CBD Tinctures SublingualCBD Tinctures Sublingual

Medications can be administered by many different dosing methods. Sublingual, Pills, Transdermal patches, Intravenous injections, Intra-muscular injections, and inhalers all have their advantages and disadvantages. Dosing medications under your tongue are referred to as sublingual dosing. This type of administration works great for medications that dissolve quickly. Medications like nicotine, Benadryl, Suboxone, some heart medications, CBD and many others are examples of sublingual. 

With the growing popularity of CBD, it is important to know the best method of ingesting it. Placing CBD Isolate or tincture under the tongue causes the saliva to dissolve it so the medicine can be absorbed into the mucous membranes.  The CBD Tincture is then immediately entered into the bloodstream through the abundant blood vessels and capillaries on the underside of the tongue.  Therefore, Sublingual works great for drugs that need to be administered quickly. Some sublingual drugs like Benadryl film can fight against an allergic reaction quickly. This could be a lifesaving feature for some people where the airway can become constricted due to anaphylactic shock.

Most swallowed medications will take from 30 minutes up to an hour to get into the bloodstream. This is because it must travel through the digestive tract and must be broken down in the liver before it can be delivered into the bloodstream.  This could also be a reason why CBD doesn’t work as expected. CBD is best used under the tongue or vaped.Cinnamon CBD tincture

Although Sublingual is faster than swallowing, it is not the fastest delivery system. Smoking or vaping is a faster delivery system as the medication enters through the lungs with immediate results. Due to risks associated with vaping or smoking it is fast, but many users prefer an oral administration instead.  

Another advantage of Sublingual dosing is many people have a hard time swallowing pills. Not to mention, some medications that are swallowed do not absorb as well in the stomach or intestines decreasing the overall effects of the medication.  Sublingual dosing will deliver the full potency of the medication due to the direct route into the blood. This advantage is also kind of a disadvantage for many medications. The reason is that much of the medicine will enter sublingually yet some of it will be swallowed. This can cause inconsistent dosing; Therefore, Pill form can be more controlled.

Many medications are created in pill form to keep a more controlled dosing delivery system.  These pills are also designed in some cases to be delivered over a longer period of time. Time release capsules, for example, are designed to continue to deliver medications through-out the day.  Taste may also have a big impact as some drugs may not be tolerated sitting in the mouth for ten minutes without gagging on it.  Castor Oil still makes me gag, just thinking about it. There are also medicines that need to enter the blood at different points of digestion. Some may pass through the liver and enter through the intestines.

When it comes to the sublingual method of administration Eden’s Herbals has CBD Tinctures, CBD Gummy Bears and CBD Isolate that all deliver sublingual high-quality CBD. This CBD acts quickly and may help in relieving anxiety, insomnia, and pain.

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