Depression is hard to treat and it often requires a variety of methods. The most common option is pharmaceutical medication. This can be a necessary piece of the puzzle, but there are a lot of ways that you can treat depression naturally. This article will provide some tips on how to do it holistically.

We researched the options, including CBD, exercise, talk therapy, and diet. Here's what we found;

CBD for Depression

CBD Gummies from Eden's Herbals in front of flowers on sunny summer dayCannabidiol, also known as CBD, has grown in popularity among many people. Research continues to show many potential health benefits. One such benefit is the ability to aid against depression and anxiety.

Many people struggle with depression and anxiety, whether knowingly or unknowingly. The results of prolonged depression can remain for a lifetime, so there is a need to treat it early.

Edens Herbals CBD Oil Tincture and CBD Salve Stick in miniature beach themed sceneMany physicians treat depression with pharmaceutical drugs. The problem with many of these drugs is the side effects.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, CBD shows promise in treating depression. Although more study is needed, initial treatments have shown its potential. It has also proven to cause mild to no side effects in patients, unlike many pharmaceutical drugs.

Many researchers agree that CBD could be a great alternative or supplement to traditional medications. Studies have shown CBD to help relieve anxiety and boost confidence when speaking in public.

As you look for a reliable CBD seller, we recommend that you take a look at Eden's Herbals. It is a reputable brand that only sells pure 

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natural CBD that has already gone through third-party lab testing. You can order CBD online in either gummies, oils, or topicals form.

Diet for Depression

According to Harvard Medical School, a healthy diet significantly reduces chances of depression. The researchers found that your mental health is sensitive to the foods you eat. Self care is extremely important and diet is a big part of that.

A healthy diet must include foods rich in various nutrients. Examples are fruits, whole grain, vegetables, antioxidants, etc. These nutrients give your body the strength to fight off illnesses, physical and mental.

On the other hand, some foods help trigger depression. You should avoid processed and sweetened foods as much as possible. When considering a healthy diet, remember quality matters is more important than quantity.

Woman exercising by running

Exercise for Depression

Another method for improving mental health is exercising. According to Harvard Medical School, exercise can be as effective as some medications. This makes it a great all natural supplement to antidepressants. indicates that exercising promotes various body changes that mitigate depression risks. These includes reducing inflammation and improving neural growth. Exercising can also provide a much needed distraction when you're feeling stuck.

Talk Therapy for Depression

Though it isn't always easy to do, talking is an important method to treat depression. A skilled therapist can listen to your problems and help you find new ways to solve them.

According to talk therapy is not like a typical conversation. Unlike friends and family who may judge, a therapist is 

Young woman talking to therapist to treat depression

there to impartially give advice. It is easier to open up about your situation knowing that it will stay in that room. An outside perspective can be helpful. This makes talk therapy an excellent strategy for better mental health.


Depression can be managed but it can be tough to find what really works. It's important to try different things and don't get discouraged when some of them don't work. There is no one magic solution. A holistic approach will involve a variety of methods. These are just a few all-natural methods you can try. It's still important to speak with a qualified physician. They can help make recommendations and create a plan that works for you!