Why CBD Works Best Under Your Tongue

Posted by Edens Staff on 1/30/2019
We will help answer this common question as to why using CBD under your tongue is the best delivery method for CBD. This question is also among the top search engine questions when it comes to learning more about CBD dosing. 

Federal Legalization of Marijuana, It’s Coming Soon!

Posted by Edens Staff on 1/17/2019
Marijuana SupportYou will rarely see a US State rush to legalize marijuana. Colorado first opened it up for medicinal purposes which opened the door to legalization. Many other states followed suit. I believe the recent farm bill by President Trump is doing the same thing at the federal level. It allows them to take baby steps to get to the final agenda without committing political suicide. Most of the older politicians would have built their own 40-foot wall around themselves when it came to the topic of marijuana legalization. That wall then started becoming just a privacy fence and now it is just a short picket fence. As politicians realize that leaning toward legalization is no longer to be feared. In fact, they may just get re-elected due to the now over-whelming population that is for legalizing marijuana...

Top 10 CBD Related Questions for First Timers

Posted by Edens Staff on 1/14/2019
GummyThe following article answers some of the most common questions asked by first time CBD users.  Hopefully, we can clear up any common myths and give you the facts about using CBD.

The Top 10 Most Popular CBD Products

Posted by Mike White on 1/6/2019

The Top 10 Most Popular CBD Products

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular these days, even in the mainstream media. This is partly because the public opinion on these products, that contain low THC but high CBD, is on the rise. Coupled with this is the truth that this type of product has an amazing ability to help reduce symptoms of all sorts of problems in many different ways, including everything from anxiety to TMJ. Different people experience different responses to these cannabinoid products, so it's impossible to make absolute statements about them. However, judging by the increased popularity, there's plenty of reason to believe they can help more than you think.

Top 10 Health Benefits of CBD

Posted by on 1/1/2019

Top 10 CBD Health Benefits

Maintaining a healthy life is a priority for almost every person on the planet. Currently, there is a lot of talk in the health world about Cannabidiol (CBD). This compound is quickly growing in popularity because of the many discovered benefits it can have. As it is growing in popularity people everywhere have questions about CBD and how it can be used. There is concern about if they are legal and how they will impact overall health. Many people may be surprised to learn that these products have numerous potential benefits for both people and animals. There is a lot of research that shows that it can improve a person's overall well being.