Cannabis SupportColorado first opened it up for medicinal purposes which opened the door to legalization. Many other states followed suit. I believe the recent farm bill by President Trump is doing the same thing at the federal level. It allows them to take baby steps to get to the final agenda without committing political suicide. Most of the older politicians would have built their own 40-foot wall around themselves when it came to the topic of marijuana legalization. That wall then started becoming just a privacy fence and now it is just a short picket fence. As politicians realize that leaning toward legalization is no longer to be feared. In fact, they may just get re-elected due to the now over-whelming population that is for legalizing marijuana.

Why is this happening? Do you think politicians have the majorities best interests at heart, Hell No!! its all about money. It just so happens that as long as constituents are for it, they will certainly cash in on the boom. This is why more states are joining in. Problems like teachers’ pay is no longer an issue of where to get the money. Don’t think for a second that the US government is not seeing the same thing. Legalize it and put a tax stamp on it, is more likely what they are thinking.  They may make it look like they're giving the people what they want but the reality of it is money.

The farm bill was just signed by President Trump allowing U.S. farmers to cultivate, process and sell hemp.  The hemp market is now a multi-billion-dollar industry.  Hemp will also no longer be under the protection of the Justice Department, instead, it will be under the Department of Agriculture.  So the policing of hemp will no longer be done by the police.

Another baby step in the works is the Trump administrations plan to fix the Marijuana banking issue that has plagued the hemp and cannabis industries since the first state went legal. The quote, “bank issue” is currently forcing the marijuana industry to use only cash because no banks will allow a merchant that sells marijuana or related products.

Imagine a company carrying over a million dollars in cash in the front seat of his truck to the manufacturer to buy the product. It has created the wild west in states like Colorado that has ignited a new private security industry just around the marijuana industry. These private security companies come with armored cars, and armed personnel just to help retailers transport the cash and cannabis back and forth. One security company I know of even stores the cash in their warehouse for a fee. Employees have to be paid in cash, vendors are paid in cash, and so on and so on. If the banking issue is fixed then so will the related tax issue. Do you think that these employees, vendors and everyone else in this cash cow industry are paying their fair share of taxes? Yeah right!  This will most certainly raise the eyebrows of big brother. By fixing the banking issue will leave a paper trail for the IRS. That’s not without saying there will still be a fair share of tax fraud but it will certainly be harder and the IRS should still see a hell of a lot more then they see now.  

Once the banking issue is fixed, I think the floodgates will be opened. In the end, I think the government will have no choice in making it legal at the federal level. The fact that they are allowing it at the state level is quickly raising the white flag of surrender.