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5 Best Immune Support Supplements

Woman with cold in need of immune boosting supplementsOur immune systems are something many of us took for granted in past times. Now, in the age of COVID-19, we know better.


Knowing is only half the battle though.

Thankfully, science has come a long way, and we understand what can boost the functioning of our immune system. This includes adequate exercise, a nutritious diet, limiting stress, and supplements

We're here to help you choose the best supplements for immune support today. Here are our top five supplements by brand;

1. Eden's Herbals


Eden's Herbals sells numerous immune system supplements, including:


  • Multi-Vitamins that contain a slew of vitamins and minerals. These are recommended for those looking to boost their immune system and protect their bodies.
  • Specific immune support supplements, which are targeted to boost the immune system. These supplements contain Vitamin C, E, and a variety of other important herbals that have been linked to improved immune system functioning.
  • Vitamin D3 supplements for individuals that are more interested in a targeted approach.
  • Hempseed Oil Capsules, which have been shown to have a positive impact on your immune system.





Woman using immune boosting gummies from Eden's HerbalsThese supplements are all relatively inexpensive, costing between $20-$30 for a 60-90 count of pills. Furthermore, they are all Non-GMO, so if you try to avoid GMO products, take these supplements without hesitation. 

Eden's Herbals has a comprehensive array of supplements, as well as a wide range of CBD products, which you can find on their website. The company is highly transparent and offers information on where its products are made, how they are manufactured, and the various methods by which their supplements are produced.

Transparency is key when it comes to purchasing the best immune support supplements. With lab testing and excellent customer service, this is something that Eden's Herbals is more than willing to offer.

2. Thorne

Thorne's Zinc Picolinate supplement is a great choice for immune support.

Studies have shown that taking zinc can potentially help your immune system function. Zinc has been tied to not only your immune system, but also the functioning of your body's ability to heal wounds, treat an upset stomach, and support a healthy pregnancy.

Thorne zinc picolinate offers 180 Zinc capsules for the relatively affordable price of $33 a bottle. 

Zinc Downsides

Zinc may help your immune system, but in and of itself, it's not enough. Zinc supplements simply cannot provide you with the broad-based immune-boosting supplement powers that other multi-vitamins can do.

Like with all supplements, you need to be careful that you don't take too many. Having too much of a mineral or vitamin in your body can create physical problems. With Zinc, that can include nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps.

Orange juice packed with natural vitamin C3. Care/of Vitamin C Supplements

If you're like most people, you've heard of Vitamin C in orange juice commercials.

Vitamin C supplements can be extremely important for your body. Vitamin C influences an array of physical conditions, helping to protect your body against eye problems, heart trouble, and more.

Vitamin C is so important that some experts even refer to your overall Vitamin C levels as a "marker" for your health and functioning.

Care/of Vitamin C Supplements is a popular Vitamin C brand. They are known for selling a wide range of high quality vitamins and supplements.

Vitamin C Downsides

The effects of Vitamin C on immune systems may have been overhyped. Studies have found that Vitamin C may help to fight off certain illnesses, but there is little evidence to suggest that it can help purge your body of many illnesses, like the common cold.

This myth seems to have been perpetrated by producers of foods and drinks that are high in Vitamin C. While Vitamin C is necessary for your body, and there is little harm in taking supplements, there is not enough evidence to suggest that it will truly help your immune system.

Immune defense antibodies on cellular level4. LifeIRL Immuno Defense 4x

LifeIRL's Immuno Defense 4x is one of the most popular immune system supplements on the market today.

It comes packed with an assortment of vitamins that have been shown to boost your immune system, including high levels of EpiCor, Vitamin D3, Bromelain, and Quercetin.

These minerals have all been shown to boost your immune system, making Immuno Defense 4x a great choice.

Immuno Defense 4x Downsides

Immuno Defense 4x is extremely expensive, costing anywhere from $54 to $65 for a sixty-count bottle.

That number is much higher than what you can get out of other supplements, which often cost no more than $30 for the same amount. While the ingredients are great, it is hard to justify the price. 

5. Persona Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is known as the "sunshine vitamin" because it can be produced in response to your body interacting with the sun.

Vitamin D has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including boosting the functioning of your immune system. Most of us don't get enough Vitamin D for various reasons, and in this case, supplements may be very useful.

Sunshine providing D3 for improved immune systemPersona Vitamin D Supplements offer users a healthy dose of Vitamin D that are tested, transparent, and affordable. 

Vitamin D Downsides

Vitamin D is often available by merely stepping outside. For many people, you may not even need to purchase Vitamin D - you may just need to spend more time outdoors.

Studies have shown that spending time outdoors can have numerous benefits, including increasing your mental well-being and the functioning of your immune system.

Final Thoughts

We believe that Eden's Herbals offers the best immune support supplement currently on the market.

It is always worth speaking with your doctor before starting any vitamin supplement. They can give you the best advice about what may and may not work with your body.

Most people can take an immune system supplement without worrying about side effects or other negative impacts. Just choose a reputable retailer such as the ones listed above, and start boosting your immune system today!  

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