placebo group - have not yet been conducted.

3. Helps improve sex life

Studies have found that CBD can help reduce depression, anxiety and pain. All of these issues can inhibit someone's libido and ability to enjoy sexual activity.

Woman holding CBD oil tincture for reducing anxietyThe effect of CBD for sex is particularly acute in its ability to reduce social anxiety. At least one study involving a placebo group has found that CBD can work to reduce social anxiety. In theory, if anxiety was a problem related to sexual function or sex drive, CBD could help to reduce the anxiety and improve sex drive.

Other studies have also found that cannabis may help to increase sex drive. While more research is needed, early evidence does indicate that CBD can help to combat many issues related to sexual dysfunction.

4. Helps manage post-traumatic stress disorder

As noted above, CBD may have the ability to address anxiety. This applies to specific types of anxiety disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

A case study series was conducted regarding CBD and PTSD. In this study, 11 individuals who were suffering from PTSD were given CBD. Upon conclusion of the study, 10 reported that their PTSD symptoms had decreased.

Soldier struggling with symptoms of PTSD Again, this was a smaller study, and one conducted without the benefit of a control group. That means it was impossible to rule out the possibility of a placebo effect. However, it did indicate the potential for CBD to help people suffering from PTSD.

There is also research to suggest that taking CBD immediately after a traumatic event occurs may help. It supports the brain to avoid creating harmful memories.

Other evidence has also been supportive of this theory. More research is needed before definitive conclusions can be drawn.

5. Helps manage multiple sclerosis

Man using CBD to manage MSResearch has indicated that CBD may help individuals suffering from multiple sclerosis and some of its debilitating symptoms. This could include multiple sclerosis spasticity, which occurs when someone's muscles lock and become rigid.

According to a 2018 study, individuals who suffered from multiple sclerosis and took CBD reported relief from spasticity symptoms after taking the CBD. However, as noted by multiple sclerosis advocates, more study is needed.


CBD has a lot of benefits, some more well known than others.

To reiterate, further studies are needed in all of these areas before definitive conclusions can be drawn.

You should speak with your doctor before trying CBD. There are some concerns over CBD and drug interactions. You should not stop taking any medications prescribed by your doctor unless otherwise ordered.

Research thus far has been very promising when it comes to CBD. Further research is likely to yield additional positive and lesser-known benefits about how CBD can help you.

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